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So, I finally finished updating those notes.

*falls over and becomes one with inner self*

Confessions & Lamentations: A Babylon 5 Soundtrack (13216 words) by Andraste

Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: The story of thirteen prophecies, eleven tragic romances, eight wars, and one very special space station.

A fandom soundtrack for Babylon 5, originally made for the Fandom Soundtrack Project in 2005. Now 'remastered' and available on 8tracks.

Irony alert: the notes for this FST are almost twice as long as the longest story I have ever posted to the AO3. But hey, you try explaining all of Babylon 5 in less than 13,000 words with musical accompaniment. Especially when you've made a net addition of twenty-three tracks since the first time you did this.

I have no idea if anyone will ever read any of it, but I restrained myself from making notes like UGH, LORIEN and LONDO AND G'KAR HAVE A DRINK AND IT IS THE GREATEST THING EVER and LONDO IS SAD AND IT'S JUST AS WELL BABYLON 5 DOESN'T HAVE KARAOKE NIGHT anyway.
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So, I was wondering: is there anyone, anywhere on the internet, who happens to have kept a copy of the Babylon 5 soundtrack I made a decade ago? It turns out that between moving computers and getting rid of many of my physical CDs, I have managed to lose a couple of tracks. The things I'm missing are Berceuse Pour Un Lion by Daniel Lavoie and Gracias a la Vida by Mercedes Sosa. (I would cheerfully buy them, but Australian iTunes doesn't have them and I don't speak either French or Spanish well enough to go looking for them somewhere they might actually be.)

I ask because I am finally getting around to putting it up on 8tracks and the AO3 along with the rest of my fandom soundtracks.

Of course, since it has been almost exactly ten years since I first posted it, I decided that I had to do a Special 10th Anniversary Edition. And since I am no longer trying to jam things onto actual CDs (was that really only a decade ago?) I decided I could make it longer! And now it is sixty-five tracks. (It was going to be sixty, but then I had to sneak an extra song into Season Four, and then it looked unbalanced so I tossed in a few more to even it out.) Naturally I'm going to be dividing it up into five when I post it to 8tracks, or nobody will ever get past the John Cage track in Season One.

I quail at the idea of expanding the notes - they're already so long that they broke livejournal when I first posted them. It's nice to finally have songs for all the people and things I left out the first time, though, like Na'Toth and the Mars Resistance.

It also gave me an excuse to watch Parliament of Dreams again and relive the moment when I fell in love with G'Kar. (He was singing to his dinner. I couldn't help it.) Also Londo becoming one with his inner self, and Na'Toth's introduction, and the parade of faiths, and all the other things I love about that episode. ('You will know pain.' 'You will know fear.' 'And then you will die. Enjoy your flight!')

I am not rewatching any of the Season Five telepath arc just to make notes on Byron, though. Finding him a song was bad enough. (I already had one for Lorien, whom I hate far more, but it got cut for space on the original version.)
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So, I decide that since the tax office are soon to return almost all the tax I paid last year (one of the rare up-sides of unemployment) I'd splash out and renew my eMusic subscription for a month or two. Except now eMusic have a deal with Sony, they no longer accept new subscribers from Australia. Argh!

All the locally available mp3 shops seem to suck. If I want to download the rest of Tom McRae's back catalogue legitimately, I'll have to pay $1.70 per track to Sony's local distribution arm.

Does anyone happen to know of a music download service available in Australia that:

1) has music in mp3 format.

2) does not use DRM.

3) has a good catalogue of independent artists.

3) preferably has a subscription model?

I do not want to buy CDs instead. I don't have room to store them, and frequently don't want all the tracks from a particular album. Moreover, most of the musicians I'm looking for don't get distribution here anyway, so I'd have to pay postage from an overseas store. I really hate stealing music from artists who actually need my money, but record companies seem to take delight in encouraging me to do so. Maybe I should download the music and send Tom McRae a money order and an apology ...
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'Anything Goes' month at [ profile] fst is more than half over! I really ought to knock my project into shape and post it. However, I'm in need of the following:

- A version of Mack the Knife where the singer remembers all the words. (I only have Ella's Grammy-winning version where this, er, fails to happen.)

- A version of Stardust not by Willie Nelson. Male vocalist or instrumental fine.

- The Richard Cheese cover of Creep. (If you're reading this, [ profile] evilfuzzydoom, I think Sendspace has a self-explanatory interface.)

- Dave Brubeck's Blue Rondo a la Turk.

