Apr. 16th, 2015

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So, I finally finished updating those notes.

*falls over and becomes one with inner self*

Confessions & Lamentations: A Babylon 5 Soundtrack (13216 words) by Andraste

Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: The story of thirteen prophecies, eleven tragic romances, eight wars, and one very special space station.

A fandom soundtrack for Babylon 5, originally made for the Fandom Soundtrack Project in 2005. Now 'remastered' and available on 8tracks.

Irony alert: the notes for this FST are almost twice as long as the longest story I have ever posted to the AO3. But hey, you try explaining all of Babylon 5 in less than 13,000 words with musical accompaniment. Especially when you've made a net addition of twenty-three tracks since the first time you did this.

I have no idea if anyone will ever read any of it, but I restrained myself from making notes like UGH, LORIEN and LONDO AND G'KAR HAVE A DRINK AND IT IS THE GREATEST THING EVER and LONDO IS SAD AND IT'S JUST AS WELL BABYLON 5 DOESN'T HAVE KARAOKE NIGHT anyway.
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So, as of yesterday, I have posted exactly two hundred fanworks to the AO3! That's not quite every fanwork I've ever produced, since there are a bunch of vids I need to remaster before I'm happy having them on there, but it's damn close. And since it's a nice round number, it's easy to calculate percentages. By the numbers, my works are:

- 93% fanfiction, 4% vids, 3% fanmixes. (Skewed by only having about half my vids up there.)

- 62% gen, 25.5% slash, 16% het, 3.5% multi, 1% femslash and 1% other. (I use multi for 'this has more than one type of sexual/romantic relationship in it' and other for 'hell if I know.')

- 56.5% Teen And Up, 33.5% General Audiences, 7.5% Mature and 2.5% Explicit. (Yeah, not a lot of actual pr0n in my fic writing career.)

- 23% X-Men of various kinds, 15% Farscape, 12% Babylon 5, 4.5% Doctor Who, 2.5% BtVS, 2% due South, 2% Alias. The other 39% are in fandoms where I've produced three or fewer works. Truly, I am a fannish butterfly.

- Charles Xavier appears in 17.5% of my work, and is the clear winner. The other popular fellows are Magneto at 8%, G'Kar at 7%, Londo Mollari at 5.5%, and Bialar Crais at 4%. This surprises exactly nobody.

- However, Londo/G'Kar is the most prevalent pairing, with 3% of total works. Charles/Erik is on 2.5% and Valjean/Javert 1.5%. Haven't written about any other pairing more than twice in all these years. (This is what comes of being a mostly gen writer and also a fannish butterfly.)

And, my favourite additional tags:

Drabble (33)
Alternate Universe (15)
Pre-Canon (14)
Community: farscapefriday (10)
Missing Scene (8)
Crossover (6)

Thing that surprised me most: I really thought I'd written more crossovers than that!


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