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So, I've been working slowly but steadily on my remaster of All I Want For Christmas. I've redone some sections, cutting stuff and adding other stuff, and I'm about half way through replacing the source I can get out of my own DVD collection. (Next up: stealing from friends.) I'm pleased with how much I'm managing to improve it, and not just on a technical level.

I mean, it's still a Lord King Bad Vid - it's a completely sincere and literal vid to a cheesy Christmas song. Moreover, the links between clips are generally purely thematic, with no attention paid to how well the styles harmonise or to the flow of movement or the colour palette or the lighting or anything else I would normally pay attention to while vidding. But over the years since I first made it I've gotten a lot better at working our which parts of a scene to use, and at least I've constructed a much clearer thematic structure for it this time. I also think it's funnier now.

At the moment, this is my vid plan:

Hurt/Comfort Is My Favourite Kink
Brief Kissing Interlude
At Least Somebody Here Is Happy
I Don't Even Like You But We Sure Have UST
No Pants Friday
Who Said Dating Your Co-Worker Was A Bad Idea?
(twenty seconds or so of white void oh god i don't know what goes here)
I'm Bad At Feelings But FYI I Love You
Ladies Dancing
Let's Have A Threesome!
All I Want For Christmas Is You ... To Come Back From The Dead
Well, This Is Awkward
More Kissing
This Clip Means Whatever You Want It To Mean

Other than the one half a verse I've deleted and not yet replaced, it's shaping up pretty well, and I sorted out what should be at the climax of the song. As for the blank space, well, who knows what I'll start shipping between now and December? I may end up happy that I left some room.

I'm also doing pretty well with aspect ratio, although it hurt me to do violence to Lawrence of a Arabia by ruining David Lean's perfect visual composition with cropping. On the other hand, I'm ridiculously proud of myself for figuring out what to do with Singin' In the Rain, which is not in 4:3 or 16:9 because Old Hollywood was not like New Hollywood.

At this rate, it will be done in time to be thematically appropriate!
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One of the effects of Vividcon is that it always makes me want to vid more. One of the things that slows me down is that I have this pile of ten vids I need to remaster, and I always feel faintly guilty about working on a new, non-Vividcon project when I should be doing that. So, I have this crazy plan to re-make my All I Want For Christmas Is You vid by, well, Christmas. I know I'll never be able to leave it alone until I go back and fix its many, many tech problems, and of course every time I look at it I think of another six couples I want to somehow stuff in there. In aid of this project, I thought I might try grabbing one clip for it every day.

This is going to be interesting, since I don't have all the source on DVD - a lot of it was borrowed to begin with, and a couple of things I used to own but don't any more. (I don't have enough cabinet space!) I also have no idea which episodes of their respective sources some of those clips come from.

Naturally, things became technically interesting on Day One. As some of you may recall, it opens with a clip from X-Men. Getting aspect ratio right can be tricky at the best of times, without factoring in using Australian DVDs that have had the source resized already. But this takes the cake: when I went to fix the footage, I discovered that it has been unevenly letterboxed. What is this sorcery?! WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?!

I ended up having to make four successive iterations of the clip to get the resizing and cropping correct. Thank goodness for lossless codecs. Truly, aspect ratio is the devil's work.

At least I will be able to grab most of the rest of the clips without being distracted by Patrick Stewart's face. (I can move right along to being distracted by Alexander Siddig's face tomorrow ...)
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So, my vidding for Vividcon this year went well. My vid is cute, and at no point did it corrupt and force me to remake the whole thing in forty-eight hours. (This has happened to me twice.)

Premiere Elements isn't quite as easy for me to work with as the old full version I used to have, but on the plus side I could actually afford to pay for it, and it works almost the same. (The "almost" is the lack of a rate stretch button. I swear, every timing tweak took me six times as long as I'm used to.) I had some issues trying to make it export to LAGS, but it turns out the share menu is just shockingly organised and it will do it if you hit the right button. Worked first time. (And then I had to do it again because I realised I'd mispelled Kristin as Kristen in the credits, but it worked the second time too.) No need to cut the whole thing into twenty-second slices so it would output! (That has happened, too.)

