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So, I finally finished updating those notes.

*falls over and becomes one with inner self*

Confessions & Lamentations: A Babylon 5 Soundtrack (13216 words) by Andraste

Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: The story of thirteen prophecies, eleven tragic romances, eight wars, and one very special space station.

A fandom soundtrack for Babylon 5, originally made for the Fandom Soundtrack Project in 2005. Now 'remastered' and available on 8tracks.

Irony alert: the notes for this FST are almost twice as long as the longest story I have ever posted to the AO3. But hey, you try explaining all of Babylon 5 in less than 13,000 words with musical accompaniment. Especially when you've made a net addition of twenty-three tracks since the first time you did this.

I have no idea if anyone will ever read any of it, but I restrained myself from making notes like UGH, LORIEN and LONDO AND G'KAR HAVE A DRINK AND IT IS THE GREATEST THING EVER and LONDO IS SAD AND IT'S JUST AS WELL BABYLON 5 DOESN'T HAVE KARAOKE NIGHT anyway.
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Dear Past Self,

In future when you make fannish projects of any kind - be they fiction, vid or fanmix - I would like to request that you keep intact copies and do not lose them while transitioning between computers. It would save so much confusion!

For example: according to the description, you used the third movement of Sibelius's second symphony. So far so good. Except that as you very well know, the second movement runs straight on into the third. Did you mislabel the track in the notes, and actually just use the fourth movement? Did you fade out the third movement at some point? Did you edit the two together and let The Fall of Centauri Prime take up twenty whole minutes of your FST? (I have to admit that this sounds like something I would do.) It is a mystery!


You, ten years older and unsurprisingly still in love with Babylon 5.

If anyone out there *cough*wychwood*cough* knows how long the track between Stars and Berceuse Pour Un Lion is, I would love to know.

In other news, I have moved on from re-watching the condensed version of Season One to the probably rather less condensed version of Season Two. (Season One contains much material that is excellent and also vitally important, and I think everyone should watch all of it once. I feel no particular need to revisit the likes of TKO right now, though.)

I am somehow amazed all over again at Londo Mollari's ability to make me want to hug him and slap him simultaneously. And also to yell 'this is a terrible idea and you know it, why are you doing this to yourself?!' at the screen as if he were a character in a very grim space opera pantomime.
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So obviously more tracks for the great Babylon 5 soundtrack project means even more notes and quotes, which means some selective rewatching. So I saw A Voice in the Wilderness today for the first time in I can't remember how long. I had somehow managed to forget that this was the episode where Londo Mollari spends seven days trying to work out the deeper meaning of the Hokey Pokey. I had also forgotten that it's the episode where he says this:

"As a young and foolish Centauri I swore I would die on my feet doing something noble and brave and futile. Perhaps it was not so wild a dream as I thought. Or as foolish."

Oh, Londo. More proof that you should be careful what you wish for on this show, since he achieves three out of four in the end. (And is probably quite pleased that his death is not futile after all.)

It occurs to me that somewhere in the multiverse, there is a reality where Londo ended up in the machine. Had Draal not been conveniently on the station at the time, it would apparently have come down to him or Sinclair. (We don't know for sure that the dying guardian didn't talk to other people, but if he did then it seems none of them were in a position to go down there and do anything about it.) While I'm sure Delenn is right when she says that Sinclair would have tried to throw himself in, he might not have got the chance in between all the shooting going on. While I doubt Londo would have gone to his destiny as eagerly as Draal does, that would have been a much happier fate him personally that what eventually happens to him, if not necessarily for the universe at large.

How to tell I am back in Babylon 5 space: last night I dreamed that Londo and G'Kar travelled in time from Season Five back to Season One, pre-Signs and Portents. Naturally they set off to stop either of their past selves having anything to do with a certain Mr. Morden. I suspect the major question there would be 'how long will it tale Post-Enlightenment G'Kar to punch Pre-Enlightenment G'Kar in the face?'

(Not that Season One Londo wouldn't also drive both of them up the wall, but I suspect that they'd have a much easier time getting him to listen to their crazy story. Londo has three magic words that would force him to pay attention: 'Adira is dead.')
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So, I was wondering: is there anyone, anywhere on the internet, who happens to have kept a copy of the Babylon 5 soundtrack I made a decade ago? It turns out that between moving computers and getting rid of many of my physical CDs, I have managed to lose a couple of tracks. The things I'm missing are Berceuse Pour Un Lion by Daniel Lavoie and Gracias a la Vida by Mercedes Sosa. (I would cheerfully buy them, but Australian iTunes doesn't have them and I don't speak either French or Spanish well enough to go looking for them somewhere they might actually be.)

