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You know, probably I should feel bad about all the sexist nonsense posted since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the new Doctor. But the truth is that I have not had this much fun rolling around in misogynist tears since Free! was on. The complainers are just so angry and impotent and convinced that the silent majority agrees with them! Since they've already lost and can't actually accomplish anything other than a lot of pointless bleating, even the worst things they say just make me want to point and laugh even harder.

My favourite bit of misogyny so far is the guy who tweeted RadioFreeSkaro: "Shocking decision. No Doctor Who should be wank fodder." Partly because it sums up so many faulty assumptions in so few characters. All women are sex objects, and that's all they're good for! No men are, because men are subjects! Straight women, gay men and bi/pan people do not exist! But mostly because of the deluge of delightful responses he received before he deleted the tweet, often accompanied by shirtless pictures of earlier Doctors.

Because buddy, I hate to tell you this, but that ship has sailed. It sailed so long ago that it already circumnavigated the globe and returned to Spain with only eighteen of its original crew, then got refitted and sailed for a few more decades before sinking with all hands.

(That metaphor got away from me a bit, but the Victoria was a great old ship. The Doctor should go see what happened to it some time. And then take their shirt off.)
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So, I've spent the past six days re-watching The Talons of Weng-Chiang in honour of the death of Trevor Baxter. I'm always happy to have a reason to return to this bit of the Hinchcliff era (regardless of its evident flaws re: Being Hella Racist) although I could wish for a different excuse this time around.

The eternally surprising thing about Jago and Litefoot is that they don't even meet each other until part way through the fifth episode. And yet, the minute that Litefoot opens the door and Jago mistakes him for his own servant, something truly magical happens and they become the ultimate Holmes double act. It's partly the writing, partly the acting and partly an extraordinary chemistry between Benjamin and Baxter that makes their bonding feel inevitable instead of misplaced. Even before Big Finish came along I found it impossible not to imagine their lives continuing outside the frame. Much as I can't imagine Ian and Barbara not getting married, I could never imagine Jago and Litefoot not being Best Friends Forever and having lots more adventures in Victorian London.

Fortunately Big Finish ensured that they finally got their spin-off show, and IMHO it's some of the best stuff they've ever done, in large part because the leads are a complete joy to listen to no matter what they're doing. One of those pairs of actors who could read a phone book at each other and make it funny or touching or both at once.

Apparently Trevor Baxter used to joke that he'd have nothing to live for if they cancelled the series, and I don't think you can say fairer than a run of thirteen box sets (plus extras!) that was only ended by the death of one half of the principal players. I hope he knew just how much his work was appreciated by fans everywhere.
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... I should go to bed since it is one-thirty in the morning here, but I foolishly put soup in the slow cooker because I thought the tennis would run longer. Oh, well, I think I'm too excited for sleep right now anyway. Time to watch people whose opinions I hate throw tantrums on the internet!
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Look an actual fanfic, that I am posting. As part of a series I last added to four years ago. Nobody faint!

You don't need to read the previous installments of Our Better Angels to understand this one. But if you were going to read a Doctor Who daemonverse AU anyway, you probably might as well?

Sea Legs (1991 words) by Andraste
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Amy Pond/Rory Williams, Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Characters: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Daemons
Series: Part 3 of Our Better Angels


All daemons settle eventually. A Pond family portrait.

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Walk the Walk by Andraste
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor

Summary: Welcome to the world, Rose Tyler.

First made in 2005, finally remastered with DVD footage and a few minor tweaks. (Only seven more vids to remaster and then I will actually be done!)
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Within the space of an hour, I found out that David Gaider is leaving BioWare and Steven Moffat is leaving Doctor Who. While I wish them all the best in whatever they do next, I am also going to take a moment to be sad :(.

Gaider has been my favourite BioWare writer for a long, long time - ever since Baldur's Gate 2, really. (I am one of the five people on the internet that loved Anomen Delryn and enjoyed his romance, even though I agree that Anomen was a jerk and there should have been more options for female characters.) He created many of my favourite DA characters - Alistair, Morrigan, Zevran, Fenris, Dorian and Cassandra - and was instrumental in building the world they inhabit. Also, he wrote Deekin Scalesinger and Valen, the two characters that make the NWN expansions so much better than the original campaign <3.

