Jul. 11th, 2007 12:48 am
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When I got up this morning, yesterday's poll was narrowly in favour of Encounter at Farpoint, so I've decided to begin at the beginning. (I'm not necessarily going to go in order all the way through, though. At the moment my plan is to watch Q's eight TNG appearances and leave the DS9 and Voyager eps for another time.)

It's easy to forget when you haven't watched it for a while just how bad this episode is, especially as the opening of a series. We're hardly introduced to most of the cast, many of whom have nothing interesting to do. The producers clearly expected the audience would be fascinated enough by the special effects to indulge lengthy scenes of the Enterprise docking. The costumes are laughable - Troi's space cheerleader outfit with the kinky boots wins the prize, but Wes Crusher's green sweater isn't far behind. The 'plot' mostly consists of the ship's counsellor looking distressed and telling us she senses pain. (Can you feel my intense boredom, Deanna?) The most convincing relationship in the whole thing is between two giant space jellyfish.

And yet, it's bizarrely entertaining in its own way. It got to the point where I giggled every time someone blurted out a piece of their backstory at random, or a past relationship was referred to with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. ('Let me tell you about how much I dislike children, Commander Riker.' 'Um, sir, we just met, why are you telling me this?' 'It's going to be important later in the episode, and they had to put the exposition in somewhere.')

But never mind all that, there's a reason I watched this: Q!

Even before he takes on the more playful persona of later appearances, Q brightens things up whenever he appears. He moves the plot along, has great chemistry with Picard (he's already calling him mon capitane, awwwww) and wears many silly hats. You know, I think that's what actually impressed Q about our species. Humans may be a grievously savage child race, but they have so many silly hats.

Q also thinks that William Riker is interesting. It's OK, though, he'll get over that delusion by the end of his next appearance and spend the rest of the series mocking him.

Luckily, from Encounter at Farpoint the only way is up and TNG did eventually produce some fantastic episodes. Riker and Picard sum it up:

"I'm just hoping that not all of our missions will be like this."

"I'm sure most of them will be much more interesting."

You said it, mon capitane.

So, all in all, I am glad to have a full set of Q-related episodes on DVD. Even if it does mean I technically paid money for The Q and the Grey. I just wish Paramount would produce more Star Trek Fan Collective sets I want to buy. I might consider picking up the Borg and/or time travel collections eventually, but I have zero interest in Kligons. Why can't I have a DVD box about Cardassians with Chain of Command in it?

There was a Picard DVD released a while ago - never came out in Australia, but I could probably get my hands on it - but it bewilderingly failed to include Chain of Command, The Best of Both Worlds, Family or Tapestry. My resources are limited. I don't want to buy a whole season of TNG just to get Chain of Command!
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So, remember my last poll where I asked you all what I should spend my money on? After banking half, I ended up spending some of it on a warm new scarf, as per my grandmother's wishes, and most of the rest on DVDs. (Couldn't find any boots I wanted the day I went shopping.) As a result, I now own American Gothic, the first season of Absolute Power and the Star Trek Fan Collective Q set.

Now that I'm done catching up with House and not ready to plunge into The West Wing, I have turned my attention to the omnipotent bane of Picard's life. But I don't know if I should watch his appearances in order or not!

[Poll #1017980]

*has somewhat appropriate icon*
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While out buying bread today, I found that the Star Trek Fan Collective DVD set centred around Q is out. Rapture! Now I'm just trying to work out if I should fork out AUS $55 for it when I have money next week. First of all, I need to weigh up the possibility that it will be on sale at some point in the future. Then there's ... well, I'll get to that in a moment.

These fan collective sets, much like the character-centred BtVS and Angel DVDs, a complete rip-off if you're going to buy a lot of them. You can get a whole season of TNG for that same price now, rather than just ten episodes about a particular subject. Several episodes have already been released on more than one of the Fan Collective set, so you could easily end up paying twice over for the same material.

However, if you just want your favourite Q episodes on DVD? This is a good deal. I for one think it's a lovely looking box and you get all of his appearances in TNG, DS9 and Voyager. I think you would have to buy more than ten season box sets to get all of those spread across the different incarnations. While I plan to buy the DS9 sets once I have the capacity, I'm not sure if I'll ever want to own all of TNG. I am certainly not forking out for Voyager just so I can have Death Wish and Q2.

Which brings me to my moral dilemma: this box set has The Q and the Grey on it. I firmly believe that this is one of the worst episodes of anything ever. It's badly acted by much of the cast, including John de Lancie. It's trying to be about three different things at the same time, and it fails horribly at all of them. It tries to tell us that Q are heterosexual and monogamous. It expects us to believe that Q and Janeway have UST! What it is doing here, I do not know.

Encounter At Farpoint is not great, but I don't mind paying for it to get Tapestry. The idea of handing over money for The Q and the Grey fills me with rage.

Maybe I should wait patiently for a Picard set and get Tapestry that way, although it likely wouldn't have Q Who? or Deja Q or all the other Q appearances I enjoy.
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Round one of 'Andraste gives away free fanfiction.' The offer of which still stands, incidentally, if anyone else has a burning desire to ask for something. (I'm vaguely surprised nobody demanded Press Gang stories or anything anime-related, but there you go.)

Anyway. This ... is fluff. That shouldn't surprise me since P/Q is my Pairing Of Happy Bunnies, although that says more about my other pairings than about this one. I have no idea if anyone has used this premise before, other than Alara in a yet-to-be-posted story.

It's for shallot, who wanted Picard/Q and carnality. Depressingly PG-rated in spite of the theme *g*.

Warning: Fluff )


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