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After a fifth season that was shaky in many ways, a finale that was good in its own right and brought closure to what went before. I could be writing about either Merlin or Fringe, but it's actually Fringe today *g*.

And in five years, I never did learn not to eat in front of this show. I mean, you would think that after the very first melting-jaws-on-a-plane scene I would have realised that there were going to be plenty of gross-out moments, but I never really remembered it was a bad idea.

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Fringe has been an odd fandom for me. I've never blogged about it much or produced any fanfic or vids, but I started watching the day the pilot episode leaked and I haven't missed an episode in the five seasons that followed. For all that there have been things about the last couple of seasons that annoyed me, and for all that I understand why I lot of people stopped watching, I've never regretted the investment.

Whatever happens in the finale, the thing I first fell in love with was The Walter Bishop And His Mostly Off-Screen Science Boyfriends Show, and wow, I think that The Boy Must Live was the BEST EPISODE EVER of that.

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Because we have just over two week until the Vividcon deadline, I have been vidding. (Well, grabbing clips. Two weeks is loads of time to turn a pile of random footage into a vid, right?) As I was saying to [identity profile] last night, whenever I have a new idea for a vid I add it to The List. It deserves capitalisation, because is a big list. At my current rate of production, it will take me approximately sixty-eight years to finish everything if I never have a new idea.

Yet despite containing more material than I could ever actually produce, the list is not really long enough. Because far more annoying than the songs I will never get around to vidding are the vids that exist in my head without a song attached. At least when I have a song I know why I'm not making the vid - I'm waiting on more source, or I don't have the whole thing on DVD, or someone else vidded the song and now I can't decide if I should go ahead or not. (This is what happened to the third part of my Torchwood series.) Not having music is somehow far more frustrating - sitting on half an idea seems worse than sitting on a whole one.

Things I have long wanted to make include:

- A multifandom drool vid. That consists of something other than clips of Patrick Stewart wearing as few clothes as possible. (OK, that would probably be a pretty good drool vid too. But either way, I don't have a song.)

- A House vid about Foreman. I've had the general outline of this in my mind since Season Four, and I even have some specific clips picked out. As of Season Eight, I know how I want it to end. But no song!

- A Fringe vid about Walter. Or, really, any Fringe vid at all. I can't understand how I have four perfectly viable vid idea for Alias that I've yet to execute, six for Heroes that I'll probably never make, more than a dozen for Doctor Who, and zero for Fringe.

I almost never find vid songs; they almost always find me. And I have no idea how one speeds that process along. (So, yes, if you have a brilliant song idea for any of the above things, throw it over here. Who knows, maybe something will be sparked.)
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When I see 'kickass', I think 'kicking arse and taking names'. (To give that part of anatomy its proper British/Australian spelling *g*.) So this is a list of female characters who are awesome and who might also literally kick you.

1) Leela

Whenever someone complains about Amy Pond's short skirts, I think of Leela's leathers and roll my eyes. As with Amy, the potentially exploitative nature of Leela's outfits did not stop her being a great character. While she wasn't the first action girl in Doctor Who - we can't forget Sara Kingdom or Jo Grant's spy skillz - her warrior upbringing and willingness to kill provided an interesting philosophical contrast with the Doctor. Her childlike sense of wonder gave her more depth than many companions got to have, and it was always interesting to watch her learn about the universe. Honourable mention: to Ace, for killing Daleks and Cybermen.

2) Ororo Munroe

I'll always be grateful to Chris Claremont's obsession with powerful female characters. Not only did it give us a vastly upgraded Jean Grey and the introduction of Mystique, it provided us with Storm. My favourite X-woman channels both the strength and wildness of a hurricane and the serenity at its centre.

3) Irina Derevko

There are a lot of arse-kicking women in Alias, and most of them are related to Irina Derevko. A Russian agent turned freelance who has grown from action girl to action woman and spymaster. Irina Derevko is indeed The Man.

4) Helena Bertinelli

The DC universe is not short on women who kick arse, but I love Helena because she can be a great anti-heroine, and there are never enough of those. Huntress walks the line between superheroine and costumed vigilante, and you do not want to get on the wrong side of that crossbow.

5) Olivia Dunham

Superpowered FBI agent and leading lady of Fringe, she also looks great in a fedora. Don't make her shoot you.

(Prompt from [community profile] fannish5.)
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I've been a fan of Fringe since the pilot leaked online, but it's come to my attention that a lot more people around my journalling services are watching it now, so maybe I should actually post about it. I only caught up on the Season Two finale yesterday, as I completely lost track of the show when it went on hiatus. I'm kind of glad I have a slightly shorter and thus less painful wait until Season Three.

Anyway, it made me happy, not least because my OTP were finally on screen at the same time! Is anyone in this universe or the next surprised that I've 'shipped William/Walter since Walter started talking about his old friend back in Season One, long before the mysterious Dr. Bell appeared on screen? And canon has done nothing to dissuade my 'shipping since.

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