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Behold, more recs! I still feel like I've hardly scratched the surface of the archive, despite having read more than a hundred stories. Here are a few more of my favourites. Lots of Babylon 5 this time, since I finally sat down and read all the stories in that fandom. (Almost. The novella is going to have to wait, I fear, for when I have more time.)

In Flagrante (Babylon 5)

Three times Londo and G'Kar got caught. Funny and heartbreaking, just like their relationship should be.

Into Thin Air (Babylon 5)

I love the way the parts of this connect in unexpected ways, and Londo and G'Kar are perfect.

My Late Enchantments Still in Brilliant Colors Shine (Babylon 5)

Susan Ivanova discusses cargo manifests with a Technomage. This actually does contain equal parts wonder, delight, terror and whimsy. And a Technomages who didn't annoy me! Truly a Yuletide miracle.

The Price of a Favor (Babylon 5)

I've always wondered what Timov got up to during Cartagia's reign, and this is great and very plausible.

The Snow Maiden (Babylon 5)

Ivanova and a Russian fairy tale. Enchanting and sad.

The Measure of a Man (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

I have only just started reading the fic about my other favourite space station, but I really liked this Damar story. He loses a lot, and finds some unexpected things as well.

Pastrami and Particles aka Winston's Third Day on the Job (Ghostbusters)

Winston! And Egon! Interacting! And busting ghosts! Forgive the superfluous exclamation marks, but I was delightfully surprised to see a great story about these two together. Not something you see enough of.

A Quite Different Case of Identity (Hark! A Vagrant/Sherlock Holmes/Raffles)

As someone who has been known to quote the Stupid Watson strip at people and also loves Raffles and Bunny, this was tailor-made for me. And I was not disappointed with the execution.

Scenes From A Gourmand Home Kitchen (Masterchef RPF)

Matt Preston sets out to conquer the croquembouche. I can totally see this happening. (Including, somewhat disturbingly, the part about the mango jam.)

Encounters with Elements (Sapphire and Steel)

Five people (well, actually, not all of them are people) observe Sapphire and Steel. Delightfully spooky, just like the show.
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You guys, I am having the perfect Yuletide. I got a great story that was everything I requested - more about that in a moment. I wrote something I'm happy with, and my recipient likes it! And so do other people, it seems, as I have plenty of comments and kudos. Moreover, I wrote four treats for Yuletide Madness this year, something I've never managed to do. (I think my muse has well and truly returned. The only reason I didn't post anything in the second half of December is I was saving it all for the ficathon.) And every one of these treats has received appreciative feedback from its recipient and other people! Truly, it is a Yuletide out of legend.

I think my stories this year are likely to be hard to spot simply because all five are in fandoms I've never written before. Although one of them has the oddest warning I have ever had to put on anything.

I have also had the joy of reading loads of great fanfic. And somehow managed to bookmark 275 stories that I have yet to read. Eep.

Anyway, recs. (Most of these are from the Madness collection, because the Madness collection is full of very short things.) I am reading in a completely random order.

in action how like an angel! in apprehension, how like a god! (Dollhouse)

This is the story that was written for me! It does a great job of bridging the immensely frustrating gap between end of the series and the future shown in the Epitaph episodes, all through Topher's eyes as his mind falls apart. My favourite part is getting to see more of his wonderfully layered relationship with Adelle.

Watchman (Baldur's Gate)

A touching glimpse at one way things could have gone for the Bhaalspawn's companions. And I can't say more without spoiling. (Except: psssst, [personal profile] lokisrose, go read this!)

The Tale of the Wet Hoof (CLOP)

I think anyone who has played CLOP for more than fifteen seconds has fantasised about doing this. Alas, making a getaway is really hard when you have trouble walking over rocks. Hilarious.

In Any Other World (His Dark Materials)

A beautiful ficlet about all the things Lyra does afterwards.

