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So, I finally gave up one waiting for English subtitles for the last seven episodes of Season Two, and watched the dub all the way to the end. And so:


I know we waited thirty years between Season One and Season Two, which mean that the year between Two and Three should be easy by comparison. But since the original writers had no expectation of ever getting a Season Two, the first series wraps up in a satisfying way even though it's open-ended. Season Two, on the other hand, takes advantage of the fact that the creators knew damn well they were getting commissioned for more.

The dub is ... OK. Well, more specifically: Ambrosius, Pedro and Zares are all good, Zia and Sancho are fine, Esteban and Tao are acceptable if not great. Only Mendoza is terrible :(. (Admittedly I may be pickier about his voice acting than everyone else's, but the guy sounds nothing like either the eighties English voice actor or the modern French one and HE'S JUST ALL WRONG, OK?)

I really enjoyed Season Two, and thought it did a couple of things better the the original show - there's an antagonist who's actually interesting and threatening, and Zia gets more character development and a lot more to do. And I'm impressed that they managed to keep doing interesting things with Mendoza, given that the end of his arc in the first season could have left him without anywhere to go as a character. And my esteem for Sancho and Pedro shot way up when they saw Mendoza losing a fight (!) and tried to help instead of running away. (In fact, nobody runs away, even though he keeps telling them to. Oh, Mendoza, you should know by now that the kids never listen to you when you say things like that.)

As for the end of season revelations, I saw one of them coming about half way through the series, but the other one left me completely gob-smacked. (And thinking "well, that certainly explains why Mendoza was in such a weird mood when he got back from being kidnapped.")

Very much looking forward to Season Three although spoilers for where they're going in Season Three. )

Most of all, I still can't quite believe that my first favourite show is an ongoing canon after all this time. Bring on 2015!
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It is spring, that season when a fangirl's mind turns toward thoughts of new and returning TV shows. At least if she lives in the southern hemisphere. Things that I have been watching lately, in alphabetical order:

Agents of SHIELD

The first episode was pretty fun. I didn't warm to Ward or Skye, which could be a problem if they end up being the focus, but it's early days and anything could happen. Spoiler cut. )


Spoilers for the premiere. )


I've finally caught up on the first season, but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep going with it. I feel bad about this since my entire flist seems to love it, but despite the excellent cast and the engaging relationship between Holmes and Watson, I'm only half-attached. I have two problems with it, one of which is a 'it's not you, it's me' thing.

Mild spoilers for all of season one. )

My other problem is that I was able to summarise the show to a friend as 'fascinating people fight boring crime.' The central characters and the supporting cast are multi-dimensional and engaging, but the cases are dull more often than not. And I can't enjoy a procedural where the procedures bore me. Unless the writers suddenly become as good at setting up a plot and unravelling it as they are at writing Holmes and Watson talking about bees, that's probably going to make me stop watching. I shouldn't spend half an hour out of every forty minutes fighting the urge to wander off and make another cup of tea while hoping for another appearance from Clyde the tortoise. (Who seems to have more personality than most of the villains and victims of the week.)


I have not watched the final episode, as I am waiting for Sunday to share it with my friends. (We might then hug and eat squid together, but we will be keeping all our clothes on. As far as I know.)

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Reasons I love Phryne:

1. When the plot requires that she flash her breasts in front of (almost) her entire supporting cast and a room full of strangers, she doesn't bat an eyelid. Everyone else does, though.

2. She has a fetching hat for every occasion, including committing burglaries.

3. Having arranged for two policemen to put on their bathing suits to go diving for evidence, she also arranges for herself and Dot to be on the beach with sunhats and icecream to properly appreciate the show. (The show does not disappoint. I have almost forgiven the writers for interrupting Jack with plot before he could put on that Roman Legionary outfit last series. Almost.)

(Also: dear Tumblr, how is it that you are all squealing over the twenties-bathing-suits-containing-dripping-wet-police-officers, but nobody seems to have posted screencaps? I am disappoint.)

And, awwwww, Phryne and Jack are even more adorable this series. I'm not sure if my favourite part of Dead Man's Chest was him sneaking into her room to drink champagne out of a tea cup or their stake-out fish and chips under the pier.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold

This is actually a thing I am not watching, because TFOU1 doesn't let Australians watch its episode uploads and my unofficial source has dried up :(. The translator got busy and nobody seems to be putting the raws anywhere that I can get them :(. Which means there are now five whole episodes that I haven't seen. I know weren't getting a dub next year, but I can't wait that long for my fix!

Sleepy Hollow

While the pilot episode contained enough exposition to stuff an elephant, the leads are charming and the mythology is interesting. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes horror that manages to be delightfully cheesy and genuinely creepy at the same time. And/or men with ridiculously pretty hair.

Spoilers as far as the end of episode two. )
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In less than twenty-four hours, I have watched seven new episodes of The Mysterious Cities of Gold. And I watched two of them twice since I found subbed versions after watching the raws. It may be a while before I get to see more, since I'm now apparently caught up with the Swiss TV broadcast and they're ahead of everyone else, but it was so worth it. IT IS MAGICAL AND GLORIOUS AND I WANT TO MAKE ANOTHER VID RIGHT NOW. More than one, actually.

Mendoza has yet to fight any dangerous animals, but he did spoiler ). This is a more than adequate substitute, really. Thank you, show, for pandering specifically to me.

