Jan. 24th, 2015

andraste: Reflections. (G'Kar and Londo)
Dear Past Self,

In future when you make fannish projects of any kind - be they fiction, vid or fanmix - I would like to request that you keep intact copies and do not lose them while transitioning between computers. It would save so much confusion!

For example: according to the description, you used the third movement of Sibelius's second symphony. So far so good. Except that as you very well know, the second movement runs straight on into the third. Did you mislabel the track in the notes, and actually just use the fourth movement? Did you fade out the third movement at some point? Did you edit the two together and let The Fall of Centauri Prime take up twenty whole minutes of your FST? (I have to admit that this sounds like something I would do.) It is a mystery!


You, ten years older and unsurprisingly still in love with Babylon 5.

If anyone out there *cough*wychwood*cough* knows how long the track between Stars and Berceuse Pour Un Lion is, I would love to know.

In other news, I have moved on from re-watching the condensed version of Season One to the probably rather less condensed version of Season Two. (Season One contains much material that is excellent and also vitally important, and I think everyone should watch all of it once. I feel no particular need to revisit the likes of TKO right now, though.)

I am somehow amazed all over again at Londo Mollari's ability to make me want to hug him and slap him simultaneously. And also to yell 'this is a terrible idea and you know it, why are you doing this to yourself?!' at the screen as if he were a character in a very grim space opera pantomime.


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