Somebody had to write this (so why not me?) (Meta - Fandom)

It had to happen eventually: an entirely fanwork comprised of nothing but freeform tags. (This reader is not sorry either.)

Get It Out in the Open (I Know I Have) (Monty Python RPF)

RPF is not usually my bivouac, but I'm really pleased I read this. It's a perfectly Monty Python coming out scene - by which I mean not that it contains dead parrots or silly walks, but that it comes at you from an unexpected angle. And there's a ukulele in it. Perfect character voices, and very touching.

Submitted For Your Approval (The Muppets/The Twilight Zone)

Yes, you read the fandoms right. This is an uncannily apt combination of two things that you wouldn't think would fit together. And yet they do. Maybe because Gonzo kind of does belong in the Twilight Zone. Delightful.

We Go Together (Like) (Oglaf)

I think the last thing I expected from Oglaf fandom this Christmas was a gen friendship story between these two characters. (Well, it's gen by Oglaf standards.) Left me with a ridiculous grin on my face, wondering why I'd never realised they would be perfect partners in crime.

Get Me To the Justice of the Peace On Time (Singin' in the Rain)

Beautiful character voices, and this is now totally my head canon for how Don and Kathy's wedding day went down.

Top Billing (Singin' in the Rain)

... and speaking of Singin' in the Rain head canon, Lina Lamont becoming her universe's equivalent of Hedda Hopper is a perfect idea. (She completely earns what happens in the film, mind you, but I've always hoped that she'd fall on her feet.) A sharp look at the future for everyone, and I love the character interaction here.
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At long last: Mutatis Mutandis, my X-Men movieverse recs pages, is open for business. There are one hundred and forty-nine stories/artworks there and one vid!

I'll do some kind of publicity blitz later in the weekend, but in the mean time if you're looking for stories in the wake of First Class or know somebody who is, you could do a lot worse. I would particularly like to draw people's attention to the links post stuck at the top of the journal, which connects to every major source of stories in the fandom.
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Since the beginning of my Yuletide reading was so long delayed this year, I decided that I'd begin by working my way through the shorter Yuletide Madness stories before the reveal. That meant I got through lots of fic in lots of different fandoms despite my late start. Anyway, there were many brilliant stories under a thousand words in this year's challenge.

Before I get to those, though, I must thank the author who wrote my awesome Yuletide gift, an Order of the Stick story in the form of a letter Vaarsuvius writes to hir children. The characterisation is spot-on and the author does a great job of getting both the painful, serious aspects of the story and the silly stuff that comes of living in a world governed by a D&D ruleset.

Now, onwards to the Madness recs! Since they are so short, you have time to read them all ...

Thirty-six stories in twenty-six fandoms below cut. )

The good part about starting late is that I still have SO MUCH TO READ. I seem to have somehow bookmarked three hundred and fifty Yuletide stories.

I do really wish there was a way of sorting those bookmarks - I'm guessing it's planned for a future update, since the archive is not yet fully functional. I have fallen firmly in love with the AO3 during the challenge, though. At least when something about the way it's set up annoys me, I know that it may be fixed in the future. (And I can go make suggestions for improvement! I think I will wait a few days until the poor archivists have recovered a bit, though.)
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Astonishingly, I have managed to make my entire first pass through the archive before the big reveal. A leisurely New Year's Day well spent.

I am also stunned by the quality this year - not to diss previous Yuletides, but there's been a truly staggering amount of good fic this time. I look forward to going through other people's recommendations and reading more stories in fandoms I'm less familiar with.

Twenty-five more recs below the cut. )
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I hope that everyone will forgive my recent radio silence. Christmas turned out suprisingly awesome (I even got great presents this year!) and I've spent every moment of internet time since reading the Yuletide archive. I'm amazed to find that it's New Year's Eve here already and I'm only half way through the alphabet.

