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Prompt submissions are now closed for Multiverse 2011. You may now proceed straight to claiming prompts and posting fills. There are one hundred and eighty prompts available, including the forty-two I threw in at the end. (It seemed like a good number.) Some of those prompts are mine, some are prompts from last year that I copied over, and some were invented by me and my friends over hamburgers while we were all exhausted to the point of hysteria. Have fun trying to distinguish those from the usual level of multiverse wackiness!

The rules are simple:

1) For each prompt your claim, you must submit a story on or before September 30th 2011. There is no minimum or maximum length limit, so responding with a haiku or a novel is allowable.

2) While you may claim any number of prompts during the ficathon, the management would like to gently suggest that you finish one story before going back for another, in order to give everyone a fair chance to claim.

3) If your prompt is filled, please send feedback.
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Just a reminder to everyone that you have five more days to submit prompts for Multiverse 2011.

We've got 107 prompts at the moment, so there should be plenty for people to choose from, but if you've always wanted to see Darth Revan have tea with Commander Shepard, now is your chance to ask.
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Multiverse 2011 is now open for prompt submissions on the Archive of our Own!

The ficathon is running rather later than usual this year since I was keen to wait for the prompt-based challenge code to go up at the archive. Things are running pretty much the way they have the past few years, only I won't need to maintain a prompt list (yay! even less work!) and you'll need an AO3 account to submit, claim and post. If you don't have one, please let me know and I'll sort something out. You have until July 31st to submit prompts, and may submit up to ten.

Please keep in mind that this is the alpha version of the code, and you may run into bugs that should be reported through the AO3.

(It would be great if some of you regular Multiverse fans could go throw a few prompts on there or claim some of the ones I put up - I can only see what the challenge creator sees and there might be things that aren't showing up right for other people. I think you have to be logged in to see the available prompts.)
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Multiverse prompt claiming is open!

Go claim prompts and/or spread the word.
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Am operating on five hours sleep, and have been on a two hour train journey already today. Have over three hundred Multiverse prompts to assign to posting dates. Please send caffeine and Counting Crows .mp3s.

No, seriously. I seem to have lost half my Counting Crows songs somehow. It is awful! I guess a folder got deleted by accident. Does anyone have Accidentally in Love or their cover of Big Yellow Taxi somewhere handy?
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Just a reminder, you have roughly a day to get any last prompts in for Multiverse. Remember any source with aliens/space travel is eligible this year.

It may take me slightly longer than I thought to sort the prompts onto posting days and open claiming, but rest assured you'll get plenty of time to write.
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Yes, space beings of all persuasions, it is that time of the year again. Prompt submissions for Multiverse are open here. Running slightly late, because I've had a busy couple of weeks and completely forgot that I meant to do this in April - posting will start June 15th this year, and when it finishes will depend on how many prompts we get.

I am moving the ficathon to Dreamwidth for two reasons. Firstly, I am increasingly unhappy with livejournal's level of fail and uncomfortable providing them content given the way that they treat their user base. Secondly, I have been on Dreamwidth for a year now and have found their service reliable and excellent.

I checked and found that out of the people who posted to Multiverse last year, about two thirds already have a dreamwidth journal, and that was just the ones I could find under the same name at both sites. If you want to post to Multiverse at dreamwidth and you don't have a journal there, just let me know and I'll get you a code.
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As a couple of you have noticed already, I now have an account at dreamwidth. I've imported my lj and will be cross posting between the two for the forseeable future. My username on livejournal is just plain andraste, which fills me with glee!

If you have a dreamwidth journal that's identical in content to your livejournal I'd prefer to read you on DWth to avoid the add banners. If you're staying on LJ I have no problem with reading you there. For the moment I will allow comments on posts at both sites; it's conceivable that may change in the future. I have no idea how cross posting polls works, if it works at all, but I'll find out when I need to know.

I've paid for a year of my new DWth account, while my LJ account will remain a free Plus account. This is because I like Dreamwidth's business plan and wish to support them with my money, whereas I think LJ's add-supported model is wrongheaded.

Many people have pointed out that Dreamwidth's business plan and position on adds may change in the future. To which I say: but so what? How is that an argument against getting a Dreamwidth journal now? At this moment, I like Dreamwidth's set-up better than Livejournal's. If I don't like it next year, I'm free to move - back to Livejournal if I've decided they have a better service, or onwards to somewhere else. I've moved my fannish activity from mailing lists and message boards to lj, and I can easily move it somewhere else in future.

