Jan. 17th, 2015

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So, I was wondering: is there anyone, anywhere on the internet, who happens to have kept a copy of the Babylon 5 soundtrack I made a decade ago? It turns out that between moving computers and getting rid of many of my physical CDs, I have managed to lose a couple of tracks. The things I'm missing are Berceuse Pour Un Lion by Daniel Lavoie and Gracias a la Vida by Mercedes Sosa. (I would cheerfully buy them, but Australian iTunes doesn't have them and I don't speak either French or Spanish well enough to go looking for them somewhere they might actually be.)

I ask because I am finally getting around to putting it up on 8tracks and the AO3 along with the rest of my fandom soundtracks.

Of course, since it has been almost exactly ten years since I first posted it, I decided that I had to do a Special 10th Anniversary Edition. And since I am no longer trying to jam things onto actual CDs (was that really only a decade ago?) I decided I could make it longer! And now it is sixty-five tracks. (It was going to be sixty, but then I had to sneak an extra song into Season Four, and then it looked unbalanced so I tossed in a few more to even it out.) Naturally I'm going to be dividing it up into five when I post it to 8tracks, or nobody will ever get past the John Cage track in Season One.

I quail at the idea of expanding the notes - they're already so long that they broke livejournal when I first posted them. It's nice to finally have songs for all the people and things I left out the first time, though, like Na'Toth and the Mars Resistance.

It also gave me an excuse to watch Parliament of Dreams again and relive the moment when I fell in love with G'Kar. (He was singing to his dinner. I couldn't help it.) Also Londo becoming one with his inner self, and Na'Toth's introduction, and the parade of faiths, and all the other things I love about that episode. ('You will know pain.' 'You will know fear.' 'And then you will die. Enjoy your flight!')

I am not rewatching any of the Season Five telepath arc just to make notes on Byron, though. Finding him a song was bad enough. (I already had one for Lorien, whom I hate far more, but it got cut for space on the original version.)


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