This year, I find myself in the embarassing position of having written a terrible story and received a great one. Perhaps you think I am exagerating when I say that my story is terrible, but trust me when I say that when I link to it after the reveal you can see for yourself. The moral here is 'do not try to edit and submit your story while your father is in the hospital, because you will do a lousy job'. The concept of the story isn't bad, but the execution is ... lacking. Still, I am glad I did not end up defaulting and making more work for the organizers and pinch hitters, no matter how embarassed the kind feedback people have left makes me. At least nobody has recced the damn thing, or I would have to sink into the ground. As for the recipient, I think I may have thought of a way to make it up to her.

Speaking of recs, though, I have many!

First of all, there is the story I received: What Comes Around, an awsome Baldur's Gate story about Mazzy and the rest of the Bhaalspawn's crew saving Faerun. The author managed to work in all the things I asked for (plus Sarevok, whom I also love) and everyone is beautifully in character. My gift brings me great joy, thank you Yuletide writer! Of course, the lovely thing about Yuletide is that you get to enjoy everyone else's presents as well as your own.

Thirty-five recs below the cut. )
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So many stories! Still reading in a completely random order:

Unexpected (Blake's 7)

Sharp and twisty and very Avon. I love the way you can take B7 canon and put it on its head like this.

Hanging Out, BFF (Commercials)

Mac 'n PC being cute, mark one. this is completely adorable and the punchline had me on the floor.

Hasta La Vista (Commercials)

Mac 'n PC being cute, mark two. Computer commercial OTP! Anyway, Vista just can't accept that things are over between him and PC. The highlight for me was Vista's creepy friend, Spam.

Thrill-Seeking (Discworld)

... it has just come to my attention that both my Discworld recs so far involve Vetinari's kinky sex life. I wish I could think that this would surprise anyone. Anyway, I am convinced that Vetinari/Moist would go exactly like this.

Lucky (Dragonlance)

I have been hopelessly in love with Raistlin Majere since the age of fourteen, so it's lovely to see some good, in-character fic about him. It's a great look at Tanis, as well, and what the two have in common.

A Bottle A Day (Fantastic Four)

Johnny Storm has never caught my interest in the movies or out of them, but this is a fantastic (sorry) story that explores his character far beyond his big gay - and straight - sex life. Also loved the author's take on the rest of the cast, and especially Sue, who is a true big sister.

Four Things Howl Never Told Sophie and One Thing He Did (Howl's Moving Castle)

I love to think of Howl and Sophie going into the future like this, still bickering, still loving, still perfectly themselves.

Redeployment (MASH)

I am a hard sell on this pairing, but this is painful and perfect and all too plausible. Thank goodness there's a glimmer of hope at the end, or I couldn't bare to think of these characters ending up like this.

Letters From Exile (Spooks)

I can only imagine this is pure coincidence, but this story and The Book of Ruth read like companion pieces. Zoe, too, writes letters from exile.

The Doors We Open (Windrose Chronicles)

Speaking of characters I have been in love with since I was fourteen, I am a total sucker for any story from Antryg Windrose's point of view. This story puts us right in his head to painful and delightful effect. (Also, the idea of Antryg behind the wheel of a car is the MOST TERRIFYING THING EVER.)

Fic Recs

Sep. 5th, 2001 04:37 pm
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Today, a newbie made the mistake of e-mailing me and asking if I knew of any good Xavier stories :-). Of course I was delighted to pass on my recommendations to her, and I thought I might as well inflict them on you while I was at it. So, here are a few favourites that floated to the top of my brain today. This isn't every Xavier story I like by any means, but it's enough to be going on with.

Dreams, by Dannell Lites.

A story examining Charles's childhood and his friendship with Magneto from a more unusual angle than most. After you've read that, check out her other stories on "Chuck Amuck", too - they're all worth a look.

Tombstone, 'Til Christmas and To Guard a Gate, by Kaylee.

