Jan. 23rd, 2016

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Within the space of an hour, I found out that David Gaider is leaving BioWare and Steven Moffat is leaving Doctor Who. While I wish them all the best in whatever they do next, I am also going to take a moment to be sad :(.

Gaider has been my favourite BioWare writer for a long, long time - ever since Baldur's Gate 2, really. (I am one of the five people on the internet that loved Anomen Delryn and enjoyed his romance, even though I agree that Anomen was a jerk and there should have been more options for female characters.) He created many of my favourite DA characters - Alistair, Morrigan, Zevran, Fenris, Dorian and Cassandra - and was instrumental in building the world they inhabit. Also, he wrote Deekin Scalesinger and Valen, the two characters that make the NWN expansions so much better than the original campaign <3.

I'm interested to see where he goes from here - we know that it was his decision and that he's parting with BioWare on amicable terms, so I wonder whether he's going elsewhere in the games industry or planning to write novels full time. He'd already handed off Dragon Age to Patrick Weekes, and I'm sure the Sekrit New IP is in good hands between Mary Kirby, Sheryl Chee and Lukas Kristjanson. Still, I will miss having him create new BioWare characters!

It's probably time for Steven Moffat to move on from Doctor Who - by the time he actually leaves at the end of 2017, he'll have been responsible for six whole series. On the whole, I've loved his run. It wobbled a bit for me after Amy and Rory left and before Elven regenerated, but outside of that I've consistently enjoyed it. Here's hoping Series Ten is also great and he goes out on a high note.

I've got mixed feelings about Chris Chibnall, who's taking over - on the one hand, he wrote some mediocre episodes of Doctor Who and some downright awful Tochwood. (Everyone is talking about how bad Cyberwoman was, and it is awful, but for my money Countrycide is one of the worst episodes of anything I've ever seen.) On the other hand, he improved at Torchwood as he went along, his more recent episodes of Doctor Who were OK, and I liked the first series of Broadchurch. (Haven't seen the second one yet.) So I guess we'll see how that turns out, come 2018.


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