I'm interested to see where he goes from here - we know that it was his decision and that he's parting with BioWare on amicable terms, so I wonder whether he's going elsewhere in the games industry or planning to write novels full time. He'd already handed off Dragon Age to Patrick Weekes, and I'm sure the Sekrit New IP is in good hands between Mary Kirby, Sheryl Chee and Lukas Kristjanson. Still, I will miss having him create new BioWare characters!

It's probably time for Steven Moffat to move on from Doctor Who - by the time he actually leaves at the end of 2017, he'll have been responsible for six whole series. On the whole, I've loved his run. It wobbled a bit for me after Amy and Rory left and before Elven regenerated, but outside of that I've consistently enjoyed it. Here's hoping Series Ten is also great and he goes out on a high note.

I've got mixed feelings about Chris Chibnall, who's taking over - on the one hand, he wrote some mediocre episodes of Doctor Who and some downright awful Tochwood. (Everyone is talking about how bad Cyberwoman was, and it is awful, but for my money Countrycide is one of the worst episodes of anything I've ever seen.) On the other hand, he improved at Torchwood as he went along, his more recent episodes of Doctor Who were OK, and I liked the first series of Broadchurch. (Haven't seen the second one yet.) So I guess we'll see how that turns out, come 2018.
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(Details here with slightly less all-caps flailing.)

I think I'm even more excited by this than I am by the rumors about a Tennant & Tate audio reunion, partly because I've always assumed Tennant would return to Big Finish when time and licensing allowed, and partly because this is officially announced and at least partially recorded. (Although, this also explains why Big Finish haven't put out a press release to squash/confirm that story. Clearly they have a plan for how they're timing the post-2005 series news.)

I'm not generally a fan of Nicholas Briggs as an author - I don't think he's bad, we're just interested in very different things about Doctor Who - but having Hurt back is so delightful that I don't care if Briggs ends up writing most of it. And we already know John Dorney, Phil Mulryne and Matt Fitton are writing the second box, which is likely to be much more my speed.

My greatest wish for these (beyond their mere existence) is that we finally get to hear what happened to Romana, Leela, Narvin, Brax and the rest of the Gallifrey cast during the Time War. I'm sincerely hoping that the answer is 'they're all frozen in time waiting for the Doctor to find and defrost them' but I'd love to hear the details.

Also: more Rassilon! Even if they can't afford Timothy Dalton and John Hurt at the same time, there's nothing to say he didn't regenerate some time between his resurrection and when we saw him.
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So, in recent months there have been indications that Big Finish have got their hands on at least part of the new series Doctor Who license. (Not that it's all that new after a whole decade back on TV, but you know what I mean.) We're getting UNIT with Kate Stewart, Torchwood with Jack Harkness and now ... RIVER SONG!!! With the Eighth Doctor! Somehow! She's showing up in the second Eighth Doctor Doom Coalition box set next year, and then getting her own box set later in 2016, for which Paul McGann will be making a guest appearance of some kind.

The publicity is making a big deal out of how River and Eight can interact when she can't meet him in his pre-Ten incarnation, but I think we all know the right answer: amnesia-inducing lipstick. I mean, this is Eight we're talking about, so she could just wait for him to hit his head and forget everything, but amnesia lipstick would make sure.

We're also getting a Churchill box set read by Ian McNeice, and an Old Doctors, New Monsters box where Five meets the Weeping Angels, Six meets the Judoon, Seven meets the Sycorax and Eight meets ... um, the Sontarans. But new ones. Apparently. (Well, I guess he's meeting River. But still, it seems a little unfair. They couldn't use the Silents, which can induce convenient amnesia even without lipstick? Evil clockwork robots? Heck, I'd take the Slitheen.)

Now they just need to make my real dream come true: a Paternoster Gang series that crosses over with Jago & Litefoot. Come on, Big Finish, this HAS to happen! Until it does I'll keep worrying that one of the actors will be hit by a bus without you having done the perfect crossover.

Speaking of which, someone on Gallifrey Base pointed out that this leaves the way open for UNIT vs. Torchwood vs. the Forge vs Countermeasures. I think they should go the entire hog and throw in C19 and Wonderland. (Everyone should be tripping over each other investigating the same alien invasion ... which then turns out to be a stray weather balloon.)
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... and having been in it for ten years, and Doctor Who being what it is, that's saying something.