Except, now that I'm ready to encode it as an mpeg and finally upload so the tech can stop waiting for me ... LLAMAENC WILL NOT DOWNLOAD. I should have installed it before now, but I forgot that I hadn't done so after switching desktops. It cuts out somewhere between ten and thirty percent, and I've tried more than a dozen times over the past twelve hours using two different browsers. My internet is otherwise working perfectly.

Which brings me to a question: Does the Windows version download on this page work for other people?
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Having finished my Vividcon premiere a while ago, I have been back working on the remaster of Brothers in Arms. This is taking far longer than I expected, for three reasons.

1) It's a more technically complex vid than it appears to be. I think I can do a better job of the insets this time, but I'm not happy with the effect yet. (This is actually the part that I knew would take forever.)

2) I kept terrible notes back when I made it, and finding some of the clips in five whole seasons of show has proved challenging. For example, apparently the clip of the Battle of the Line that I thought was from And the Sky Full of Stars is actually from The Beginning, and my DVD of that hasn't worked in several years. (I guess it's time to buy the movie collection ...) And Google doesn't always help as much as you'd expect. At one point, I searched for 'G'Kar, writing, prison' to figure out exactly what episode something was from, and the top result was my own tentacle pr0n. Which was amusing, but not very useful.

Also, I have not the faintest idea where the external shot of the station I used is from. I mean, I guess I can use any shot, but it irritates me that I lost it. I liked the angle.

3) It is really hard to vid and cry at the same time. You would think that having stared at the thing for hours and hours when I first made it would have rendered me immune, but no.
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Title: It's Alright
Music: Performed by the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, written by Cole Porter.
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Spoilers: Lots.
Length: 2:41

Summary: Objection!

Available now on the AO3.

This was a very 'method' vid for me. A week out from the Premieres deadline, I had all the clips and no song. Forty-eight hours before the deadline, I decided the song I had wasn't working and remade the entire thing. Then I had a problem with the audio file and my mother turned up at the last possible minute with the CD I needed. (I have never thought of my mum as Dick Gumshoe before, but if the trench coat fits ...)

Through the whole process, I consoled myself with the knowledge that this is EXACTLY how Phoenix Wright would go about making a vid. And I am never doing that again.

Ultimately, though, I think it turned out fun *g*.
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I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life I have ever started grabbing clips for a vid before I actually have a song. But the Ace Attorney movie is so shiny!

Somehow I feel that this is exactly how Nick would go about making a vid. Only if he was doing it, the whole thing would be nothing but a pile of clips in the timeline until ten minutes before the Vividcon deadline, when he'd have a sudden epiphany and turn it into a masterpiece with seconds to spare. I don't think that's likely to work for me.

If you know any songs about gay Japanese lawyers, now would be a good time to speak up. Or I may be forced to use California Sex Lawyer, and nobody deserves that.
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... and by 'everyone' I mean 'the people who voted for Ophelia in my poll.

It turned out that I could fix the problems with the file without having to start over from scratch, so now it's up on the AO3 as well with a corrected aspect ratio and looking much shinier. (It's an XVid file instead of a DivX file, because for some reason DivX has decided that it hates correct aspect ratio. It did the same thing with Elevation. Weird.)

In addition, I have now put up new download files for all the vids I've posted there. With the single exception of Extraordinary Machine, these are ALL NEW FILES. They have correct aspect ratio and there are now larger versions for anyone who wants to see my vids with maximized shininess. (Completely worth it as long as you're on a reasonably fast connection.) If you have any other versions of any of these hanging around on your hard drive, I suggest replacing them forthwith:

American Tune

Holy Grail



Mackerel Skies

Extraordinary Machine is also available for streaming and download, but I've discovered that the lossless Lagarith file was corrupted when my hard drive died at the start of the year :(. This means that I can't make any new versions of the file and will need to remaster that too ... eventually. Some time after the ten other vids.

People who voted for Ophelia should feel free to change their votes, but barring that it looks like Be My Hero is first up.

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Today has been a vid-filled day. Not only did my Vividcon DVDs arrive in the post (squee!) but I've gone through my vids and finished uploading everything that's fit to be seen to my AO3 account.

Unfortunately, 'everything that's fit to be seen' amounts to a mere five vids out of sixteen - everything else is in serious need of remastering to fix source quality, aspect ratio issues, etc. While I have time, I should probably get on that. Only I have no idea what I should start with.