(Rest assured, I usually buy my .mp3s, but I'm in a hurry here and most of the people on this fst are not in a position to collect royalties due to being dead.)
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Hey, anyone know where I can get a copy of the Fugee's cover version of Piece of my Heart? It's performed live, and I don't think it was ever released on CD. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
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And while I'm surfacing for air, a music post with fifteen of my favourite cover versions. Completely random selection taken from my hard drive.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde by Tori Amos, covering Eminem.

All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, covering Bob Dylan.

Because I Got High by Alvin and the Chipmunks. Er, probably not officially. Not safe for work!

Bitches Ain't Shit by Ben Folds, covering Dr. Dre. Ahahahaha.

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You by Paul McDermott and Mark Trevorrow, performed live on Good News Week. (That's the Australian version of Have I Got News For You, for non-Aussies.)

Dancing Queen by Luka Bloom, covering ABBA.

Hit Me, Baby, One More Time by Travis, covering Britney Spears.

Killing Me Softly by the Fugees.

Let It Be by Joe Cocker, which I prefer to the original version, no offence to the Beatles intended.

Lithium by The Polyphonic Spree, covering Nirvana.

Meet Me in the Middle of the Air by Tripod and Eddie Perfect, covering Paul Kelly. Performed Live on The Sideshow.

Morning Train by the Angels. No selection of covers would be complete without something taken from Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge! This was a radio show where Andrew Denton got local and international artists to perform cracy covers every week. Be grateful I didn't inflict the Rolf Harris version of I Touch Myself on you ...

Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Little Birdy, covering Split Enz. Taken from She Will Have Her Way, an entire album of female artists covering Finn songs.

Toxic by Local H, covering Britney Spears.

YMCA by ... um, I'm afraid I don't know. But it's in Japanese! Everything is crackier in Japanese!

If you download one or more of these and want to thank me, upload a favourite cover of your own to SendSpace or somewhere. One can never have too many cover versions.
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Authors for Multiverse have now been made public! I was holding off hoping to get the last two stories in before the big reveal, and there is indeed an extra story up now. It's Two To Make Peace by Kathryn Andersen, so please check it out. Especially if you happen to be [ profile] marag ;).

... well, to be 100% honest, I was planning to get the author names up yesterday, but I went to the pub instead. People who know me IRL are probably incredulous, but you see I WENT THERE TO SEE PETER COMBE. (For non-Aussies, a very popular children's performer from the eighties. My generation's equivalent of the Wiggles.) It was COMPLETELY AWESOME. You have not been to a gig until you have jumped up and down with a room full of drunken twenty-somethings while singing along to Newspaper Mama.

I had a really good time. Now that they've banned smoking in pubs and clubs, the atmosphere at the Esplanade is a lot friendlier to me. I think I may have to go see more live music there in future. Since the workmate I went with got fired on Thursday - long story - I think we'll have to become concert buddies instead *g*.
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I think I proved the last time I posted something like this that Doctor Who + singing = THE WIN!!!

Now imagine what it would be like if a Who villain decided to brainwash people with an annoying children's TV theme song. (Please right click and save that before you listen. We would not want to destroy my bandwidth, would we?)

Also from that same audio (The Ratings War) we have the Sixth Doctor explaining why he works better on audio ...
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I Am The Very Model Of A Gallifreyan Buccaneer

There is context that goes with this, but for best effects you should just right-click and download it *g*.
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Turns out that the newbie is technically old enough to be my mother, so now I feel silly for not sending her the adult recs as well :). Still, better safe than sorry, and I feel like I've done my good deed for the week.

Not a lot going on today; I'm working away on Chapter Two which should be ready by the end of tomorrow. I've got a gig this evening which I'd rather not have since I'm *way* out of practice. Since we're just background music I doubt that anyone will listen anyway.

Speaking of music, here's an ethically sound and weird reason for downloading an mp3 - I already paid for the track. A while back, I bought Tori Amos's "Under the Pink" on sale [1], and have been planning to return it ever since because "Yes, Anastasia" wouldn't play. Yesterday, I got to use the CD player instead of my computer 'cause me aunt was out, and nearly jumped out of my skin when it actually worked. Curious, I tried out the CD player on my laptop, and yes, that works too. It just won't play in Winamp. How strange.

[1] *waves at queenB and Xander*. Did I mention that I'm dead jealous of qB going to the live show? Not only is she going to see Tori, the book has Neil Gaiman stories in.


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