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The symbolic space on my toy shelf is no longer symbolic.

While watching the special, I only got as far as the War Doctor unpacking the Moment before I went 'dammit, I want an action figure!' I had no idea they were way ahead of me. Al Dewar posted a close-up of his boots and shin guards on Outpost Gallifrey and he looks gorgeously detailed.

Now I just need them to make a Capaldi and I'll be satisfied with the 5" line.

(Sure, I'd be happy for them to make a bunch more companions - especially Jamie and someone for the First Doctor - and monsters, and eventually the Entirely Hypothetical Post-Capaldi Doctors. Given how much space my collection takes up already, though, I'd be willing to live without them. Especially since there really isn't room for Entirely Hypothetical Future Doctors to stand in a line with the existing Doctor figures plus the War Doctor and Capaldi. By pure coincidence, it's exactly wide enough for all thirteen.)
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Real Life has been chewing on me recently (although, touch wood, it seems to have stopped for now) but I had a lovely time at Armageddon this weekend. The shopping was good, the panels were entertaining and both Louise Jameson and Sylvester McCoy complimented me on my costume. (I was just wearing my LARP gear, but people seemed to like it. Got several photo requests, at any rate.)

Then I got online to check out the action figure news from New York Comic Con and discovered that they have FINALLY made this. Scroll down to see why I'm excited, as if you can't guess. Not that I'm not going to buy the hell out of Jubilee as well.

His head is on a little wonky in that photo but the production values on Hasbro's Marvel Universe figures have been good enough so far that I think it's probably just a bad camera angle/production sample. The facesculpt looks good, which is the important part. Now tiny Magneto will have someone to make out argue with!

Also, I arrived at work today to find my eleven Doctor mini-figures having sex with each other. Possibly the person who posed them this way did not anticipate that my reaction would be 'interesting pairings, but I'm not sure I follow your logic. Five should obviously be with Ten and not Nine. And I've never really thought of Three as a bottom, let alone someone who'd let himself be double-teamed by Eleven and Six.' Unfortunately, none of my co-workers will own up to re-arranging them so I cannot expound on my intra-Doctor pairing logic to the right person.
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I cannot find the Fourth Doctor's head! Perhaps you are thinking 'have you tried looking on top of his shoulders?', but alas, it is not there. And no, Morbius is not directly involved.

You see, alone of all the Doctor action figures released so far, Four comes with swappable heads. (If you are now thinking 'wait a second, shouldn't it be Three that does that?' then we are probably about the same age *g*.) One is serious 'I walk in eternity' Tom Baker and the other is manically grinning 'nobody could be as stupid as he seems' Tom Baker. Mine has been wearing his serious head for a while, and tonight I have discovered that I CANNOT FIND HIS HAPPY HEAD.

It is not in the kibble box with all the other spare heads (and hands, and guns, and light sabers) which is where it should be. It is not in any of my other boxes of action figures. It is not behind or under the desk. I don't have any pets/children/house mates/leprechauns who might have moved it. I have a horrible suspicion that it somehow got mixed up with my parents' stuff when they were staying here last week :(.

Either the Fourth Doctor will have to serious business mode forever, or I will have to get another head from somewhere.
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Now they can discuss Sun Tzu and argue about socialized medicine until their girlfriends arrive!

(This could take a while. I hope to get a Black Canary some time soon, but there is no DC Universe Classic Huntress as yet.)


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