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The people I went to the midnight screening with last night will attest that the first thing I said when the credits started rolling was 'man, film critics are weird.'

I mean, I can see why many critics - or, indeed, many other people who are not X-Men fans - might not enjoy this movie as much as I did. But phrases like 'franchise-destroying disaster' have been thrown around in reviews, and I ... do not get it. Sure, it's a bit of a mess, in much the same way Avengers: Age of Ultron was a bit of a mess. There are probably too many characters, and too many things going on. There was also one part of the plot that I actively disliked. However, I am not sure why anyone would walk out of this thinking that it was actually falls short of what its aiming at - it moves along at a good clip, the action scenes are exiting, the cast is uniformly good and everyone looks great in their new costumes. What, precisely, were critics expecting? In what way is this remotely as bad as Wolverine: Origins? (If that did not destroy the franchise, this certainly will not. Disney/Marvel is not getting the mutants back any time in the next decade.)

But then, I always qualify my opinion by pointing out that I am that one weirdo who likes X3 more than X1. (It turns out I like badly-made films about things I find interesting more than competently-made films about things I don't.) For the record, I'd probably rank the films like this:

Days of Future Past
First Class
X-Men 2
The Wolverine
X-Men 3
X-Men 1
Wolverine: Origins

So Apocalypse is right in the middle for me. (If pressed I would admit that The Wolverine is probably a better film, but it doesn't have nearly as much of Charles Xavier getting shackled to things.) The new Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Jean Grey are all delightful, and we finally have a Storm worthy of the name!

Possibly because I saw the film after midnight, after too little sleep the previous night, while drinking (we went to the luxury session where you can get them to bring you a Cosmopolitian half way through) I spent much of the film distracted by Charles's shirts. Or maybe it was because we were in the front row and the screen was giant. Or maybe that's just how I roll.

They're not quite as instantly hilarious as the seventies ones in Days of Future Past, but they are AMAZING when you look closely. At least I thought so. I spent the entire second half of the film wondering if the second one was cashmere or some kind of silk blend, and wanting to rub my face against it. (Look, it was late, I was tipsy, and it was on James McAvoy playing my favourite fictional person. And it looked really soft.)
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I have been scarce around Dreamwidth lately, but obviously I had to post about this because: THAT. WAS. AMAZING.

Spoilers for how and why, obviously. )
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I am both pleased and disappointed that, over the time this film has been out, not a single person has said 'Andraste, you have to see this film RIGHT NOW. And stay until the credits.' So I was delightfully surprised by ... uh. The thing that was surprising.

Spoilers are spoilery. )
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In which I feel compelled to comment about That Spoiler, even though my main reaction at this point is eye-rolling.

If anyone is avoiding giant X-Men/Avengers spoilers, look away now. )
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Real Life has been chewing on me recently (although, touch wood, it seems to have stopped for now) but I had a lovely time at Armageddon this weekend. The shopping was good, the panels were entertaining and both Louise Jameson and Sylvester McCoy complimented me on my costume. (I was just wearing my LARP gear, but people seemed to like it. Got several photo requests, at any rate.)

Then I got online to check out the action figure news from New York Comic Con and discovered that they have FINALLY made this. Scroll down to see why I'm excited, as if you can't guess. Not that I'm not going to buy the hell out of Jubilee as well.

His head is on a little wonky in that photo but the production values on Hasbro's Marvel Universe figures have been good enough so far that I think it's probably just a bad camera angle/production sample. The facesculpt looks good, which is the important part. Now tiny Magneto will have someone to make out argue with!

Also, I arrived at work today to find my eleven Doctor mini-figures having sex with each other. Possibly the person who posed them this way did not anticipate that my reaction would be 'interesting pairings, but I'm not sure I follow your logic. Five should obviously be with Ten and not Nine. And I've never really thought of Three as a bottom, let alone someone who'd let himself be double-teamed by Eleven and Six.' Unfortunately, none of my co-workers will own up to re-arranging them so I cannot expound on my intra-Doctor pairing logic to the right person.
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You know, other than his great video game writing and awesome snarkiness on the Dragon Age forums. (Especially in the face of homophobes and people slut-shaming Isabela.)

However, now I have another reason. He had lunch with a fangirl and this was one of the things they talked about:

I THINK THAT IS IT. Besides the bit where we talked about X-Men, specifically the potential of a Magneto/Professor X/Fenris crossover slash story. Specifically Magneto/Fenris, since, you know, lyrium is a metal so magneto can do whatever the hell he wants with Fenris. Gaider was somewhat dubious about this because he imagines lyrium like mercury, and can Magneto control mercury? Jordan and I assured him that this is fanfiction, an thus anything goes.

I love that his only objection to crossover slash involving his character is physics-based. Of course, given that he apparently wrote the Fenris romance with a male protagonist in mind, this is probably not that surprising. (I also feel like PM-ing him to let him know that comicverse Magneto often seems to be able to control non-ferrous metals for some strange reason, but someone probably did that already.)


