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So, I have a plan for November, and that plan is to stuff myself full of Doctor Who for thirty days. I would like to get through fifty stories, because when is that anniversary going to come again? (While I fully intend to be around for the hundredth, I am not planning to repeat this feat then. I'll be too busy trying to find time to watch holovids of all forty-seven Doctors, probably.)

Not all TV stories, both because that would be insane and because the thing with Doctor Who is that I love ALL of it.

So far, I have started on the newly discovered The Web of Fear, re-read a couple of Fourth Doctor comic strips and the Telos novella Fallen Gods and listened to the Big Finish anniversary special, The Light at the End.

I quite enjoyed The Light at the End, despite not usually being a big fan of Nick Briggs as a writer. It did what it said on the tin, with all eight pre-Time War Doctors, a plethora of companions, and something for everyone to do. Certainly the best multi-Doctor story Big Finish has done, and it was lovely to hear Tom Baker and Paul McGann working together. At the end of the first episode I was worried there wasn't enough Six, but that problem corrected itself in the second half where he got to do what he does best. Yelling at Time Lords for being corrupt!

Geoffrey Beavers was given very generic material to work with, but his performance was pretty good anyway. I am sorry he's the only Master that Big Finish has to work with - I kept wistfully thinking of what a Multi Master vs. Multi Doctor story would be like. Somebody should do that as a comic book.

I thought the re-casting was handled as well as could be expected, and although William Russell doesn't sound all that much like William Hartnell, the job is rightly his. He's more convincing than Richard Hurdnall, anyway. And I think I prefer them handling things like this than leaving out the first three Doctors altogether. Now all of them except Nine are in one of the performed anniversary stories.

It was not as good as The Star Beast, though. Obviously Nick Briggs should have added Beep the Meep to the cast of thousands.

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Date: 2013-11-02 06:58 pm (UTC)
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I don't think any Masters could actually co-operate. I thought that was a huge plot flaw in "The End of Time".


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