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After months of putting it off, today I started the project of cleaning out all the boxes of toys in my cupboard. Which means that my floor is now covered in hundreds (many hundreds?) of action figures because obviously I had to take them all out of their poorly sorted, poorly labeled boxes before I could do anything about organizing them.

Because of this, it has come to my attention that I have TOO MANY TRANSFORMERS.

I mean, I'm sure most non-collector type people would look at my floor and say I had too many toys in general. (Meanwhile, the type of collector who keeps stuff mint in box would be horrified by the fact that they were on the floor at all.) But while I spotted a few duplicate characters among the Doctor Who, Marvel, DC and G.I. Joe stuff than can probably go, it's only the giant pile of Transformers that made me feel like I'd gone wrong somewhere.

The trouble with Transformers is that literally the whole point of the franchise is To Sell Toys. The fiction exists for no other reason, and the fact that it's sometimes good is more of a happy accident than anything else. And it is very good at what it does!

For example, when I first got back into the franchise a decade ago, I bought the version of Starscream that was in the shops because he was easily available. The Animated came out, and I bought Animated!Starscream, along with every clone I could get my hands on. Then I got my glorious Masterpice Starscream, who is perfect, only then Prime came out and I got Prime Starscream as well. So that's four Starscreams and a bunch of other Seeker jets.

Now replace 'Starscream' in the above paragraph with 'Megatron' or 'Soundwave' or 'Waspinator' and change a few details and before long it turns out I have multiple versions of a bunch of characters. Some of which I am totally giving to charity because that is TOO MANY TRANSFORMERS even for me. Maybe some actual children will play with them at some point!

... and maybe once I've cleared some room I'll finally get that Masterpiece Megatron.

(Look, I have Starscream and Soundwave in that size class and they'd make a really cool display that would fit on my shelf just right!)
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The symbolic space on my toy shelf is no longer symbolic.

While watching the special, I only got as far as the War Doctor unpacking the Moment before I went 'dammit, I want an action figure!' I had no idea they were way ahead of me. Al Dewar posted a close-up of his boots and shin guards on Outpost Gallifrey and he looks gorgeously detailed.

Now I just need them to make a Capaldi and I'll be satisfied with the 5" line.

(Sure, I'd be happy for them to make a bunch more companions - especially Jamie and someone for the First Doctor - and monsters, and eventually the Entirely Hypothetical Post-Capaldi Doctors. Given how much space my collection takes up already, though, I'd be willing to live without them. Especially since there really isn't room for Entirely Hypothetical Future Doctors to stand in a line with the existing Doctor figures plus the War Doctor and Capaldi. By pure coincidence, it's exactly wide enough for all thirteen.)
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... is that I could happily buy all eight of the main heroes. Well, I could if all of them were out already. Where the hell are the ladies, Bandai? You have released all the dudes but are not selling Team Girl Power yet! (Team Girl Power includes Nathan, naturally.)

And then I could buy them again in their civilian gear. And then I could buy Dark Bunny and Tiger in the crapsuit specifically so I could re-enact this. Which would be all very well if I had $500 lying around or anywhere to put them, but I don't!


Jan. 13th, 2013 08:35 pm
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As you are probably already aware if you care about video games and don't live in a cave on Mars, there is a new generation of Pokemon games coming out in October. As you are probably not aware unless you regularly hang out at my house, I keep an old tea tin full of spare change by my bed that I take to the bank every few months. On Friday, I was pleasantly startled to find that I had somehow accumulated $298. That's more than twice as much as usual.

The relationship between these two things is that the second has allowed me to buy a Nintendo 3DS XL so I can experience the first when it arrives! The battery on my DS Lite has been getting very unreliable lately, which isn't that surprising since I've had it since 2009 and have used it heavily. My new toy is blue. I was also able to buy Red Dwarf X on DVD, and I still have $20 left over that I think I'm going to spend on a Bilbo Baggins action figure.

I am ridiculously excited about Gen VI, even by my standards of getting ridiculously excited about Pokemon. I have already chosen Fennekin in my heart. (As as the rest of the internet, apparently. Less than twenty-four hours after the reveal, he had more than two hundred works on DeviantArt. Now it's almost three thousand.) I also really like Xerneas, so I guess I'm getting Pokemon X instead of Y.

