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Holy crap, I just hatched a shiny Weedle! I have been trying since last October, on and off. Sometimes it felt like my hobby wasn’t so much playing Pokémon as fruitless Weedle farming. She is, for the the record, Weedle #2002. (Yes, I was using the Masuda method. My previous shiny hunt record was 728. Maybe I did something to anger Arceus.)

The worst part is that actively dislike Weedles and had to stare at literally thousands of them. The best part is that SHINY BEEDRILL IS MINE. Well, she will be when I evolve her tomorrow, anyway. Then I just need to EV train her, stuff her full of rare candy, teach her a couple of tutor moves and finally import her to Sun. Then I can put my X and Sapphire cartridges away for good! Maybe I’ll get around to finishing my next shiny breeding project before the end of November.

... right after I release another thousand Weedles into the endless void.

(I am crossposting this from Tumblr, because anyone who cares about this probably reading there not here, but I know I am going to want to be able to check the details myself some day and Tumblr is awful about letting you look up old posts. Anyway, carry on.)
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In Pokemon X/Y, Flareon gets Flare Blitz at Level 45.

(I realise this means nothing to 95% of people reading this, but I have done nothing but play Pokemon X for days.)

I love all the Eeveelutions, and I couldn't be happier that one of my favourites is no longer unusably terrible! And, as if to further prove that the Pokemon God loves me and wants me to be happy, I found an Adamant female Eevee in the grass! (I may be an atheist, but I totally believe in Arceus. I sort of have to, since I have him in one of my PC Boxes.)

Not training her yet since I'm using Delphox in game, but I know the first thing I'm doing once I beat the Champion. That, and breeding/catching a Litleo. What can I say, Fire types are my favourites.

Now I just need to decide whether to try and buff up her awful Speed or to give that up as impossible and focus on improving her HP so she doesn't kill herself with the first Flare Blitz. Flareon is a bit one-note. But at least she finally has a way to utilize that fantastic Attack stat! I'm envisioning a future in Doubles, with a partner that can hit her quickly with a move that activates Flash Fire.


Jun. 12th, 2013 02:26 am
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It's been a big E3 for me so far on two very different fronts: Dragon Age and Pokemon. (And suddenly I'm wondering what a fusion between those universes would look like. Morrigan would have a team full of Dark types. And Flemeth would have all those ridiculously OP Dragons. I wonder if Anders would join Team Plasma?)

The big news about Dragon Age is that it's being held over until northern autumn 2014. I'm torn between thinking this is a good thing for the game overall and wailing and rending my garments. HOW CAN I WAIT ANOTHER YEAR AND A HALF? Especially when the trailer looks like this? And that's all in-engine footage, not CGI. At least I know when I'll be replacing my ageing PC - some time between when the optimum specs for this are released and launch day.

Minor spoilers at best, and only for the trailer. )

As for Pokemon, I'd started to think the rumours of a new type were true a few weeks ago, when it became increasingly apparent that they were holding off on revealing Sylveon's typing for a reason. And now we know! THERE ARE ACTUALFAX FAIRY POKEMON! Take that, OP Dragons. (Merrill would have some Fairy types in her team, for sure. Especially if Fairy/Dark is a thing that exists.)

I'll be interested to see how many old Pokemon they change in the switchover - we already know that Marill, Jigglypuff and Gardevoir are becoming part-Fairy, and I'd lay money on the Clefairy line as well. (It's in the name, after all.) Marill was an unusual choice, although it is in the Fairy egg group. The only one I really hope they'll change is Togekiss - Normal/Flying is a boring type for such an odd-looking critter, and I think Fairy/Flying would suit it much better.
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It's the time of the month when CoroCoro magazine leaks and we see new Pokemon for the first time! And this month's winner is a new Eeveelution, named Ninfia in Japanese. (It's English name, typing and evolution method have yet to be revealed.)

I think it's cute as hell, although those pictures don't show the design off to its best advantage - the in-game shots and some of the fanart are better.

So far, I've seen several dudes on forums complaining that it's pink and 'girly', insisting that it must be a female-only evolution and whining that Generation VI is 'too feminine'. (Based on the reveal of, count them, six whole Pokemon.) I keep having to resist the urge to point out that they are PLAYING FREAKING POKEMON. Despite the cockfighting analogy, the game consists of training adorable fantasy creatures and triumphing with the Power Of Friendship. It is not exactly the manliest game in history, for all that the fanbase is full of ridiculously competitive Stop Having Fun Guys. (And I say that as someone who breeds for Natures and EV trains.)

It's entirely possible that Ninfia is female-only, of course, but I really hope not. I want mine to be a boy.


Jan. 13th, 2013 08:35 pm
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As you are probably already aware if you care about video games and don't live in a cave on Mars, there is a new generation of Pokemon games coming out in October. As you are probably not aware unless you regularly hang out at my house, I keep an old tea tin full of spare change by my bed that I take to the bank every few months. On Friday, I was pleasantly startled to find that I had somehow accumulated $298. That's more than twice as much as usual.

The relationship between these two things is that the second has allowed me to buy a Nintendo 3DS XL so I can experience the first when it arrives! The battery on my DS Lite has been getting very unreliable lately, which isn't that surprising since I've had it since 2009 and have used it heavily. My new toy is blue. I was also able to buy Red Dwarf X on DVD, and I still have $20 left over that I think I'm going to spend on a Bilbo Baggins action figure.

I am ridiculously excited about Gen VI, even by my standards of getting ridiculously excited about Pokemon. I have already chosen Fennekin in my heart. (As as the rest of the internet, apparently. Less than twenty-four hours after the reveal, he had more than two hundred works on DeviantArt. Now it's almost three thousand.) I also really like Xerneas, so I guess I'm getting Pokemon X instead of Y.

This also means that I have two consoles that can take Gen V games, so I can transfer all of my Pokemon over to White 2 without bothering [personal profile] lokisrose.
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Not only did I get my copy of Pokemon White early, I arrived home to find out that all the love interests in Dragon Age II are confirmed bisexual. Now my gay and lesbian characters will actually have a choice about who they romance. Truly, there is a good reason I love BioWare.


(Er, sorry. Forum meme that is probably even more confusing for German speakers *g*.)
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Thing that amuses me far too much: realising that, entirely by accident, I have made my core Pokemon team into a classic Five Man Band. My current SoulSilver crew consists of ...

- The Hero, my Feraligatr. The centre of the group, has been with me since he was just a Level 5 starter Pokemon and I was a total noob.

- The Lancer, my Ampharos. She's the opposite of my Feraligatr in every way, right down to her contrasting bright yellow colour.

- The Smart Guy, my Noctowl. Relies on tricky psychic attacks and high defence in battle, and he even wears the Wise Glasses.

- The Big Guy, my Snorlax. A big fluffy teddy bear, his main tactics are eating and sleeping during battle.

- The Chick, my Ninetales, but she's definitely a subversion of the Black Magician Girl variety. She's feminine and fragile, but she will also confuse you and set your hair on fire.

And because there are six spots in a Pokemon team, I also have ...

- The Cute Bruiser, my Sandslash. She is the smallest Pokemon on the squad, she is adorable, and she gets STAB for Earthquake. You are so dead.


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