Jul. 10th, 2011 07:27 pm
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As of this moment, Charm Offensive has seven hundred hits on the AO3. And forty-five of those people definitely liked it since they left positive comments/kudos. Not to mention the feedback I've had here and over on the livejournal comm I posted it to. (And in RL! Thank you again to my pre-readers of Friday night.) This is the advantage of writing in a fandom that's in the middle of a popularity explosion.

The last time a story of mine was this popular was Ten Thousand Candles. It amuses me that the two stories have the same basic plot line - 'Charles Xavier gets on with his life after having a Very Bad Day' - but it plays out in two very different ways *g*.

I know it's been a long time since I posted much of anything, and this was a real confidence boost. There is a reason why Charles is my One True Character. (Even though, for a change, Charm Offensive wasn't from his POV.)

Now I need to get on with my other, less cracktastic First Class bunnies and my X-Men ficathon story. I'm hoping whoever got my prompts is half as happy with them as I am with mine - I've got a choice of three I could write easily enough. The one that attracts me most would require an actual Plot, but I think I might actually be able to manage it anyway.
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Sometimes when your brain is shaken loose by new canon, the thing that finally falls out is crack. So, um, here is some fanfic at last. So not the First Class story I was expecting to finish first!

Summary: Charles starts seducing Erik's recruits away from him. Literally.

Genres: Slash. Het. Utter silliness.

Characters: Magneto, Mystique, Charles Xavier, ensemble.

Pairings: Chales/Erik. Charles/Everyone. Various others in the background.

Rating: PG-13

Continuity Note: For the purposes of this story, I'm choosing to ignore Origins: Wolverine. (As if anyone cares.)

Thanks: To [personal profile] bride_of_lister, [personal profile] evilfuzzydoom, [identity profile] and [identity profile] for reading and laughing.

Read more... )
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4 – Do you have a "muse" character, that speaks to you more than others, or that tries to push their way in, even when the fic isn't about them? Who are they, and why did that character became your muse?

Oh, boy, yes. *points wordlessly at icon*

As for how Charles Xavier became my One True (Fictional) Love, that's a bit of a long story.

I started watching X-Men: The Animated Series around 1993, and the first episode I saw was Deadly Reunions. I can actually tell you that my first thoughts on my future beloved were "who's that guy telepathically tormenting the hottie in the red and purple outfit? And why is he wearing that awful green suit?" So, you know, not exactly love at first sight *g*.

If you'd asked me who my favourite mutant was in those early days, I'd have told you it was Magneto, and it would have been true. He won me over in minutes with his sexy voice acting and his tortured past. But Charles had my interest, too, and by the time they were running around the Savage Land fighting dinosaurs together, I'd started to wonder about what made him tick. (This was also around the time I invented slash fiction all by myself.) The Dark Phoenix Saga made me even more interested.

A few years passed, and I had a geeky friend who was able to lend me some comic books - including a reprint of Uncanny X-Men #12, which is Charles' origin story. And I think by then I was already hooked. When I went on a work experience trip to Melbourne in 1996, I went to Minotaur and bought everything in the back issue bin or on the racks that had Charles Xavier on the cover, and then I knew it was love. (This was around the time of Onslaught, so at least he was on the covers sometimes. Even if the story as a whole wasn't very good, it had plenty of interesting stuff in it for a budding Xavier fangirl.) By them time I actually discovered the internet in 1997, I was disappointed to find out that there was almost no fanfiction about him. (Thank goodness for Alara Rogers, or I might have wandered off into some other fandom, feeling sad.)

I think that covers the how, but it doesn't cover the why. As for that, well, there are a lot of reasons. Like all kinds of love, it accumulates over time. Because he genuinely wants to make the world a better place. Because he's Lawful Good for values of 'lawful' and 'good' that other people find extremely confusing. Because he'll forgive his enemies and open his door to anyone. (Because he's genuinely that compassionate, and also because turning away a potentially useful tool would be unwise.) Because he always has at least three reasons for doing anything. Because he wants to be a teacher, not a general, no matter how much he keeps screwing that up. Because he believes killing people never fixed anything. Because of the time he gave Wolverine demerits. And more recently: because Patrick Stewart. (And James McAvoy, who does not have the voice but has the right colour eyes. So I can find it in my heart to love that version, too.)

For the past month, I've been back writing bits and pieces of X-Men stories. It's like he's never been out of my head.

The rest of the questions ... )
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Mutatis Mutandis, my X-Men movieverse recs journal, is now mirrored on Delicious.

Between Dreamwidth, Delicious and Tumblr I think everyone should be able to find and follow it on a preferred platform now.


Jun. 12th, 2011 09:33 am
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I have now seen multiple people on Tumblr complaining that Professor X doesn't use his telekinesis in X-Men: First Class.

All I can think is that Ultimate X-Men must have made more of an impression than I thought since that is the ONLY continuity in which he has any such power! Please stop me from wandering through the wilds of Tumblr correcting this misconception. (I know Tumblr is often a whirling maelstrom of stupid, but when it complains about my favourite character not having a mutant power that he, y'know, doesn't have ...)

