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I am officially old. How I know: when I heard that Foxes was appearing in this week's Doctor Who, my first thought was 'but what would foxes be doing on the Orient Express with a mummy in space? Is there a zoo carriage or something? And why the hell is BBC publicity telling me about them, anyway?'

This amuses me because the BBC made a vid set to her cover of Don't Stop Me Now and my main thought about it was "what is that tiger doing there?" (It seems to be an actual tiger, not a singer named Tiger.) Anyway, her cover of the song is great and I loved Mummy on the Orient Express.

In fact, I love this whole season! Not every individual episode (enjoyed Kill the Moon but thought The Caretaker was pretty blah) but every second that the Twelfth Doctor is on my TV is a joy. It still feels awfully hasty to declare him one of my favourites after a mere eight episodes, but the truth of it is that he hit the top four during Deep Breath when he was talking to the tramp about his face, and nothing I've seen since has discouraged my stupid fangirl heart.

So this season is a weird experience for me. My other favourites are the Bakers (yes, both of them) and Troughton, so I've never had to wait around like this before. But I've also never known that one of my best beloved Doctors is going to be back in a brand new TV episode next week.

This is not to say that I don't love Eccleston, Tennant and Smith - I do, and Tennant and Smith are only just below the ranks of My Favourite Doctors. But I just want to watch Twelve do Twelve things for the rest of time. I love that he is grumpy and has no bedside manner. I love that he is Scottish. I love that he has a cigarette case full of jelly babies, because why wouldn't you?


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