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So, I've been working slowly but steadily on my remaster of All I Want For Christmas. I've redone some sections, cutting stuff and adding other stuff, and I'm about half way through replacing the source I can get out of my own DVD collection. (Next up: stealing from friends.) I'm pleased with how much I'm managing to improve it, and not just on a technical level.

I mean, it's still a Lord King Bad Vid - it's a completely sincere and literal vid to a cheesy Christmas song. Moreover, the links between clips are generally purely thematic, with no attention paid to how well the styles harmonise or to the flow of movement or the colour palette or the lighting or anything else I would normally pay attention to while vidding. But over the years since I first made it I've gotten a lot better at working our which parts of a scene to use, and at least I've constructed a much clearer thematic structure for it this time. I also think it's funnier now.

At the moment, this is my vid plan:

Hurt/Comfort Is My Favourite Kink
Brief Kissing Interlude
At Least Somebody Here Is Happy
I Don't Even Like You But We Sure Have UST
No Pants Friday
Who Said Dating Your Co-Worker Was A Bad Idea?
(twenty seconds or so of white void oh god i don't know what goes here)
I'm Bad At Feelings But FYI I Love You
Ladies Dancing
Let's Have A Threesome!
All I Want For Christmas Is You ... To Come Back From The Dead
Well, This Is Awkward
More Kissing
This Clip Means Whatever You Want It To Mean

Other than the one half a verse I've deleted and not yet replaced, it's shaping up pretty well, and I sorted out what should be at the climax of the song. As for the blank space, well, who knows what I'll start shipping between now and December? I may end up happy that I left some room.

I'm also doing pretty well with aspect ratio, although it hurt me to do violence to Lawrence of a Arabia by ruining David Lean's perfect visual composition with cropping. On the other hand, I'm ridiculously proud of myself for figuring out what to do with Singin' In the Rain, which is not in 4:3 or 16:9 because Old Hollywood was not like New Hollywood.

At this rate, it will be done in time to be thematically appropriate!


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