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Because anonymous memes are a terrible influence on me, apparently.

Summary: When the Champmathieu trial fails to occur, Javert recalls an alternative way of identifying Jean Valjean. It's not something he wants to write an official report about. Written for the Les Mis kinkmeme.

Rating: T

Pairing: Javert/Valjean

Contains: Size kink, profound silliness.

Fic below cut. )
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Passed Away got one hundred kudos in less than a week. I think that means that maybe people might like it.

I mean, obviously I already knew that 'happy slashfic involving a popular pairing (albeit it not the most popular pairing) in a fandom that exploded because of a movie' was a guarantee that some people would at least click on it. Even within those parameters, I have never had a story go over that big before. Ever. Not even Charm Offensive, and I never thought I'd write something more popular than that.

(The next time I see someone complaining about the kudos button and how nobody writes feedback any more, I am going to have to try even harder to resist the urge to tell them about the good old days of mailing lists, when I was over the moon if I got six whole comments on one of my stories. Speaking of popular things, I was ecstatic when Ten Thousand Candles got fifteen.)

I have never been so relieved to have people say nice things about something I wrote. (In addition to the hundred kudos, there have also been a bunch of lovely comments and I've seen some recs as well.) Because I really like it and consider it one of my favourite things I've written, but I had no idea if it was actually good or if my inner fifteen-year-old fangirl ("THERE SHOULD BE MORE HAND-HOLDING!") was seriously impairing my judgement. More than a hundred people liking it is good enough for me, though.

I've never had quite that feeling about a story before. When I posted Happiness and Ten Thousand Candles and Charm Offensive and, for that matter, Mackerel Skies, I thought they were great and hoped other people would like them too. When I posted Masquerade I hated it - it wasn't until I went back and reread it later that it became my favourite B5 story of mine. (Along with All Happy Families Are Alike, because Vir and G'Kar making breakfast will never not make me smile.)
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A few weeks ago, I saw a prompt on the Les Miserables kink meme: Do you know what this meme needs? Frottage. Any/Any, clothes on, accidental, intercrural, ANYTHING, I just need me some non-penetrative sexy times.

I thought 'hey, I could write a quick fill for that!' And then I wrote this. Great Maker. This ridiculous story is the second-longest thing I have ever posted. I think this is what happens when you let your inner fifteen-year-old fangirl become your co-writer.

Summary: Javert lives and learns. A post-Seine AU.

Pairing: Javert/Valjean

Word Count: 6,730

Continuity: This is stage musical fic where the point of AU divergence involves something that only happens in the Brick. Has some other things borrowed from the Brick, and at least one point of characterisation stolen from the 2012 movie. *waves hands*

Contains: Discussion of a canon suicide that does not work out the same way in this universe, hurt/comfort, pining, angst, fluff, dangerous quantities of clich├ęs, passive-aggressive notes, awkward old French virgins. Some frottage. Eventually. Dammit.

But mostly pining. )
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After a mere two months of putting it off (and not being anywhere near a movie theatre a lot of the time) I finally went and saw Les Miserables today, since it's on the way out of theatres and I wasn't going to get another chance.

My reluctance to see it was due to my devotion to the stage musical version, which was immensely important to me as a teenager. I still know every line by heart. And, well, I didn't want to be one of Those Fans, but I was terribly worried that I was going to hate it. Especially since Javert is my favourite.

The good news is: I did not hate it! I have a lot of feelings about what worked and what didn't, but I somehow managed to survive Russell Crowe singing without flinging myself into a swollen river. (I may have achieved this by playing the 10th Anniversary Concert version of Stars four times on my train trip home. Er.)

... and now I am going to cut. Below lies a rambling series of thoughts about staging, casting and Valjean/Javert bondage porn. Because that is how you can tell this is my journal.

If you think Les Mis is boring or the concept of Valjean/Javert bondage porn gives you the vapours, I would suggest looking away now.

Although the part about the casting and staging comes before the part about the bondage, mostly. Also, spoilers, if I am not the last person on the planet to see this. )


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