This also means that I have two consoles that can take Gen V games, so I can transfer all of my Pokemon over to White 2 without bothering [personal profile] lokisrose.
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Day 12 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Luckily, I have something new and Doctor Who related to post photos of:


She even has green eyes and her necklace. Alas, I don't have an Eleven (waiting for the Eleven Doctors box to be released here) or a Rory (waiting for Character Options to make one) as yet. Still, Ms. Pond need not want for company as she waits for her boys to arrive ...

Pictures below the cut. )

The rest of the days. )
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Now they can discuss Sun Tzu and argue about socialized medicine until their girlfriends arrive!

(This could take a while. I hope to get a Black Canary some time soon, but there is no DC Universe Classic Huntress as yet.)
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On Tuesday, someone from my real estate agency is coming to inspect my flat. (For the second time in two months, for some bizarre reason. I guess they're making up for not doing any inspections for the first five years of my tenancy?) I'm going to visit my family that day, so I probably won't be here when they arrive.

Poll #1172 Srs Bizness
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What part of my toy collection should I leave on display to greet my estate agent?

View Answers

Doctor Who
5 (31.2%)

Transformers: Animated
0 (0.0%)

Transformers G1/Movieverse
0 (0.0%)

Transformers Robot Heroes, also known as the Tiny Robot Army
2 (12.5%)

Justice League Unlimited
2 (12.5%)

My Little Pony
2 (12.5%)

Marvel Legends
1 (6.2%)

The current multi-source 3.75" display. (GI Joe, Star Wars, Marvel Universe, DC Infinite Heroes, etc.)
2 (12.5%)

A selection of things you don't have enough of to make a whole display (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, DC Universe Classics etc.)
1 (6.2%)

... you should hide them all in your wardrobe. You freak.
1 (6.2%)

I should probably note that 'all of the above!' is not an option, since I only have the shelf above my desk for display space.

Incidentally, whoever posed Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes while I was out of the room yesterday may be interested to know that Scarlett has stopped face-palming and joined in the ninjacest ;).
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The bad news is that yesterday morning, my beloved laptop Cerebra passed away at the age of five and a half. The noble machine had been worked hard every day and once had a glass of water dropped on her, so I can't say it owed me a thing at the end there. It was the keyboard that gave up the ghost, to my vast surprise - I thought the motherboard would fry itself or the screen would give out first. While there's a chance it could have been fixed, given the age of the computer it just wasn't worth it.

So, I have brought my plan to acquire a desktop forward by six months or so. I was going to just work off the Asus eee notebook and a few new peripherals for a while, since I haven't yet saved all the money, but my dad was so upset by the news the laptop had fallen over that he convinced my grandmother to give me half the cost! (I would feel guilty about this, except that she's eighty-seven years old and refuses to spend money on anything for herself. It just sits there in the bank account and then the government keep cutting her pension because she has too much - someone might as well use it.)

I've ordered a custom job online which has double the requirements for Premiere Pro CS3, easily the most demanding program I am ever likely to run on it. I have made my last eleven vids on Premiere 6.5 and am really quite happy with that, so CS3 should meet my requirements for the next five years or so *g*. (I was thinking of just going with Premiere Elements, but all the box copy about how you can make a movie in minutes and it will be so easy! and fun! has really put me off. My previous experience with 'easy' vidding programs has not been fun at all.) My new baby will have a 3GHZ processor, 4GB of RAM, a swish video card and a 1000GB of hard drive space spread over two drives. 500GB of storage just for vid clips! It's a vidder's dream come true. The whole thing cost me AUS $500 less than many inferior systems I saw in physical shops - pre-made desktop packages are such a rip-off.

The tower will take a while to arrive, but I am looking at this post on a brand new 19-inch HP monitor I took home on the bus yesterday, and typing it on a new ergonomic Microsoft keyboard. (I will say this for Microsoft: they make damn fine keyboards. If they could apply the level of engineering they have used on this gorgeous piece of tech to their operating systems, the world would be a less frustrating place.) I had the worst time finding a decent mouse that had a cord - I like cords! They stop me losing the dam mouse! - but eventually went with a basic Logitech model.

All in all, I am not sorry to be getting a brand new system, even if the timing could have been slightly better. Thank goodness for my awesome family.
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So, Sandeigo Comic Con is over for a year. If there was any exciting news about the shows I love, my flist has not informed me so far. (Of course, I tend to be pretty spoiler-avoidant anyway.)

