Jun. 6th, 2015

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So, JMS and the Wachowskis have teamed up to make a show for Netflix. I approve of this, since it means the Wachowskis teaming up with someone who can actually write and JMS teaming up with people who will hopefully make him finish his superhero story this time. I mean, I have nothing but affection for the first The Matrix film and Supreme Power, but ... well, I am hoping they will cover for each other's weak points.

It's too early to come to any conclusions - the first episode is clunky in places, and might have been less appealing to someone who doesn't regard JMS's dialogue quirks with as much affection as I do. (At one point a character unironically says 'if the streets are a jungle, they can only have one king!') However, the premise is intriguing, the cast are engaging, and I'm interested in all the characters. You can't say fairer than that for a first episode.

Mostly, I am wondering what kind of sex we might have seen on screen if the network hadn't been holding JMS back all those years ago during the production of Babylon 5. Because if you have ever wanted to watch Freema Agyeman fuck another woman with a rainbow dildo, then wow, have I got a show for you.

(That's not sarcasm. Or exaggeration. Or a spoiler, since it's an introductory scene for one of the characters. Which involves Freema Ageyman and a rainbow dildo.)


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