I ask because I am finally getting around to putting it up on 8tracks and the AO3 along with the rest of my fandom soundtracks.

Of course, since it has been almost exactly ten years since I first posted it, I decided that I had to do a Special 10th Anniversary Edition. And since I am no longer trying to jam things onto actual CDs (was that really only a decade ago?) I decided I could make it longer! And now it is sixty-five tracks. (It was going to be sixty, but then I had to sneak an extra song into Season Four, and then it looked unbalanced so I tossed in a few more to even it out.) Naturally I'm going to be dividing it up into five when I post it to 8tracks, or nobody will ever get past the John Cage track in Season One.

I quail at the idea of expanding the notes - they're already so long that they broke livejournal when I first posted them. It's nice to finally have songs for all the people and things I left out the first time, though, like Na'Toth and the Mars Resistance.

It also gave me an excuse to watch Parliament of Dreams again and relive the moment when I fell in love with G'Kar. (He was singing to his dinner. I couldn't help it.) Also Londo becoming one with his inner self, and Na'Toth's introduction, and the parade of faiths, and all the other things I love about that episode. ('You will know pain.' 'You will know fear.' 'And then you will die. Enjoy your flight!')

I am not rewatching any of the Season Five telepath arc just to make notes on Byron, though. Finding him a song was bad enough. (I already had one for Lorien, whom I hate far more, but it got cut for space on the original version.)
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Having finished my Vividcon premiere a while ago, I have been back working on the remaster of Brothers in Arms. This is taking far longer than I expected, for three reasons.

1) It's a more technically complex vid than it appears to be. I think I can do a better job of the insets this time, but I'm not happy with the effect yet. (This is actually the part that I knew would take forever.)

2) I kept terrible notes back when I made it, and finding some of the clips in five whole seasons of show has proved challenging. For example, apparently the clip of the Battle of the Line that I thought was from And the Sky Full of Stars is actually from The Beginning, and my DVD of that hasn't worked in several years. (I guess it's time to buy the movie collection ...) And Google doesn't always help as much as you'd expect. At one point, I searched for 'G'Kar, writing, prison' to figure out exactly what episode something was from, and the top result was my own tentacle pr0n. Which was amusing, but not very useful.

Also, I have not the faintest idea where the external shot of the station I used is from. I mean, I guess I can use any shot, but it irritates me that I lost it. I liked the angle.

3) It is really hard to vid and cry at the same time. You would think that having stared at the thing for hours and hours when I first made it would have rendered me immune, but no.
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Another response to my 'shipping meme from the other day.

This time Londo/Timov. )

And because I was thinking of doing it anyway and [personal profile] amatara already nominated G'Kar, a character meme as well. Give me a character, and I will tell you:

1. Do you love/hate/don’t feel strongly about this character?
2. What’s your favorite trait of this character?
3. What’s your favorite moment/event involving this character?
4. If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be?
5. Have you ever pictured this character naked?
6. When did you fall in love/hate with this character? I you don’t have any strong feelings toward them, why not?
7. Who’s your OTP for this character, if any?

Answers about G'Kar below the cut. )
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For [personal profile] selenak because this got far too long to be a comment.

who cooks normally?


Oh, you mean it has to be one of them? G'Kar, obviously. Because I cannot imagine Londo has ever had reason to learn, and he could probably burn water. G'Kar, on the other hand, seems to like cooking. I think Londo would really prefer it if Vir did it, given what Narn food is like.

how often do they fight?

Ahahaha. I think a better question would be 'how many conversation do they manage to have that aren't fights?' And they wouldn't have it any other way.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?

Well, Londo becomes Emperor and is miserable for a couple of decades. G'Kar roams the universe and is happy but has to appear in Legend of the Rangers. Clearly they are better off together.

This is also too long for a post. Rest of the questions below the cut. )
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The first of the ficlets I promised for the Valentine's Day quotes! (There are still quotes un-guessed, by the way, so if anyone else wants to try their luck ...)

I picked G'Kar's line from the greatest scene ever on television the other day, but this is set during Season One and inspired by the very first time I thought Londo and G'Kar were slashy, way back in Born To the Purple. Because however you slice it, their body language in Season One is weird for two people who hate each other.

Were they played by lesser actors, I'd think it was by accident, but we have plenty of evidence that Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas knew exactly what they were doing, from the way it changes after The Coming of Shadows and then keeps changing based on what Londo and G'Kar think of each other at any given time.