However, it seems that Hasbro and Mattel are trying to get me to give them all the money I make at my new job. Nothing exciting revealed in the Marvel Legends line, but there were lots of shiny Transformers. We're getting a Universe Cyclonus to go with Universe Galvatron, and a repaint of Animated Activators Bumblebee as Cliffjumper, with a new headsculpt! Here's hoping they make Wasp in the same scale.

Also on show were many more Robot Heroes to swell the ranks of my tiny robot army, including Ironhide, Blaster and Thrust. The appearance of a Conehead is especially cool, as it means we're bound to see the other two soon.

Even cooler than the transforming robots, though, was Mattel's DC comics panel. Because, dude. I cannot even tell you how awesome their news was, so I'm going to show you instead.

Warning, large images below cut. )
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No matter what else is going on in my life, things are awesome because not only do I OWN CHINS!STARSCREAM IN TOY FORM, I have managed to turn him back into a jet without breaking him. (You have to twist his hips just the right way and ... yes, Starscream's transformation is distressingly appropriate.)

Now I just need to decide: do I hold out for a Voyager class Sentinel Prime, or buy the tiny Deluxe version that's slated for release? There's a certain comedy value in him being tiny next to Optimus, but I'd rather have something that at least makes a stab at show accuracy. C'mon, Hasbro, you can do it!

I've already decided that I'm not touching Lugnut until he's release in Leader size, so he's bigger than Blitzwing. Inter-faction scale is almost possible, although intra-faction scale is a distant dream ...
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Please somebody talking me out of buying this. I don't need a t-shirt I can't wear in front of my parents!

Speaking of which, I am now all caught up on Saiyuki Reload and am looking for manga to buy. I've got the first two volumes of Mushishi [1] and the first of Cantarella [2], which I plan to pick up the rest of. Is there something else I should be reading?

Anime series I have enjoyed include: Trigun, Serial Experiments Lain, Hellsing, and Twelve Kingdoms. I liked what I've seen so far of Berserk and Fullmetal Alchemist. I am not much interested in high school romance or sports no matter the gender/sexual preferences of the protagonists.

[1] This is awesome, and if you like fantasy/horror stories you should go and buy it now regardless of how you feel about anime/manga in general.

[2] This is also awesome, if a story where Cesare Borgia is a bishonen whose soul has been sold to demons by his evil father sounds like a good idea to you. Incest with his sister fits the manga format perfectly! And Cesare has a boyfriend who keeps trying to kill him! AND NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI IS A SORCERER WHO TURNS INTO A MOTH!!!
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So, a couple of people asked about my new PC, and since I brought it to work today I thought I'd take the time to write up a review *g*.

The eee PC, for anyone who's not already read the glowing press, is a notebook released by Asus. It's only seven inches or so wide and constructed primarily out of plastic, so it's small and light enough for me to put in my shoulder bag. At AUS $499, it's also shockingly cheap. I've got a white one, but they also come in black. I've had it less than two days, and already everywhere I go people exclaim over just how cute this thing is.

I think I have sold three just walking around with it. )
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Apologies for the recent radio silence - have been busy IRL this week.However, I hope I will become rather better at keeping up with comments now that I have my new Asus eee PC.

If you've never heard of this glorious device, it's the world's most adorable notebook computer. For just AUS $499 I have a fully functional computer that fits in my handbag! Which means it will be coming to work with me on a daily basis. After senior management are gone for the day, internets for me! I actually bought it for classes, but I thought I'd give myself time to play with it before uni starts up at the end of February.

Also got a new 8GB iRiver mp3 player while I was at it - I decided to replace several electronic devices ahead of my imminent two years of relative poverty while I do my graduate diploma, which means I get shiny new toys.
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Last night I slept for almost twelve hours (!) and half an hour after I finally got up, I was startled by a loud thump against my door. It was Masterpiece Starscream, yay!

He is one seriously nice robot with an awsome jet mode, and I highly recommend him assuming you're the kind of person who spends way too much money on transforming plastic robots. Personally, I love his paint job, including the wash that makes him look all scuffed and battle damaged. Mmmmmmm, damaged Starscream ...