Annoyingly, multiverse is taken as a username on Dreamwidth, so I still have to come up with something to call the Multiverse mirror community I'm planning to set up there. I could just stick with multiverse5000, I guess.
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Prompt claiming is open here.

(Man, that took way longer to edit and format than I thought. If you spot any errors or duplicates please do let me know.)

Dude ...

May. 2nd, 2009 11:10 am
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We have a total of 360 prompts for Multiverse!

Mind you, that's partly because I spent several hours yesterday evening sitting around with my friends demanding that they come up with crazy ideas for space crossovers. We generated more than a hundred that way. Then this morning I found I was up to 317 and decided it would be better to throw in more so that there could be a nice round number of prompts for each day.

I have to proof and format the list, but it will be posted and ready for claiming later today.
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A reminder that Multiverse prompt submissions close tomorrow. If you have a wacky space crossover you've always wanted to see, now's your chance to ask for it.

The following fandoms are lonely because they have no prompts at all:

Legend of Galactic Heroes
Space Battleship Yamato
Titan AE

... which probably goes to show that there aren't enough anime fans posting prompts *g*. A few updates about how prompt claiming will work, all of which will be covered in greater detail on the community when the list goes live.

1. Between May 1st and May 31st, each person may claim up to three prompts. After June 1st, you can come back and claim as many extra prompts as you think you can handle. (By then, everyone will have had a fair chance to grab something.)

2. You may claim prompts you submitted.

3. Only one person may claim each prompt. (Trust me, there will be plenty to go around.)

4. Each prompt has been assigned to a specific posting date with a random number generator. If you know in advance that you can't make that posting date (because you'll be out of the country, in the middle of exams, etc.) you can arrange to submit it to me early and I'll post it for you on the day. If you already know that can't finish your work on or before the due date, do not claim that prompt.

5. If you computer explodes, thus preventing you from completing your work by the posting date assigned, it would be gracious of you to let me know. We'll work something out.

6. There is no minimum length limit on submissions.

7. Another substantial change: you do not have to respond to the prompt with prose. You can write epic poetry, do fan art, record a filk, draw a comic, or make a vid if you're crazy keen enough. All types of fannish creativity are welcome.

ETA: 8. You don't have to submit prompts now in order to claim them later. Nor does submitting a prompt obligate you to claim anything.
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... over here

Submitting a prompt does not commit you to contributing anything else, so I would love to see ideas from non-writers and those who can't write to deadlines. It would also be really useful to me if people could spread word of the format change around the interwebs.

You've got two weeks - please feel free to post any ideas you have now and come back to add more later.
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Before anyone passes out from shock: no, I didn't plan on there being another one *g*. However, last week I lost my job and today is my last day at work. While the economic crisis sucks, one of the benefits of abrupt unemployment is that I suddenly have a lot of free time.

In any case, the format of the Multiverse challenge will be changing this year so that I will have a lot less to do. This will be better for everyone, as I've been a pretty terrible mod the last couple of years.

What we're doing is moving to a format like [ profile] springkink and [ profile] lgbtfest. Anyone who's interested can suggest as many space show crossover prompts as they want. Writers then claim one or more prompts and post them to the community on a particular day. (The day will be in June.)

This means a number of things:

1) You can make requests even if you're not a writer or have no interest in signing up for crazy space show crossover duty.

2) Writers get to choose their own prompts. This means a broader range of fandoms will be available and requests can be much more specific, since there will be no assignment matching.

3) Any given contributor may or may not have their suggested prompt(s) selected by a writer. The writer can do anything they want with the idea - you don't get to determine the rating or the type of story produced.

Although most ficathons of this type don't restrict themselves to particular fandoms, I'll still be providing a list for you to choose from when you write your crossover requests. The reason is to keep the ficathon focused and cut down on the ammount of prompt filtering I have to do. (Without a list of allowed fandoms, someone is bound to request crossovers between canons I've never heard of, and I'd rather not spend the entire suggestion period running around trying to establish if any given show/book/anime is set in space or not.)

However, it will be a BIG list. All you have to do to get your obscure source included is to ask me to include it now - I'll doublecheck it's thematic eligibility and then you can request away. I don't care if nobody has ever written fic about it before, now is your chance to request that Ulysses 31 crossover.

Fandoms I'm already including ... )

As you can see, I'm focusing on the original remit of the ficathon here: sources that are set in space, at least partially. I've made an exception for Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures since they're the earthbound offspring of a galaxy-roaming parent show.

