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After months of putting it off, today I started the project of cleaning out all the boxes of toys in my cupboard. Which means that my floor is now covered in hundreds (many hundreds?) of action figures because obviously I had to take them all out of their poorly sorted, poorly labeled boxes before I could do anything about organizing them.

Because of this, it has come to my attention that I have TOO MANY TRANSFORMERS.

I mean, I'm sure most non-collector type people would look at my floor and say I had too many toys in general. (Meanwhile, the type of collector who keeps stuff mint in box would be horrified by the fact that they were on the floor at all.) But while I spotted a few duplicate characters among the Doctor Who, Marvel, DC and G.I. Joe stuff than can probably go, it's only the giant pile of Transformers that made me feel like I'd gone wrong somewhere.

The trouble with Transformers is that literally the whole point of the franchise is To Sell Toys. The fiction exists for no other reason, and the fact that it's sometimes good is more of a happy accident than anything else. And it is very good at what it does!

For example, when I first got back into the franchise a decade ago, I bought the version of Starscream that was in the shops because he was easily available. The Animated came out, and I bought Animated!Starscream, along with every clone I could get my hands on. Then I got my glorious Masterpice Starscream, who is perfect, only then Prime came out and I got Prime Starscream as well. So that's four Starscreams and a bunch of other Seeker jets.

Now replace 'Starscream' in the above paragraph with 'Megatron' or 'Soundwave' or 'Waspinator' and change a few details and before long it turns out I have multiple versions of a bunch of characters. Some of which I am totally giving to charity because that is TOO MANY TRANSFORMERS even for me. Maybe some actual children will play with them at some point!

... and maybe once I've cleared some room I'll finally get that Masterpiece Megatron.

(Look, I have Starscream and Soundwave in that size class and they'd make a really cool display that would fit on my shelf just right!)
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So, finally finished Transformers: Prime! It doesn't edge out Animated as my favourite iteration, but it was pretty great.

Unfortunately, I think I would have preferred the ending we got in the last episode of Season Three to the one presented by the movie :(. There are a few reasons for that.

Spoilers. )
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I am finally almost finished watching Transformers: Prime, a mere two years after it finished! And I have decided that the only downside of episodes like Patch and Thirst is that they make me wish that they'd do something like Rescue Bots about the Decepticons. Only instead of rescuing people they stab each other in the back and do evil science experiments. Not that I have anything against the Prime Autobots, but a sitcom where Starscream and Knockout are room-mates and Megatron is their angry boss/landlord could only be comedy gold.

Thirst also made me realise once and for all that my Prime OTP isn't Megatron/Starscream, but Starscream/Knockout. Partly because this is pretty much the only universe where I really ship Optimus/Megatron, but also because I think Starscream actually likes Knockout, insofar as he's capable of liking anyone. I mean, he actually SAID SOMETHING NICE to him and meant it. And Knockout said something nice back. And then they awkwardly didn't look at each other <3.

I am trying to recall if any prior version of Starscream has ever said something nice to someone when he wasn't sucking up or otherwise attempting to put one over on them. Maybe G1 Starscream about Skyfire? Armada Starscream might have paid someone a genuine compliment at some point, I guess, but he's the anti-Starscream in so many respects that I'm not sure that should count.

I am currently trying to brace myself for Starscream to get killed at the end of the series - I'm unspoiled and don't know that he actually does. But if not that would make it the only TF universe with him in it where he lived to the end, so I am not getting my hopes up. I'm normally not bothered because it happens so often and he always comes back, but he's had such an amazing character arc in this show that I feel like it should end with something other than his death. Unless they've come up with a really cool and appropriate way of doing it, I guess.

But I still want to see the show where Starscream and Knockout accidentally unleash vampires on the Decepticon base every week, in between bitching at each other and trying to kill Shockwave.
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I am pretty sure I would have gotten around to watching Transformers: Prime sooner if someone had explained Knock Out to me. After only a handful of episodes, he's swiftly become one of my favourite Decepticons. Which is certainly a long list, but seldom has anyone gotten on there so fast. (I think the last person was Sky-Byte, and he has the advantage of being a haiku-composing flying shark. And Slipstream, but she embodies a concept I've wanted to see done officially since I was a little fangirl, so I was obligated to love her immediately.)

The combination of 'what if G1 Tracks were a Decepticon medic?' and 'what if Starscream had his own Starscream?' seems specifically designed to appeal to me. Now I just wish they'd made a toy with his in-show paint job! Knock Out would be very displeased that the only versions of him available are inexplicably maroon, covered in dubious stickers, recoloured an ugly green or have a crocodile tail attached.