Poll #11513 Vid Remastering
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

Which vid should I remaster first?

View Answers

Be My Hero (X-Men)
3 (27.3%)

Walk the Walk by Poe (Doctor Who)
1 (9.1%)

Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits (Babylon 5)
4 (36.4%)

Ophelia by Natalie Merchant (Babylon 5)
3 (27.3%)

Five Movements by Kwong Wing Chan (Doctor Who)
0 (0.0%)

Drive My Car by the Donnas (Heroes)
0 (0.0%)

The other five (the two Torchwood vids, Ev'rything I've Got, Bicycle Race and All I Want for Christmas) aren't options right now because I don't have complete DVD source for them. And also because it's August and I'm not listening to All I Want for Christmas five hundred times in a row this early in the year.


Jun. 26th, 2012 11:22 pm
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That vid that I was meant to be finishing tonight still has gaps in it, because for some bizarre reason the files I've ripped off the DVD don't seem to include the first episode of the show. But I ripped ALL the .vob files! Where on Earth could it be?

If I have to go on an epic quest with three children, a badass Spaniard and a parrot I am still getting it done by the deadline, though.
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Because we have just over two week until the Vividcon deadline, I have been vidding. (Well, grabbing clips. Two weeks is loads of time to turn a pile of random footage into a vid, right?) As I was saying to [identity profile] last night, whenever I have a new idea for a vid I add it to The List. It deserves capitalisation, because is a big list. At my current rate of production, it will take me approximately sixty-eight years to finish everything if I never have a new idea.

Yet despite containing more material than I could ever actually produce, the list is not really long enough. Because far more annoying than the songs I will never get around to vidding are the vids that exist in my head without a song attached. At least when I have a song I know why I'm not making the vid - I'm waiting on more source, or I don't have the whole thing on DVD, or someone else vidded the song and now I can't decide if I should go ahead or not. (This is what happened to the third part of my Torchwood series.) Not having music is somehow far more frustrating - sitting on half an idea seems worse than sitting on a whole one.

Things I have long wanted to make include:

- A multifandom drool vid. That consists of something other than clips of Patrick Stewart wearing as few clothes as possible. (OK, that would probably be a pretty good drool vid too. But either way, I don't have a song.)

- A House vid about Foreman. I've had the general outline of this in my mind since Season Four, and I even have some specific clips picked out. As of Season Eight, I know how I want it to end. But no song!

- A Fringe vid about Walter. Or, really, any Fringe vid at all. I can't understand how I have four perfectly viable vid idea for Alias that I've yet to execute, six for Heroes that I'll probably never make, more than a dozen for Doctor Who, and zero for Fringe.

I almost never find vid songs; they almost always find me. And I have no idea how one speeds that process along. (So, yes, if you have a brilliant song idea for any of the above things, throw it over here. Who knows, maybe something will be sparked.)
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1) Surely there must be more than two clips of Doctor Who companions smashing pottery over people's heads? I've got the ones from The Romans and Terror of the Autons, but 'girl smashes pot over big guys head' is such a strong visual meme. It has to have cropped up more than that in almost thirty seasons!

2) On the other hand, it is always nice to vid source where I don't lack for clips of people being tied or handcuffed to things. (OK, so, that applies to most of my fandoms ...)

3) I think I might manage to induce migraine in myself just making this. It's going to need a strobe warning thirty feet high, preferably not in flashing letters.
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So, in a few days time, it will be my thirtieth birthday! I am excited about this and not wishing I was turning twenty-nine again. This is an extra important day, since it is also the anniversary of the day I delurked and posted my first ever fanfic on February 22nd, 2000. (And then had to repost it to the mailing list with apologies because my formatting was borked. Ah, youth.)

I'm planning to do a couple of things to mark the occasion, and wanted some input from you guys on what exactly you'd like to see.

Poll #2306 Fanniversary!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

If Andraste were to do a commentary post on one of her vids, I would like it to be ...

View Answers

Elevation (Iron Man)
1 (14.3%)

End of the World News/A Thousand Suns (Torchwood)
2 (28.6%)

Drive My Car (Heroes)
0 (0.0%)

Bicycle Race (Doctor Who)
2 (28.6%)

Brothers In Arms (Babylon 5)
2 (28.6%)

Something else I will tell you about in the comments.
0 (0.0%)

If Andraste were to make a commentary post on one of her fics, I would want it to be ...