A trilogy, meant to be read in that order. Be warned, though, 'Til Christmas almost made me cry in public the first time I read it, and that's something I never do :).

Revolution, by Northlight.

An elseworlds story where Charles and Erik go to school together, with hilarious results. This is really a Magneto story, but it's cute :).

In Love and War, by Alara Rogers

Another alternative universe involving Magneto, but a far less cheerful one.

A Confession, by Alara Rogers

There are a lot of stories out there that turn Xavier into a villain, but this is one of the few that I find both believable and frightening.

Betrayal, by Valerie Jones.

This is a long story about Gambit and Rogue (not something I'd usually recommend) but it's very well-written, has won several CBFFAs, and Charles has a large and sympathetic supporting role. When I first starting reading X-Men fanfic back in '97, this was the first story that really grabbed me. A classic in all senses of the word.

Brave New World, by Alicia McKenzie.

Nathan Dayspring arrives in the 20th century, dazed and confused, and Moira McTaggert takes him to Xavier for help. Again, this shows Charles as a supporting character rather than the protagonist, but it's a great read. I'm not a fan of Cable, but Alicia always writes him well.

That's the list I sent to the newbie - there's nothing adult, disturbing or slash-themed on it since I've got no idea how old she is or how she feels about such things. I didn't want to inflict hot m/m action or Benway on the unsuspecting. But here's a few Xavier stories for grown-ups:

You Did *WHAT* in a Cave!?, by Poi Lass.

OK, so this isn't really disturbing, but it does contain sex. In a cave. And a brief but hilarious appearance from Xavier.

Nightmares, by Dannell Lites.

The Dannell story I would have put on the above list if it hadn't been slash. There's no graphic detail in here, though - just lots of good psychology. Go read.

Transatlantic Crossing, by Dr. Benway.

Charles and Erik meet on a ship. The world hurts. Just as good as you'd expect Benway to be.

Mutants 'R Us, by Jane of Shadows and Mercutio.

"Jane" describes this in the disclaimer as a PWP that someone glued a plot to, but hey, it's got Erik and Charles arguing and screwing like crazed weasels. Those are two of my favourite things.

Making Sense of It, by Jane of Shadows.

Cyclops catches Charles and Erik in extremely compromising circumstances, and tries to work out what the hell is going on.

Personals, by Kaylee.

I would have recommended this too, but it's full of in jokes. Very funny in jokes that made me laugh out loud :). Look out for Charles and Lilandra.

At A Distance, by Alara Rogers.

More Charles and Lilandra, but dark and disturbing this time. An awful story, in the best sense of the word.

A Dark and Hungry God Arises, by Amanda Sichter.

Charles tips over into Onslaught. I'd question a couple of the points Amanda makes here (and probably won't be able to keep myself from badgering the poor woman about them when I see her in December), but overall this is a wonderful story that does the whole thing much better than Marvel.

Fragile Bodies of Touch and Taste, by Jane St Clair.

Do you have to ask why this is here? It's Jane St Clair. Go now.

All of those are up on "Chuck Amuck!". Here are three that aren't:

The Professor and his Pupil, by Dark Mark.

This is the first part of DM's "X-Men: 1970" series, and for a man who claims to dislike mutants he sure writes them well. It's on his web page.

Twisted: Joker, King and Jean, by Spyke Raven and Seventeen, by Bishclone.

You know, normally the idea of Charles paired up with a student (let alone two students) makes me squeal and run a mile. I don't know why it is that introducing knives into the whole business should make me feel so much better. Dark, nasty, brilliant - and who cares if the movie was nothing like this? We don't love canon that much do we? Both of these are on Spyke's page - go dig around the movie section on CFAN to find the link.

*Whew*. That's a list that's designed to cheer me up :). There *is* a lot of good Xavier fic out there if you look around, and that's not even all of it - I keep thinking of stuff that I left out. If you're still looking for more, of course there's always my stories, all of which are on my web page.

My work here is done ...


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