Jul. 31st, 2017

andraste: Oh, Pants. (Happy Death Day)
You know, probably I should feel bad about all the sexist nonsense posted since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the new Doctor. But the truth is that I have not had this much fun rolling around in misogynist tears since Free! was on. The complainers are just so angry and impotent and convinced that the silent majority agrees with them! Since they've already lost and can't actually accomplish anything other than a lot of pointless bleating, even the worst things they say just make me want to point and laugh even harder.

My favourite bit of misogyny so far is the guy who tweeted RadioFreeSkaro: "Shocking decision. No Doctor Who should be wank fodder." Partly because it sums up so many faulty assumptions in so few characters. All women are sex objects, and that's all they're good for! No men are, because men are subjects! Straight women, gay men and bi/pan people do not exist! But mostly because of the deluge of delightful responses he received before he deleted the tweet, often accompanied by shirtless pictures of earlier Doctors.

Because buddy, I hate to tell you this, but that ship has sailed. It sailed so long ago that it already circumnavigated the globe and returned to Spain with only eighteen of its original crew, then got refitted and sailed for a few more decades before sinking with all hands.

(That metaphor got away from me a bit, but the Victoria was a great old ship. The Doctor should go see what happened to it some time. And then take their shirt off.)


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