View Answers

Lifestyle Choices (due South)
0 (0.0%)

Five Happy Endings (Farscape)
2 (33.3%)

Like Nobody's Watching (Doctor Who)
2 (33.3%)

Coalescence (X-Men Movieverse)
0 (0.0%)

Masquerade (Babylon 5)
1 (16.7%)

Something else I will tell you about in the comments.
1 (16.7%)

Should Andraste attempt a podfic reading of one of her stories?

View Answers

Yes! Her accent will amuse and delight all.
4 (57.1%)

Not interested in podfic/Australian accents.
0 (0.0%)

Radio buttons are oppressing me. Where are the ticky boxes?
3 (42.9%)

If Andaste were to record podfic, I would like to hear this story:

An increasingly complete archive of my stories is available on the AO3 and you can also use the fanfiction tag here if it's been so long since I posted fic regularly that you've forgotten everything I ever wrote *g*.

If anyone feels like getting me a present, here is what I would like:

a) Icons! I have far more room on Dreamwidth than I have icons to fill the spaces.

b) Recs for fanfiction and (especially) vids you think I would like.
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Forgiven the radio silence lately, all, I've been busy with various things was surprised to find it had been so long since I posted. In any case, one of the things I'm busy with is a multifandom vid. (Early days, so don't get excited just yet!)

Anyway, for this vid, I need a clip: a clip of two women kissing. It is important that this clip be:

1) From a fannish source, by which I mean a source that has a fandom of some kind. (Not necessarily a big fandom.) The women involved should be a recognised 'ship in that fandom, for preference.

2) The women need to have an ongoing relationship of some kind - no one-nine stands or girls of the week. (It's OK if they're usually platonic friends/rivals/enemies/housemates whose bond is given attention by the show and the kiss is just a one-time thing, though.)

3) They need to be kissing for some reason other than to entertain/excite a man in their canon. (It's OK for the purposes of my vid if they're kissing to entertain and excite people in the audience.)

This is a surprisingly hard thing to find, at least in my fandoms. For all that 'hot lesbian action' to titillate viewers is hardly unknown on TV, relationships between women just don't get enough attention even when they involve sexytimes.
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Not only did my Vividcon vid FINALLY GET UPLOADED and squared away (afaik) yesterday, but today I also have a working divx version for web release when the time comes. I know what you're thinking: but Andraste, weren't Vividcon vids due, like, three days ago?

The deadline was, indeed, the twenty-sixth. However, when I went to output the vid I'd been working on frantically for weeks, Premiere CS3 had decided that it would neither render nor export. After some attempts at trouble shooting, I established that it wasn't the codec I was using, a particular clip or effect, or the phase of the moon. Panic stations!

The very kind con organisers gave me both extra time and helpful advice, and by going back to an earlier version of the project I had saved I managed to avoid having to reconstruct my work completely from scratch. However, once I had redone more than a week's vidding and exported the final product, LlamaEnc decided that it did not wish to encode my vid, either. Cue much banging of head on desk and frantic downloading of a new .m2v encoder. And then my ftp program decided that it was not speaking to the Vividcon server and I had to get a new one of those as well.

All of which to say: thank goodness it's an Iron Man vid. If I'd been staring at something other than Robert Downey Jr. for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS during all of this I might have got cranky.

I have to warn you all that there is a distinct possibility that this vid is cursed. It's entirely possible that a week after you watch it, Tony Stark crawls out of your TV and ... um. OK. I can definitely see an up-side there.
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My thread at the Great Vidding Meme of Truth.

If there's a vid of mine you've always meant to comment on but never got around to or if you've always wanted to tell me something that annoys you about my technique, you can go over there and tell me anonymously! Constructive criticism welcome.
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In a post on my flist (which is locked, so no link or discussion of the specifics) the subject of clip theft came up. For those not au fait with vidding conventions, this refers to the practice of taking bits out of other people's vids and sticking them in your own without permission. It is strongly frowned upon.

(Before someone asks: there are big, important differences between taking a clip out of a TV show or film and taking one out of someone else's vid. If you do not understand why, try reading this.)