Anyway, there is an entirely G-Rated drabble in here. )
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... aaaaaaaaand insomnia is the perfect excuse to write another thing for Porn Battle before the deadline. At least I have used the time productively, if not wisely. (I am going to blame G'Kar for my sleeplessness and he can blame me for his.)

Contents: Alas, not actually very porny. There are tentacles, though, so if that is not your cup of brivari you should probably go elsewhere.

Pairing: Londo/G'Kar

Summary: G'Kar's dreams about Londo are not the same as Londo's dreams about him.

Continuity: Set at some indeterminate point in Season One.

Read on ... )


Jan. 6th, 2013 11:14 pm
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Simple thing that is not simple when writing Babylon 5 fanfic: character ages.

There is practically no information about the ages, relative or chronological, of the Narn and Centauri characters. We have two data points: G'Kar was old enough - just - to fight in the first war of liberation, which would be useful if the date of the end of the occupation were given consistently. (Some sources imply around 2209 and others around 2229.) We also know that Londo's Ascension Day was thirty years before Soul Mates, which would let us work out his age if we only knew how old Centauri are when they have Ascension Days.

Now add in the fact that when characters talk about years they rarely specify whether they mean Earth years, Centauri years, Narn years or years in some intergalactic universal calendar. Even JMS does it - there's a newsgroup post where he says the average Centauri lifespan is around one hundred and fifty years, but he neglects to specify if he means Earth years or Centauri years. Not that we know how long a Centauri year is. (I've seen more than one chronology that assumes that Londo's Ascension Day took place thirty Earth years before his party. It seems unlikely that Earth years and Centauri years are identical in length!) Further confusing things, in one of the short stories Londo encounters a girl of 'sixteen seasons' who seems to be the equivalent of an Earth teenager, except we don't know how Centauri count seasons or how many they have in a year. And we can't really draw any conclusions about lifespans based on how much Londo ages in the two decades between Season Five and his death, given his, um, circumstances during that time.

You would think that after all this time I would have learned not to bang my head against this particular wall, but no. I think I'm just going to have to cut the offending paragraph out of the story *g*.

Possibly it's just as well that JMS didn't end up coming to Melbourne last year, because he probably doesn't need crazy fans getting up during his talks to say 'BUT HOW OLD IS G'KAR AND ALSO WHY DO THE VORLONS HAVE A CENTAURI FETUS AND DID THE CENTAURI GET THEIR PRECOGNITION FROM THE SHADOWS???'
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Well, probably not in the history of the internet, but:

A spam bot just responded to some old Londo/G'Kar fanfic of mine with 'Get A Job'. I wonder if it meant to indicate that I was wasting my time writing tentacle pr0n, or if it thought I should turn professional? Sadly, I don't think anyone will pay me to write Londo/G'Kar bodyswap fic all day. (Well, uh, not officially. Given that I'm technically at work right now ...)
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These are all the vids I have released. All of them are currently available in zipped files that you'll need to download and unzip before you can watch them.

Vids await you below the cut )

18. Drive My Car

Fandom: Heroes

Music: The Donnas

Summary: "Our life of legend begins!"

File: This vid is now available on the AO3 with streaming and download options.

19. Walk the Walk

Fandom: Doctor Who

Music: Poe

Summary:  Welcome to the world, Rose Tyler.

File: This vid is now available on the AO3 with streaming and download options.
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So I am trying to work out which character to choose for A Ficathon Walks Into A Bar, and I have been struck by a random plot bunny of the breed that brought you the thought 'Ray Vecchio and Helena Bertinelli should totally hang out!"

Because you know which characters should walk into a bar together? Londo Mollari and Charles Emerson Winchester. They would start out by insulting each other, because Winchester [1] would be in a bad mood from finding himself in the future where all his his medical knowledge is a couple of centuries out of date. Insulting is really his default mode anyway, and Londo would be happy to respond in kind. However, after a drink or two they would get onto the subject of MUSIC and then Winchester would find out that he's arrived in a time where you can put all you favourite recordings on a device that fits in your pocket and then there would be Centauri opera, and Earth opera, and they would probably get thrown out of the bar for abusing the piano.

And after quite a few more drinks they might discover that they have problems as well as interests in common, as the only reason Winchester's noblesse oblige weighs on him less than Londo's is that he isn't going to be an emperor and his life-or-death decisions are thus strictly on the medical side of things. He would grok completely the story about Londo's first wife, for example. By the end of the night Vir and Radar would have to pick Winchester up of the floor, as he lacks the alcohol tolerance of the truly dedicated drinkers he bunks with, but I dare say a fine time would ultimately have been had by all.