Also, he was remarkably easy to transform, despite Hasbro's completely useless instructions. I think it's because he's so well-engineered that everything is intuitive. I had a small amount of trouble with his undercarriage, but now he's mounted on his display stand and lookin' sweet. I think it'll be a while before I turn him back, though.

Under the circumstances, I can only link to this cartoon. Especially hilarious since I think every woman I know with a TF collection owns Masterpiece Starscream.
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Today [ profile] lokisrose and I attended the first Armageddon convention ever held in our fair city, and had an absolute blast. Short version: shiny things, Alan Tudyk, more shiny things, Gail Simone and vid show!

More ramblier version below cut ... )
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Best. Toy Review. Ever.

Waspinator has plans for triumphant re-release! Waspinator will make Fan-bots happy with show-accurate colors, dvd, and strange-bot's head!
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So, in addition to spring cleaning (I have conquered the wardrobe, and the desk is falling before me!) I have spent parts of the past week shopping. My spring wardrobe is now all up-to-date, with the addition of a couple of big tops and several pairs of brightly-coloured leggings. I loved this fashion trend when I was fifteen and love it even more at twenty-seven. Great legs + tummy means that this look really, really works for me. I've been getting compliments every time I go out in one of my new outfits.

I rarely wear make-up, which means I almost never buy it, but I've got a big event coming up in a few weeks and decided that this called for new foundation. So I was in the Body Shop getting goo all over my hand when an employee took pity on me. He quickly found me the right shade - I'd predictably managed to cover myself with the wrong one - and did an excellent job of applying it. If you're ever in the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, his name is Geoff, and he will do a great job of making you pretty. Tell him a crazy girl from the internets sent you.

In Very Expensive Plastic news, the movieverse Robot Heroes have finally been released in Australia, hooray! Or at least they have at Target, haven't seen them anywhere else. I am now the proud owner of Megatron, Ratchet, Jazz and Frenzy. I cannot decide if Frenzy is adorably terrifying or terrifyingly adorable.

After I'd bought them, I spent a good ten minutes in Comics 'R Us trying to talk myself out of buying three Doctor Who action figures. As I brought the Doomsday set up to the counter, the guy serving took one look at it and said "it's the 3D glasses, isn't it?" And it was indeed the 3D glasses that defeated me. The Doctor is currently being menaced by Dalek Sec, a Cyberman, and a Clockwork Man. But it's all right, because he has his little rubber sonic screwdriver and 3D glasses!

I just need to find him a companion now. Martha has tragically sold out around here, so it might take me a while to acquire her, but I've read that new series Sarah Jane should be out soon. I refuse to buy Jack until they produce a version wearing the coat. (OK, I would totally buy Defabricated!Jack. But somehow I don't think the BBC would authorize him.)

In other happy news, my laptop doesn't have a hardware problem at all. There's some kind of problem with my video drivers which has caused a couple of crashes as well as the wacky display errors. Reinstalling hasn't fixed it, so I've grumbled and paid for a registry cleaner to hopefully sort out whatever conflict is causing the problems. (I hadn't installed anything recently when it started giving me strife, so I wouldn't know where to start fixing it by hand.)

All of which brings me to the subject line: yesterday I was also looking for a geeky t-shirt for occasions when I want to proclaim my fangirliness to the world at large. Except it's almost impossible to buy geeky clothes in women's cuts around here - the only thing I found was a t-shirt with the Superman symbol on it. (The lable assured me it was a Supergirl t-shirt rather than a Superman t-shirt, too. Grrrrr.) Does anyone know a good place online to buy geeky clothes in women's styles? I take an Australian size 12, if that helps any.
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Now that my tiny robot army is complete - at least until the movie figures are released in Australia - I have an important decision to make ...

[Poll #1048945]
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Every time I arrive back at work after the weekend, I find that someone has taken my carefully arranged tiny robot army and put them in an untidy pile. On the one hand, it's annoying that my co-workers can't just leave them alone for two days. On the other, coming up with a new configuration keeps me occupied of a Sunday afternoon. Today, the Autobots and Decepticons have laid aside their differences to form a conga line across the desk. I really need to get hold of a camera of some kind. Especially since my upcoming pay rise has provided me with the perfect excuse to buy more toys ...

Cut for people who couldn't care less about my Very Expensive Plastic shopping spree. )


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