In any case, somebody brought up the argument that campaigning against clip theft disadvantages poor vidders. Not everybody can afford piles of DVDs to rip for source, or a fast internet connection for downloads.

I have heard this theory before, and it annoys me mightily. Not only because I'm a vidder who doesn't want her clips taken without permission, but because when I started vidding I was unemployed, stuck on dial-up and couldn't afford to buy all the DVDs I wanted. Yet, somehow, I managed to get by without stealing the hard work of other vidders. What did I do instead? What are things other vidders could do?

1. Use bargain bin source.

Not all DVD source is super expensive. The first vids I made were for the X-Men movies, which can often be found on sale for AUS $10 or so. If you keep an eye out for sales and are prepared to be patient, TV box sets can often be had for 50% off RRP. Obviously this isn't always going to be an option. Maybe there's a particular show you want to vid and it's really long and expensive to buy. Don't despair! There are more options.

2. Borrow DVDs

It's not as though you have to purchase a DVD in order to have it in your possession long enough to rip clips from it. (This puts you on shaky legal ground vis a vis vidding being fair use, but that's a whole other kettle of fish.) In my vids, there are clips from DVDs I rented, or borrowed from the library. Some of them are from DVDs owned by my friends or my family. Generally speaking, I only do this when I need a very tiny percentage of the source - All I Want For Christmas is a kitchen sink video with clips from all over the place, including a couple of sources I don't even want to own. I don't have every single Doctor Who serial used in Bicycle Race on the shelf. Then again, my Crusade vid Holy Grail was made entirely with rented source. (In the years since I have purchased the box set.) It can certainly be annoying if you return the DVD and then find you need to get another clip, but it's a possible solution.

3. Turn to the kindness of fandom.

If there's one thing fandom is truly excellent at, it's illegally distributing TV shows. (Once again, we're on shaky legal ground here, but I'll leave it to you and your conscience to decide if you're OK vidding with downloaded source or not.) Back when I was poverty-stricken and stuck on dial up, I had incredibly kind friends who would burn things to disk for me and mail them across the world.


If you really need a clip from a vid and you can't get it from the original source, here's a radical idea: ask the vidder who made it if she'd mind you taking it out of her vid. She might say yes! If anyone asked to take one of my clips, I'd be happy to upload an unedited version for them. (Assuming I still had the clip somewhere). If you've got permission, it's not theft any more.

In conclusion: there are several viable alternatives to clip theft if your reason for doing it is that you can't afford the source. I think all of them are more moral than stealing work from other vidders. This is not rocket science. If you're just ignorant or lazy, I'm afraid I cannot help you.


Nov. 2nd, 2008 04:44 pm
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My friends and I had a good time at the Armageddon pop culture expo yesterday, marred only by a bad experience with the vid show. (Which is what the rest of this post is about, because nobody wants to hear me squeal about how many comics and Marvel Legends action figures I bought *g*.)

The first sign of trouble was noted when we arrived at the convention. I'd dragged my friends out of bed after their late night at a hen's party in order that we could be there by eleven for the vid screening. After wandering around trying to find the room (the Melbourne Exhibition Centre is like an Escher painting!) we discovered that the event had been moved to five o'clock. (I checked this morning, and AMV competition page on the Armageddon website is still claiming an eleven o'clock Saturday timeslot.) This was disappointing for other friends of mine who would have liked to see the show but had plans for later in the afternoon. As it turns out, I'm really glad they didn't decide to stick around for the sake of my vid. We went shopping and looked at booths and all that other fun con stuff (alas, the only guests I was interested in had cancelled their appearances) and went to lunch. Later, we found a quiet spot where we could sit and enjoy the spoils of war - if the vid show had been on when the website claimed it would be, I'd estimate we'd have been out of there two or three hours earlier.

When the show finally started at five o'clock, it was not exactly running like a well-oiled machine. They were playing the vids through a laptop connected to a projector, in such a way that they had to hit pause between each one to give the audience time to applaud.

As they scrolled down through the playlist, I realised that my vid was not there. When I asked why this was, I was told 'it was weird, we couldn't play it.' I'm guessing this was because I interpreted their request for .m2v video and .wav audio to mean that they wanted un-multiplexed files they could use to make a DVD - I assumed that if I was wrong, they'd ask me for to fix it. When I pointed out that they could have asked me for another copy at any time in the week they'd had the vid, they told me they'd only checked the file this morning.