I also noticed someone being surprised that Ian McKellen is gay! That was kind of adorable. I think the only way he could make it clearer is if he started carrying a neon sign of some sort.
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At long last: Mutatis Mutandis, my X-Men movieverse recs pages, is open for business. There are one hundred and forty-nine stories/artworks there and one vid!

I'll do some kind of publicity blitz later in the weekend, but in the mean time if you're looking for stories in the wake of First Class or know somebody who is, you could do a lot worse. I would particularly like to draw people's attention to the links post stuck at the top of the journal, which connects to every major source of stories in the fandom.
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I am so glad you watched X-Men: The Animated Series as a teenager. It totally explains your Xavier/Magneto 'shipping.

Actor quotes below the cut. Mildly spoilery, I guess? )

Having now seen the film twice, I am still trying to puzzle out what the marketing department think the song that plays during the final credits is about. It's called Love Love and has two guys on lead vocals, so I know what I think it's about, but I'm slightly boggled that the Powers That Be might agree with me.
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Brand new X-Men kink meme here, with prompt posts open for First Class, the first three movies and comicverse.

No prompts yet, hence this post. I should go think of some, and so should you! They also allow gen prompts and fic, so you can leave a trope instead of a kink if you like.
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Sorry, this may be a theme for a while *g*. Anyway, a quote I just read:

"I was a fan of the X-Men cartoon growing up as a teenager." - James McAvoy

I cannot convey in words just how happy that makes me. I am tickled pink to know that when I was a brand new fourteen-year-old fangirl, the actor who would one day be playing my favourite mutant was out there watching the show that made me fall in love with Xavier and all his students and friends and enemies. I know we're the same age (to within six months, anyway) but it has never occurred to me that we were introduced to the characters the same way.

And no wonder he's described the film as a love story between Erik and Charles if he has that in the back of his mind! I wonder if he watched any of their epic Savage Land adventures back in the day.
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So far, this is my favourite thing in X-Men: First Class:

Another clip, which I can't embed here because embeds aren't working at the moment.

Spoilers for the clip, obviously. )
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So, I just went and bought a Dreamwidth seed account for my new recs journal [personal profile] mutatismutandis. (Which is actually the new incarnation of my old archive Moving Pictures. There is nothing visible there yet, but trust me when I say that there will be plenty of content revealed on June 3rd. Making two hundred and fifty journal posts is ridiculously time-consuming, you guys.)

This may seem like a rash decision, but I was only going to spend the money on shoes anyway, and this will have paid for itself in four years. Since I've been in X-Men movieverse fandom for eleven so far and they're releasing a new film next month, I don't think its too risky to bet that I'll be around for a while. I've been pleased with the service at Dreamwidth so far, and while I don't want to make a permanent commitment to any service as far as my personal journal goes, there's something to be said for having a forever home for my recs page/archive thingy.

The practical effect of this decision is that I now have two-hundred and fifty icon spaces and nothing whatsoever to put in them. I can't imagine ever using that many icons, but I can certainly use more than zero. Since this project is about showcasing the fandom's talents, it would be nice for the icon-makers out there to get in on the act.

As an incentive to action, I'll donate $1 to Amnesty International for every icon someone donates in the next two weeks. (I was only going to spend that on shoes, as well *g*)

I'm interested in any kind of X-Men movieverse icon - anything from X1 to First Class is fair game, and any characters/objects/quotes are welcome. I don't really know anything about banners/custom themes for Dreamwidth, but if someone wanted to make one of those, that would be great. (That would be worth a greater amount of donated money, naturally - please get in touch if you're interested in doing something like that.)

If you know people who like making icons and/or the X-Men movies, please feel free to let them know I'm looking.
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Despite still being stricken by THE PlAGUE (officially upgraded to bronchitis; I'm taking my antibiotics like a good girl) I am bouncing around the room with excitement over the new X-Men: First Class character trailers. We now have them for Banshee, Havok, Mystique, and Beast.

Spoilers for the trailers below the cut. )
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These are all the vids I have released. All of them are currently available in zipped files that you'll need to download and unzip before you can watch them.

Vids await you below the cut )

18. Drive My Car

Fandom: Heroes

Music: The Donnas

Summary: "Our life of legend begins!"

File: This vid is now available on the AO3 with streaming and download options.

19. Walk the Walk

Fandom: Doctor Who

Music: Poe

Summary:  Welcome to the world, Rose Tyler.

File: This vid is now available on the AO3 with streaming and download options.
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X-Men: First Class trailer here.

You know what's weird? (Apart from the fact that they apparently couldn't find a razor for James McAvoy. SO VERY WRONG. This will not make it any easier for me to get past his failure to be Patrick Stewart.)

In the late nineties when I got online, there was no Xavier/Magneto fic on the entire internet. I know, because I looked really, really hard. Now I watch this trailer and I see a juggernaut of a pairing that is about to crash down on fandom. I wish I had a time machine and could go tell my seventeen-year-old self that some day she would get all the pr0n she could read *g*.

Also: finally, I can make the vid that's been in my head since 2001, that absolutely required flashbacks! Even if it means mixing universes and in the flashbacks Charles has hair. WTF.


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