Aug. 14th, 2015

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One of the effects of Vividcon is that it always makes me want to vid more. One of the things that slows me down is that I have this pile of ten vids I need to remaster, and I always feel faintly guilty about working on a new, non-Vividcon project when I should be doing that. So, I have this crazy plan to re-make my All I Want For Christmas Is You vid by, well, Christmas. I know I'll never be able to leave it alone until I go back and fix its many, many tech problems, and of course every time I look at it I think of another six couples I want to somehow stuff in there. In aid of this project, I thought I might try grabbing one clip for it every day.

This is going to be interesting, since I don't have all the source on DVD - a lot of it was borrowed to begin with, and a couple of things I used to own but don't any more. (I don't have enough cabinet space!) I also have no idea which episodes of their respective sources some of those clips come from.

Naturally, things became technically interesting on Day One. As some of you may recall, it opens with a clip from X-Men. Getting aspect ratio right can be tricky at the best of times, without factoring in using Australian DVDs that have had the source resized already. But this takes the cake: when I went to fix the footage, I discovered that it has been unevenly letterboxed. What is this sorcery?! WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?!

I ended up having to make four successive iterations of the clip to get the resizing and cropping correct. Thank goodness for lossless codecs. Truly, aspect ratio is the devil's work.

At least I will be able to grab most of the rest of the clips without being distracted by Patrick Stewart's face. (I can move right along to being distracted by Alexander Siddig's face tomorrow ...)


andraste: The reason half the internet imagines me as Patrick Stewart. (Default)

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