I'm annoyed that they didn't screen my vid, I'm even more annoyed that they apparently didn't make sure they could actually play my file and use the phone number and e-mail address I provided to let me know! It's a problem that would have taken my five minutes to fix with VirtualDub; multiplexing is not exactly a complex operation. And I'm very, very annoyed that I didn't know in advance that it wasn't screening so I wouldn't have hung around for hours after we'd finished doing what we wanted to at the con :-(. If there'd been a play list of vids available somewhere, at least I wouldn't have had to find out during the show itself.

The most annoying thing is that this is, literally, the only vid show in town for me. Supernova doesn't have one, Manifest doesn't screen live action vids. I can't get to Vividcon, or Escapade, or any of the other places where vids are shown, and with the Australian dollar falling all the time the day when I might be able to gets more and more distant. I'd been excited all week to seeing my work on a big screen with a con audience, for the first time ever, and I'm disappointed that I may have to wait several more years to have that experience.

I know Armageddon is not focussed on vids or on fanworks in general, but it's still incredibly frustrating. I'm torn about complaining about this to the show organiziers - surely if they were actually interested in showing the vids people sent them, they would check if they could play them some time before the morning of the con itself.

Vid Polling

Sep. 8th, 2008 05:02 pm
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I have had my shiny computer set up for one week now, and I now have a trial version of Premiere CS3 downloading and installed, hooray! Which brings me to my current inquiry.

[Poll #1255627]

It is kind of awesome to be working on a light, funny vid where I can contemplate including gratuitous nudity. So often I end up cutting this kind of thing out. I mean, Jack makes out with people in A Thousand Suns, but nowhere near as many people as he could have done. Which reminds me of one of the great lessons I have learned while vidding: sometimes actors are too hot.

For a long time, there was a shot of Jack Harkness pulling Susie's body out of cold storage in End of the World News. It would have been thematically relevant and it was a good clip, except that the good captain was bent over. After much messing around with the draft, I realised that if John Barrowman's arse was pointing at the camera, nobody would be paying attention to the lyrics, let alone my Srs Bizness themes.

Similarly, American Tune intially included, I think, every clip of Jack Bristow - what is it about guys called Jack? - in handcuffs/tied up from the first three seasons. It took me a while to realise that half of them had NOTHING to do with what the vid was trying to say and were just there for reasons of kink. (I don't even remember which episode it is from Season One where he's in a pale suit and gets tied up and interestingly rumpled, but that was the last one to get cut.)

I think the most important thing in vidding is to stay on message at all times - if your message is that guys called Jack are hot (has someone made that vid?) you can have all the arses pointed at cameras and bondage you want. Otherwise, it is always a bad idea to get off topic when you only have four minutes or so to make your point.

One of these days, I should just make a drool vid. It would have way too much Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, though.

Vid Poll

Jul. 30th, 2008 11:15 pm
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So, post-Vividcon madness I had started messing around with the Real Ghostbusters vid I'm planning. However, I found out the other day that they're releasing the whole thing on DVD! So I'm going to wait for shiny footage without Cartoon Network logos all over it. Of course, Justice League Unlimited has been out in Region 1 for years and yet I am still waiting for source for that vid ...

Still, this leaves me with the question of what to make next. Out of the stuff I have DVD source for:

[Poll #1232170]

... and I just realised I forgot to say that Human Remains is Yet Another Tom McRae Song, although at least it is a different fandom this time. Possibly I am getting into a rut there.
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All right, so feeling all inspired by my VividCon disks, I've started planning out a multifandom slash vid I've had in mind for a while now. But I need more source!

So, I ask you, what are your favourite slashy moments in your favourite TV shows and movies? And when I say 'slashy' I mean things that even clueless fanboys look at and say 'dude, that is pretty gay!' Perfect example: the 'buddy breathing' in due South. I especially need femslash moments, because I am much less good at spotting/remembering those compared with teh boyslash.

([ profile] lokisrose, that scene I couldn't find yesterday? Has been staring right at me from a show we watch. I am an idiot for not thinking of it sooner.)


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