So during Flatline Danny rings Clara to find out why she's late for their lunch date (spoiler: it's aliens.) He says 'got our bench', as they're meant to be meeting in the park ... only, whoever was doing the closed captioning for the US broadcast somehow misheard this spectacularly and subtitled it 'what up, bitch?'

Now, in and of itself this would merely be a hilarious misunderstanding. (The reason the subtitle writer may have made that particular error about Danny is left as an exercise for the reader.) Only there are now several people on Tumblr and forums I frequent insisting that he actually did say 'what up, bitch?' and the BBC censored the caption. *facepalm*

I know that Rose called Cassandra a bitchy trampoline back in the day, but still ... does anyone really think anyone would be likely to write that line in Doctor Who script or that it would somehow get past all the people who vet these things?

I think this may have even surpassed the time someone on Gallifrey Base started a fight about whether or not the Eleventh Doctor was a vegetarian. (Not whether he should be a vegetarian - that would at least be a meaningful topic for discussion. About whether he was a vegetarian. After we'd watched him eat bacon and fish fingers and cook what seemed to be a ham omelette.)

Oh, Doctor Who fandom. You are bigger on the inside, so as to fit in more crazy.
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I am officially old. How I know: when I heard that Foxes was appearing in this week's Doctor Who, my first thought was 'but what would foxes be doing on the Orient Express with a mummy in space? Is there a zoo carriage or something? And why the hell is BBC publicity telling me about them, anyway?'

This amuses me because the BBC made a vid set to her cover of Don't Stop Me Now and my main thought about it was "what is that tiger doing there?" (It seems to be an actual tiger, not a singer named Tiger.) Anyway, her cover of the song is great and I loved Mummy on the Orient Express.

In fact, I love this whole season! Not every individual episode (enjoyed Kill the Moon but thought The Caretaker was pretty blah) but every second that the Twelfth Doctor is on my TV is a joy. It still feels awfully hasty to declare him one of my favourites after a mere eight episodes, but the truth of it is that he hit the top four during Deep Breath when he was talking to the tramp about his face, and nothing I've seen since has discouraged my stupid fangirl heart.

So this season is a weird experience for me. My other favourites are the Bakers (yes, both of them) and Troughton, so I've never had to wait around like this before. But I've also never known that one of my best beloved Doctors is going to be back in a brand new TV episode next week.

This is not to say that I don't love Eccleston, Tennant and Smith - I do, and Tennant and Smith are only just below the ranks of My Favourite Doctors. But I just want to watch Twelve do Twelve things for the rest of time. I love that he is grumpy and has no bedside manner. I love that he is Scottish. I love that he has a cigarette case full of jelly babies, because why wouldn't you?
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So, in today's episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor mentions in passing that he once spent a month living among otters after a fight with River. My first thought was 'well, Eleven would blend right in, what with his daemon being one and all'. And then I remembered that this was actually in a fanfic I wrote, and the Doctor does not have a daemon.

So either someone on the writing team is browsing AO3 (wildly unlikely) or Eleven is so obviously an otter person that we came to the same conclusion independently.
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So, there was this giant, terrible leak. And as bad as I feel for the BBC about this, well, Peter Capaldi.

I'm not touching the scripts with a fifty foot poll, but I couldn't care less that it's a black-and-white work print covered in watermarks and unfinished CGI as long as I can see the performances.

I am not going to spread plot spoilers. If you want to find this yourself, it's exactly where you would expect it to be. As is my usual procedure, I will make up for stealing now by buying the DVDs when they come out, and the BBC will ultimately be no worse off.

I will not put any reactions at all outside of spoiler cuts, in this post or anywhere else. (I do mention a creature revealed in the latest trailer below the cut.)

Discussion of performances, characterisation, general tone and one critter from the trailer. )
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Man, I started working on this for Half A Moon ... in 2012. But my New Year's Resolution was to Finish More Things, so I guess I am starting out well? (Not that I don't have unfinished stories from all the way back to 1999 on my computer, but most of those probably aren't worth posting.)

Word Count: 2300

Rating: Contains nothing you wouldn't see on the show. (And considerably fewer people being brutally murdered than the relevant era.)

Summary: Peri attempts to adjust to the Doctor's regeneration. Results are variable.