I've included the Marvel and DC comic book universes because they have significant space elements, but I'll be weeding out prompts that don't fit with the general theme. This is not the ficathon to suggest a story where Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark meet at a swanky party *g*.
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As you'll all have noticed by now, Multiverse 5000 has finally gone live over at [ profile] multiverse2004. However, I'm still missing a third of the stories. I think everyone will agree that this is not a good thing.

Some of the people who didn't get stories didn't turn anything in themselves, but that leaves half a dozen people who wrote a fic but didn't get one in return. If you might be able to write a crazy space crossover in the next week or two, I'd love to hear from you.


Mar. 22nd, 2008 11:31 pm
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The remains of my fifth and final Assignment Day pizza [1] are in the fridge, and everyone should have the correct Multiverse assignment in their inbox now.

I was a bit worried about everyone matching up this year, and with only twenty-nine participants it was more of a challenge to make all the pieces fit, but everyone should have something they can write.

[1] On the day all the assignments are made, the mod eats pizza. It's a tradition for which [ profile] iamsab is entirely to blame.
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You all have less than a week to sign up for Multiverse 5000!

I don't wish to panic anyone, but I have less than half the number of participants I need for the ficathon to run. I understand if you're busy or suffering from ficathon overload, but I would really appreciate it if everyone could at least put a note on their lj to let potential new writers know.
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Sign ups for this years Multifandom Space Show Crossover Ficathon are open here.

If you're thinking that this has come around awfully quickly, you're not wrong. I've had to push the timeline forward in order to make it fit in with my university semesters, as I cannot study and have a nervous breakdown over finding pinch hitters at the same time *g*.

Because of my studies, this will be the last Multiverse ficathon I run. I had serious doubts about running it this year, but decided that we should at least go out with a bang. So go sign up, and then pimp this thing across the galaxy!
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Authors for Multiverse have now been made public! I was holding off hoping to get the last two stories in before the big reveal, and there is indeed an extra story up now. It's Two To Make Peace by Kathryn Andersen, so please check it out. Especially if you happen to be [ profile] marag ;).

... well, to be 100% honest, I was planning to get the author names up yesterday, but I went to the pub instead. People who know me IRL are probably incredulous, but you see I WENT THERE TO SEE PETER COMBE. (For non-Aussies, a very popular children's performer from the eighties. My generation's equivalent of the Wiggles.) It was COMPLETELY AWESOME. You have not been to a gig until you have jumped up and down with a room full of drunken twenty-somethings while singing along to Newspaper Mama.

I had a really good time. Now that they've banned smoking in pubs and clubs, the atmosphere at the Esplanade is a lot friendlier to me. I think I may have to go see more live music there in future. Since the workmate I went with got fired on Thursday - long story - I think we'll have to become concert buddies instead *g*.
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[Poll #1040172]

(In other news, I'm not dead or ignoring you, I'm just trying to secure a promotion at work and my parents have been in town this week. I am very tired! But if majority opinion leans that way the archive will open tomorrow.)

ETA: to forestall a round of (completely reasonable!) 'did you get my story?' comments and e-mails that I am too exhausted to answer right now, the stories I'm lacking in are from:

[ profile] youngest_one
[ profile] wabbitseason
[ profile] miriel
[ profile] kerravonsen and/or [ profile] jmtorres, writing for the same person. So actually I only need four stories, yay!

If you are not one of these people, please relax. If you are one of these people, I'm not posting this to shame you! Everyone I've heard from has good reasons for being late. But I'm worried that I may have missed something in the e-mail, hence the livejournal notice.
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... yes, we are several days past the Multiverse 2007 deadline. I am still missing five stories, which is why the archive is not yet up! If you happen to own one of those stories, well, you know who you are. It would be great if you would send it to me in either plain text or .html to speed things up. After four years, I have learned zen *g*. If the last story outstanding happens to be something I can write myself, I am fully prepared to take a sick day to get the archive up. Failing that, though, we all get to keep waiting.

Something I am much less zen about is Vividcon, which is going on RIGHT NOW on another continent. I am far more nervous about my vid this year, maybe because I like it so very much. I want other people to like it too! I was planning to post my methadone vid [2] before the con, but now I think I'll hang on to it for a few more weeks so it won't get swamped among all the new releases *g*.

[2] Methadone vid: the vid I make each year to wean me off the Vid Farr induced by the Vividcon deadline. Walk the Walk was the first one.


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