This thought brought to you by watching Shadowzone, otherwise known as The Hilarious Adventures of Starscreams's Severed Arm.
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Verdict: made from awesome! There were so many great things in the episode, I cannot possibly squee about them all.

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While I avoid plot spoilers like the plague, I do like to know which characters might be coming down the line, mainly so I can run in small circles squeeling at the top of my lungs. So today I sat down and had a serious look at the cryptic list of upcoming characters that was posted on a while back.

Cut for those who don't want to know. )
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So, Sandeigo Comic Con is over for a year. If there was any exciting news about the shows I love, my flist has not informed me so far. (Of course, I tend to be pretty spoiler-avoidant anyway.)

However, it seems that Hasbro and Mattel are trying to get me to give them all the money I make at my new job. Nothing exciting revealed in the Marvel Legends line, but there were lots of shiny Transformers. We're getting a Universe Cyclonus to go with Universe Galvatron, and a repaint of Animated Activators Bumblebee as Cliffjumper, with a new headsculpt! Here's hoping they make Wasp in the same scale.

Also on show were many more Robot Heroes to swell the ranks of my tiny robot army, including Ironhide, Blaster and Thrust. The appearance of a Conehead is especially cool, as it means we're bound to see the other two soon.

Even cooler than the transforming robots, though, was Mattel's DC comics panel. Because, dude. I cannot even tell you how awesome their news was, so I'm going to show you instead.

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Too ... much ... awesome. Brain ... failing ...!

OMG, part the second. )
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No matter what else is going on in my life, things are awesome because not only do I OWN CHINS!STARSCREAM IN TOY FORM, I have managed to turn him back into a jet without breaking him. (You have to twist his hips just the right way and ... yes, Starscream's transformation is distressingly appropriate.)

Now I just need to decide: do I hold out for a Voyager class Sentinel Prime, or buy the tiny Deluxe version that's slated for release? There's a certain comedy value in him being tiny next to Optimus, but I'd rather have something that at least makes a stab at show accuracy. C'mon, Hasbro, you can do it!

I've already decided that I'm not touching Lugnut until he's release in Leader size, so he's bigger than Blitzwing. Inter-faction scale is almost possible, although intra-faction scale is a distant dream ...
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Have not been around much. Do not expect to be around much for a while. But ...

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If you're remotely interested in transforming robots from the G1 or Beast Wars era, you need to go to YouTube and watch the TF: Animated episode Along Came A Spider NOW. Massive spoiler for why below the cut.

Hiding in plain sight ... )

In additional cool TF news, there are loads and loads of cool pictures of awesome things from ToyFair up on the net:

Robot Heroes including Arcee, Rhinox and Waspinator who were in my top twenty characters I wanted to see in this format. Also Rumble! Just to keep the debate going, he is red *g*.

More Classics including colour pictures of Octane and the first images of Galvatron!

Animated Toys! Since for some reason I couldn't get them to load at Seibertron. OMG WHY CAN'T I BUY SOUNDWAVE NOW?!
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Watching the whole thing through from the beginning, it has come to my attention that I really enjoy Transformers Season Three. This shouldn't surprise me - I liked it just fine when I was a kid - but it gets so much bashing in fandom that I wasn't expect it to be as much fun as it is. It's not that I don't understand why some people hate it. Not only have has most of the cast from the first two seasons been thoughtlessly killed off to make way for new toys, the settings and stories are very different. I'm as pissed off as the next fangirl about the mass slaughter of beloved Autobots, but considered on its own merits these episodes have a lot going for them. Here are ten reasons that they rock:

1. The main problem with this season is that Ironhide, Wheeljack, Jazz and the like have been replaced with too many cookie-cutter Autobots who don't get a chance to develop properly as characters. Luckily, the Decepticons don't really have that problem. Almost all of the new bad guys get proper introductions and enough personality that you can tell them apart from each other. (The Terrorcons may be an exception, but I haven't got that far yet.) It's not until Season Four that fifty billion interchangeable Decepticons arrive on the scene all at once.

2. Many of the new or reformatted Decepticons are awesome. Don't get me wrong, I miss the hell out of Starscream when he's not possessing people, but I do love seeing more of the Combaticons, Scourge, Trypticon and most of all OCTANE.

3. Galvatron and Cyclonus get their own dot point, because while the Autobot change of leadership didn't really work in the show's favour - I have considerable affection for Rodimus, but replacing Optimus Prime was a ludicrous thing for the show to try - the Decepticons fare better. While they will never replace Megatron and Starscream in my heart, the dynamic between the crazy leader and his loyal, long-suffering, honourable second also fascinates me. Also, Galvatron is really funny.