(I think it is safe to assume Hawkeye would be off somewhere being repeatedly slapped in the face by Talia Winters/Lyta Alexander depending on what season this was ...)

[1] Whom I tend to refer to by his surname to avoid confusion with an entirely different bald aristocratic New Englander.
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I swear, half the reason I keep reading [ profile] fandomsecrets is because every now and then someone bashfully confesses to 'shipping Londo and G'Kar and I get to point and laugh. (Not in a mean way, I hasten to add, just at the whole idea of fandom shame. We all know I have none.)

Anyway, this time there's a comment thread about it, complete with incipient wank, over here. Some anony-mouse makes that argument about slash I always find rather confusing: Believe it or not, no matter what our sex-obsessed culture tries to tell us, men can have extremely close and--*gasp*--even physically affectionate friendships that are COMPLETELY PLATONIC. It's beyond sad to me that people constantly feel the need to warp them into something pervertedly sexual.

First of all, I don't think Londo/G'Kar tentacle sexorz is perverted in anything but the 'hooray! perversion!' sense, although I don't expect everyone to agree with me on that. Second of all, there's a flaw in this logic that's especially obvious in this particular case. I think most people who ship Londo/G'Kar are well aware that men can have close friendships that are platonic, because Vir is standing right there. Most Londo/G'Kar 'shippers I know are also very invested in the Londo & Vir relationship, and don't see it as sexual. Many of us write fic about it! Moreover, I haven't noticed anybody slashing either Londo or G'Kar with Garibaldi, whom both of them are close friends with at different points in canon. They both have other important bonds with members of their own gender: Londo with Sinclair and Urza Jaddo, G'Kar with Ta'Lon and Marcus Cole. (I did write a story where Londo and Urza were friends-with-benefits during their youth, but it's hardly the only way to interpret things.)

Slashers do acknowledge that men can have platonic relationships with each other. Yes, even those who don't also write gen. Sometimes I want to write ampersand about platonic relationships between guys, sometimes I want to write slash. Sometimes I put both in the same story! The two are not mutually exclusive.
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This is the greatest thing in the universe, except possibly for this. And here they are together, fighting as usual. Londo's adorable little eyebrows alone ...

I so want one.
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So, Londo and G'Kar turned up in my dreams last night. There was vague tentacle pr0n and Londo was helping G'Kar cook. And by 'helping' I mean G'Kar was forced to hit him with a spoon *g*. I think my muses are telling me that they want some attention.

So does screen canon ever make so much as a stab at establishing how old either of them are? Or how old Centauri are when they have their Ascension Days ...? B5 chronology makes my brain hurt, especially when I try to work out how old the aliens are meant to be chronologically.

The problem is that when the aliens say 'years' we can't necessarily assume they mean Earth years. For example, the B5 chronology gives the date of Londo's Ascension as 2229, counting back thirty years from the anniversary in 2259. But surely he must be counting thirty Centauri years, not thirty Earth years!

Basically, I'm trying to work out how old Londo would have been when G'Kar was spending his youth as a freedom fighter. Is there anything in canon that would determine this one way or another?
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Notes: I seem to have lost my writing mojo lately, so here's some unadulterated fluff in a comfortable fandom to try and light the spark again. Set during the first half of Season Five.

Rating: PG. Unless the very concept of Londo/G'Kar horrifies you, there's nothing that requires a warning in here.

Summary: Londo Mollari has guests for breakfast.

Slash with gen stuff, or gen with slash stuff: you decide. )
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Real Life stress has been keeping from Internet Life this week. Short version: grandfather back in hospital, parents staying, father having kidney surgury next Wednesday. However, I gather from various incoherently joyful posts from the attendees that the VividCon Premiere show has now finished. I've been waiting for a reaction to the final version of this vid for an eternity, so I had to post it. (Anyone commenting to sympathize about the RL suckiness without commenting on the vid will not be making me feel better *g*. Anyone wanting me to fix something on the Multiverse archive: I'm working on it.)

Title: Ophelia
Artist: Natalie Merchant
Technical Details: Zipped Divx .avi.
Fandom: Babylon 5
Spoilers: Through Day of the Dead.
Summary: Sometimes the dead girls come back.

It's up here - right click and save. I have a lot to say about how this vid got here, but for now I should let it speak for itself. (For those who have seen it before, the beginning is the same and the end is different ...)


Dec. 25th, 2005 08:25 pm
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Sitting here trying to finish my Christmas vid before the day is actually over. Does anyone recall off the top of their head which B5 episode it is where Ivanova plonks that bunch of roses down in front of Marcus?


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