Read on ... )
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The symbolic space on my toy shelf is no longer symbolic.

While watching the special, I only got as far as the War Doctor unpacking the Moment before I went 'dammit, I want an action figure!' I had no idea they were way ahead of me. Al Dewar posted a close-up of his boots and shin guards on Outpost Gallifrey and he looks gorgeously detailed.

Now I just need them to make a Capaldi and I'll be satisfied with the 5" line.

(Sure, I'd be happy for them to make a bunch more companions - especially Jamie and someone for the First Doctor - and monsters, and eventually the Entirely Hypothetical Post-Capaldi Doctors. Given how much space my collection takes up already, though, I'd be willing to live without them. Especially since there really isn't room for Entirely Hypothetical Future Doctors to stand in a line with the existing Doctor figures plus the War Doctor and Capaldi. By pure coincidence, it's exactly wide enough for all thirteen.)
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So, last week it became apparent that Our Better Angels was missing a part. But since I'd worked out what the War Doctor's daemon should be before I finished watching The Day of the Doctor the second time, here's the missing segment.

You don't have to read that story first, although if you don't know what a Daemonverse AU is, then it would probably help explain.

Word Count: 500-ish.

Rating: PG

Summary: He's never alone. Even when he wishes that he were.

I'd say 'spoilers', but I don't think this really makes sense without 'The Day of the Doctor' anyway. )

(I really need to finish more stuff in this series, if only to justify the ridiculous lists of Whoverse daemons I've made. For some reason my brain would not let me write more until I'd determined the daemon of EVERY RECURRING CHARACTER in every medium I'm familiar with. I think I can guarantee that I am the only person in all time and space who as ever contemplated what Abslom Daak's daemon would be.)
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With a regeneration in the offing (I don't need to spoiler cut for that, do I?) much has been made of the Doctor's 'thirteen lives' limit.

Spoilers for Day of the Doctor and speculation about Christmas. )
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I don't usually spend a lot of time in the tags on Tumblr (or on Tumblr at all, really) but the excitement of yesterday had me scrolling through #doctorwho this morning. I am invariably charmed by:

Spoilers. )
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... and to cap off a perfect Doctor Who Day, I've now finished watching An Adventure in Space and Time with [personal profile] bride_of_lister which just screened on the ABC here.

It was a beautiful tribute to the early days of the show, and to the woman who made the show fly and the first man to play the role. Jessica Raine shines as Verity Lambert, and I do wish we'd seen a bit more of her at the end. (Although I guess they were going for the parallel with Susan leaving and never being seen again. Well, not by the First Doctor ... but I digress.)

I think they managed to balance Hartnell's harsher side and his warmer qualities, without over-emphasizing either. I loved that they showed his firm insistence on understanding the TARDIS controls and being consistent about which button did what. In a lot of ways, he was the show's very first fanboy. Those last scenes are just heartbreaking. He loved it so much, and unlike every other actor to ever play the role, he had no way of knowing that the part would go on without him and take on a life of its own.

As we were watching, I was saying to B. that it made me wish I had a TARDIS so I could do a Vincent and the Doctor and tell him that, in fifty years, people would be watching a show about him MAKING Doctor Who, because it would become that much of a cultural institution. And that thanks to wonderful science fiction inventions such as 'video tape' and 'DVD' people still see his work. It doesn't matter if there are forty-seven Doctors or a hundred or a thousand, he'll always be first.

Spoilers. )

Fifty years ago, the BBC invented a narrative perpetual motion machine. Fifty years from now, I'm sure somebody will be making Doctor Who to celebrate. Heaven knows if it will be a TV show on the BBC - heaven knows if there will BE TV shows or a BBC in 2063 - but I have no doubt there'll be something. I'll be eighty-three then, so I can reasonably hope I'll be around to see whatever it is. Maybe we'll have a special with Doctors Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five, followed by a half-hour comedy with Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty and Twenty-One plus all the guests they could round up, then a movie dramatizing how Russell T. Davies brought the show back in 2005 ...
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If you are the kind of person who is sad that The Day of the Doctor didn't involve rounding up all the classic series actors (and I was, a little) then I present to you the magical antidote:

The Five(ish) Doctors

Please leave a message after the tone. )
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... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is going behind a cut.

Spoilers! )

Now I am off to have a shower and go to breakfast.


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