I think I'm going to keep watching the raws, as I'm not having as much trouble following it as I feared I would. My non-existent French is improving already.

I am LOLing at Mendoza introducing himself as 'Captain Mendoza.' Captain of what, exactly? He doesn't own a ship! Being the boss of Sancho and Pedro doesn't really count as being captain. Especially funny since one of the monks from Barcelona addresses him by that title, so apparently he's been going around telling people he's captain of ... something .... for more than a decade.
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Due to the glories of the internet, I have now been able to watch Episodes Two, Three and Four of The Mysterious Cities of Gold Season Two on YouTube! (Episodes Three and Four are mislabelled, but that's what they are.) The first episode, alas, has been blocked by the copyright holders. Naturally I've *ahem*ed the videos as insurance against further deletions. I understand that networks don't want people posting their things hither and yon all over YouTube, but since I can't watch it on their website because of IP blocking, I don't have much alternative.

Despite missing the first episode and not speaking French, I am not having any trouble following the basic plot, although I look forward to picking up the finer details. As far as I can tell without being able to understand more than one word in twenty, it has all the stuff I love. The kids having adventures! Ancient technology! Mendoza sword-fighting! Only now they have better animation and a baby panda. My only wish is for more female characters.

(Well, Mendoza hasn't fought any dangerous animals yet, but it's early days. Given the cliffhanger of Episode Four, I have high hopes that he may do so soon.)

Spoilers below the cut. )

YOU GUYS, MY SHOW IS BACK AFTER THIRTY YEARS OF HIATUS. After more than an hour of it, I can still hardly believe it.

ETA: I think I found a source for Episode One and subtitles! Bless you, 4chan! (Uh, not a sentence I use often. But credit where it's due.)

ETA2: And now I see Episode Five is available too. OMG YOU GUYS. I am going to be up all night. And I am just fine with that.
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... sorry. I am just crazy excited about this. MCoG was literally my first fandom, and I can't believe we're getting new canon more than thirty years later.

Looking at the trailers, it seems like there will be a sufficient quantity of the kids being adorable and Mendoza sword-fighting, which is honestly all I ask.
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Fresh from the Vividcon Non-Attending Premieres Show!

Artist: David Hobson

Source: The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Tech Specs: This is a 25MB zipped DivX file.

Summary: In returning, my journey begins.

This vid is dedicated to [identity profile], for all her enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you for sharing my first fandom *g*.

Download link: Mackerel Skies

You can also watch this vid streaming at the AO3.
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OMG YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For those coming in late, The Mysterious Cities of Gold was a French-Japanese co-production made in 1982. It was one of the shows that defined my childhood. Coming back to it as an adult after the English dub was finally released on DVD, I was delighted to find it was just as good as I remembered. AND NOW THERE IS MORE.

I'd heard vague rumours of a movie or another series in the past, but I couldn't really believe it until I saw some screen shots last week. Now there is a TRAILER!

It picks up right where the first thirty-nine episodes left off. Apparently Season Two takes the children of the sun to Asia, presumably to look for another City of Gold. By the looks of it, everything is as great as ever, only better animated.

Since I cannot speak French, the specifics of the plot elude me for now, but I can see why the kids went and rescued Mendoza. What if they need someone to wrestle a shark, or get something off a high shelf? Bringing Sancho and Pedro along was never very sensible, though, and clearly they haven't gotten any smarter. (I mean, I can see why Mendoza brought them at first - gold is heavy, and there's a limit to how much of it you can carry on your own. I'm not sure why he didn't just ditch the two of them in Spain this time, though. Unless he's having one of his attacks of sentimentality, brought on by exposure to the kids.)

I cannot believe that I actually have something to theorize about that was made after 1982. I cannot believe there is actually going to be more show! Along with Tex Murphy making his Kickstarter goals, it's like the universe is bringing back my youth one awesome pieces of entertainment at a time.
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Dear Yulegoat,

First of all, thank you for offering to write in one of my tiny fandoms! I hope you have fun with it.

I'm a pretty easy-going fan as far as content goes. I like gen, slash, het, ampersand, bob, and whatever other genre or combination of genres you care to come up with. I love all of these fandoms and the characters I requested, so a story about whatever we've matched on will make me happy.

The only thing I really don't want to see in your story is animal harm, which is triggery for me. I cannot even imagine how that would come up in any of these requests, but bad things happening to animals is not something I want in my gift. (Oh, and as far as kinks go I am not into scat and watersports, but how likely is it that you were going to write those for Yuletide?)

I am equally comfortable with any rating from G to NC-17. I don't mind angst and/or unhappy endings. Fluff is fine. Character death is fine. Violence is fine. Sex is fine. Christmas stories are fine. I love crossovers and dig AUs. I like both zombies and BDSM. (Uh, not that I expect a story about either of those things, they just seem to be mentioned in a lot of Yuletide letters.)

Actual Requests Below the Cut )
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These are all the vids I have released. All of them are currently available in zipped files that you'll need to download and unzip before you can watch them.

Vids await you below the cut )

18. Drive My Car

Fandom: Heroes

Music: The Donnas

Summary: "Our life of legend begins!"

File: This vid is now available on the AO3 with streaming and download options.

19. Walk the Walk

Fandom: Doctor Who

Music: Poe

Summary:  Welcome to the world, Rose Tyler.

File: This vid is now available on the AO3 with streaming and download options.


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