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This one is from the Special Edition Side Tiger DVD and is just as cute as the other superhero party scene.

Mainly I am amused that it takes Nathan less than forty seconds in Kotetsu's house to find the porn. And that Kotetsu is clearly upset about not getting Bunny and a bottle of champagne all to himself for the night.
andraste: Cooking. With Superman. (Cooking With Superman)
Hooray, I wrote something for Porn Battle! And it only took fourteen porn battles and a shiny new fandom.

Rating: This is for Porn Battle. Appropriately, there is porn.

Pairing: Kotetsu/Barnaby

Word Count: Approx. 1,200

Summary: They shouldn't do it. Maybe that's what makes it tempting.

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... is that I could happily buy all eight of the main heroes. Well, I could if all of them were out already. Where the hell are the ladies, Bandai? You have released all the dudes but are not selling Team Girl Power yet! (Team Girl Power includes Nathan, naturally.)

And then I could buy them again in their civilian gear. And then I could buy Dark Bunny and Tiger in the crapsuit specifically so I could re-enact this. Which would be all very well if I had $500 lying around or anywhere to put them, but I don't!
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So, my friends and I finished watching Tiger & Bunny a few days ago, and I was left a melted puddle of emotions. I am not actually given to waving my arms and claiming to have ALL OF THE FEELINGS about things, but in this case I think it is empirically true. I certainly went through all the basic ones defined in Darwin's The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals, which I consider enough to justify the expression. Although the embarrassment was of course vicarious. Kotetsu is a great inspirer of Fremdschämen [1]. I may have spent the past two days grinning stupidly and working on a vid, the better to express my undying love. (I hate clipping. And I hate clipping on a computer that is not my own even more than usual.)

Anyway, while I was listening to the Drama CDs and innocently looking for porn, I came across what I have scientifically determined to be the most adorable missing scene ever. It occurs after Episode Thirteen, and involves Barnaby inviting everyone over for a party. Among other things, we learn that he actually does own a bed.

[1] See, I even had feelings there are no words for in English! Because I definitely experienced Schadenfreude at certain points, too. I did not feel my favourite Italian emotion, but campanilismo can of course only be inspired in me by things set in my beloved home city. Beautiful as Sternbild is, its towers are not mine.


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