Jun. 1st, 2015

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I am finally almost finished watching Transformers: Prime, a mere two years after it finished! And I have decided that the only downside of episodes like Patch and Thirst is that they make me wish that they'd do something like Rescue Bots about the Decepticons. Only instead of rescuing people they stab each other in the back and do evil science experiments. Not that I have anything against the Prime Autobots, but a sitcom where Starscream and Knockout are room-mates and Megatron is their angry boss/landlord could only be comedy gold.

Thirst also made me realise once and for all that my Prime OTP isn't Megatron/Starscream, but Starscream/Knockout. Partly because this is pretty much the only universe where I really ship Optimus/Megatron, but also because I think Starscream actually likes Knockout, insofar as he's capable of liking anyone. I mean, he actually SAID SOMETHING NICE to him and meant it. And Knockout said something nice back. And then they awkwardly didn't look at each other <3.

I am trying to recall if any prior version of Starscream has ever said something nice to someone when he wasn't sucking up or otherwise attempting to put one over on them. Maybe G1 Starscream about Skyfire? Armada Starscream might have paid someone a genuine compliment at some point, I guess, but he's the anti-Starscream in so many respects that I'm not sure that should count.

I am currently trying to brace myself for Starscream to get killed at the end of the series - I'm unspoiled and don't know that he actually does. But if not that would make it the only TF universe with him in it where he lived to the end, so I am not getting my hopes up. I'm normally not bothered because it happens so often and he always comes back, but he's had such an amazing character arc in this show that I feel like it should end with something other than his death. Unless they've come up with a really cool and appropriate way of doing it, I guess.

But I still want to see the show where Starscream and Knockout accidentally unleash vampires on the Decepticon base every week, in between bitching at each other and trying to kill Shockwave.


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