6. Ultra Magnus has always been one of my favourite Autobots, and without the massive cast changes in Season Three, he would not exist!

5. I feel kind of bad about the way he pushed Ratchet and Wheeljack out of the spotlight and into the path of a laser gun, but I have loved Perceptor since I was tiny. Season Three has MOAR PERCEPTOR on average, so that's good. Also, Season Three has Skylynx! And Wreck-Gar!

6. There are more than zero female characters. Not many female characters, but if they weren't going to go with gender neutral alien robots - implausible after The Search For Alpha Trion - tokenism is better than nothing.

7. The stories and settings are a lot more varied. While Season Three does lose touch with the 'alien robots in disguise on Earth' concept at the heart of the show and turn into space opera, at least we don't get a dozen episodes about Megatron trying to beat the Autobots with magic crystals.

8. There are some truly excellent episodes in here - not just Starscream's Ghost and Ghost in the Machine, but Webworld and The Return of Optimus Prime. Others are cheesy fun to match anything in Season Two (well, maybe not City of Steel) like Thief in the Night and Carnage in C Minor. (I should add that Thief in the Night is also deeply offensive to Arabs and anyone else with half a brain, but it has Octane stealing world monuments, so it is still love.)

9. The Quintessons are a regular foe for the Autobots and Decepticons who make a nice change of pace and complicate things nicely. They're also the only successful attempt at portraying alien behavior the show ever managed - more successful than many aliens in more adult genre TV, for that matter. "Perhaps a quiet chuckle?" is one of my favourite lines in the whole series. With their presence, we also learn much more about the history of Cybertron.

10. The updated version of the themesong rox00rs.

So there are things I don't like about Season Three - Daniel, Wheelie, Grimlock devolving into an overgrown toddler, Carly having no personality, the lack of Optimus and Starscream - but over all I give it the thumbs up. I bet Season Four sucks just as much as I remember, though.
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Well, given that we're only up to Episode Seven of Transformers: Animated I guess that should be 'best episode so far'.

Ten reasons 'Thrill of the Hunt' rox00rs )
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While context is for the week, I should probably explain that one day [ profile] apathocles, [ profile] saltedpin and I decided that, back in the day, Starscream made up his mind which faction to join by having sex with everyone he could find. The Decepticons turned out to be better in bed, so he turned to evil - but not before giving a scathing report cards to a couple of dozen Autobots. Over fifty comments worth of Starscream sex00ring everything in sight resulted.

Anyway, I thought these well worth collecting outside Ap's locked journal. If anyone else wants to contribute by adding some characters we neglected to the list, feel free. Starscream seems to have time travelled in order to have sex with characters who didn't exist until after he died, so don't let plausibility constrain you.

Special new bonus ratings tacked onto the end by yours truly!

Not safe for those who object strenuously to giant robot slash. )
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... two of my three meals today have consisted of leftover pizza, and the other one was a hamburger. I think that says a lot about the kind of week I've had *g*. The first inaugural Giant Robot Day was a success - I fail at organizing things but [ profile] apathocles, [ profile] saltedpin and [ profile] bride_of_lister seemed to survive regardless. Anyway, TF stories I think I promised to write at some point:

- Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus walk into a bar. (The short version, although I am kind of tempted by the full-on Casablanca homage, post-Great War.)

- The real reason Ravage and Laserbeak hang out at the Ark all the time.

- Starscream: flagrant exhibitionist. (I'm trying to think who else should be in this story. Any suggestions, gang?)

... and I don't remember anything else. Please tell me if I swore to you that I would write something on New Years Eve and then forgot :-).
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Rating: G. Yes, I know, I was surprised too.

Author's Note: Yesterday I watched the first episode of Transformers: Animated and pronounced it awesome. Today, drabbles!

Spoilers: For the animated movie, obviously.

Summary: Three cybernetic lifeforms pass fifty solar cycles.

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Dec. 21st, 2007 12:30 pm
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New clip of Transformers: Animated and I am definitely in love already. STARSCREAM!!!
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Author's Note: Completely [ profile] saltedpin's fault for poking me yesterday.

Summary: Just another day at Decepticon HQ.

Rating: VS for Very Silly.

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Dec. 11th, 2007 11:15 pm
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There is now full episode list of the first season of Transformers: Animated with plot descriptions. Spoilers for the basic set up of each episode, naturally.

Cut for mildly spoilerly squealing. )


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