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First of all: I apologize for my appalling exchange etiquette. This letter should have been up before assignments went out, and I hope I didn't inconvenience you too much by being stupidly late. I am sorry if I got your ficathon experience off to a bad start :(.

Now the good news: you have been assigned to make me something in one of my favourite fandoms ever, so I will be easily pleased!

I'm pretty relaxed as far as content goes. I like gen, slash, femslash, het and whatever other genre or combination of genres you care to come up with. The only thing I really don't want to see in is animal harm. (I don't know how that would even come up, but I thought I'd mention it.)

I am equally comfortable with any rating from G to NC-17. I don't mind angst and/or unhappy endings. Fluff is fine. Character death is fine. Violence is fine. Sex is fine. Tricks and treats are equally welcome, same for fanfic and fanart.

You can ignore everything here and just do anything you want with any of the characters I requested. Optional details are optional, but I know many people like to have prompts to bounce off so here are a few.

I apologize if these prompts are things that work better for fic than for art; I love fanart but I don't make it myself and I'm probably less effective at working out what might inspire it. Draw any of the people I mention below doing anything you like and we're good!

Babylon 5

Characters: G'Kar, Londo Mollari

I love Londo, I love G'Kar, separately or together. I would happily read about either of them making a shopping list. (They would fight endlessly if they tried to make one together. And then Vir would do the shopping anyway.) I ship the hell out of them, but you don't have to if tentacle aliens and/or marsupial lizards are not your jam.

Tricks: So much potential here! What about the universe where G'Kar ended up a pawn of the Shadows instead of Londo? Or something about what living with a Keeper is like for Londo? Or what G'Kar would have seen if he'd hung around for the Brakiri Day of the Dead?

Treats: For treats, something set during (relatively) happier times would be nice. The early days on the station must look like fun and games in comparison to what came later. I am also a sucker for anything set during that brief, shining window of happiness when G'Kar is Londo's bodyguard and the proverbial hasn't yet hit the fan for the thousandth time.

Doctor Who

Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Amy Pond, Missy, Mickey Smith, Ashildr | Lady Me, Donna Noble, River Song

What I'd most like to see in this fandom is any of the above characters interacting with each other OR any other character from the big, wide world of Doctor Who that you care for. I love to see characters who don't normally meet fight aliens together. River meets Missy? Ashildr runs into Donna? the sky is the limit. Feel free to bring in Classic Who characters if you want; I've seen everything. (Well, sometimes I listened to everything while looking at a series of telesnaps ...)

Tricks: The Doctor Who universe is full of monsters, and it's always interesting to see even experienced time travelers encounter new ones. (Or old ones with new upgrades.)

Treats: On the other hand, I love to see the TARDIS crew encountering things that aren't trying to kill anybody or take over any planets - friendly aliens, amazing natural wonders of the universe, holidays at the Eye of Orion ...

Dragon Age

Characters: Dorian Pavus, Iron Bull, Fenris, Female Inquisitor, Josephine Montilyet, Sera, Zevran Arainai, Female Hawke, Vivienne, Blackwall, Alistair, Sebastian Vael, Female Warden, Lace Harding, Dagna, Valta, Renn

Do you get the impression that I like a lot of characters in Thedas? Because I like a lot of characters in Thedas.

The thing I love most here is the setting itself. If you wanted to you could toss out that whole list and write about someone else, but I thought it might help to have a few ideas to work with.

Tricks: There are so many dark things lurking in the corners of this world. Ancient Elven Gods, Forgotten Ones, Titans - I'd love to see any of those characters above run across anything ancient, powerful and dangerous.

Treats: And alternatively, I love the quiet moments of downtime when the sky is temporarily NOT falling. What do any of these people do to relax when they're not killing things and/or otherwise saving Thedas?

Les Misérables

Characters: Jean Valjean, Javert

So this is the year I requested all my top OTPs. Which does not mean you need to give me sad old French virgins pining, but that is certainly a thing I like if you are into that.

Tricks: Lots of potential for dark subject matter here, whether it's the terrible things Javert did in the name of the law or an AU where Valjean never met Bishop Miriel and saw the light. Or on a more supernatural note, how about a story where Javert haunts Valjean after his death? (Or comes back as a zombie? Zombies are always fun. Especially justice zombies that return from their watery graves because they're obsessed with bread thievery.)

Treats: I adore any and all alternate universes where either of these two get to be happy for a change, separately or together. The tropier the better!

Tiger & Bunny

Characters: Any

I love everybody in this bar show! But especially all of the heroes. I absolutely mean 'any nominated character' here. (Or even un-nominated ones, if you like.)

The world-building in this series intrigues me, especially in regards to the corporatization of super-heroing in Sternbuild. Anything that touches on that (in a positive or negative way) would be great.

Tricks: We know there's at least one person with memory manipulation powers that he uses in deeply screwed-up ways. What if any of the heroes runs into someone else with similar powers? Are the worst villains the ones that nobody even remembers?

Treats: Any or all of the heroes hanging out together is always a delight. They've had get togethers at Barnaby's place and Kotetsu's place, who has hosting duties next? I also love stories about kids getting their superpowers for the first time, especially if they're heavier on the 'I CAN FLY!!!' than the angst, so I'd love to hear about how any of them first found out they were a Next.

X-Men (Original Timeline Movies)

Characters: Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr

First of all: I chose the original timeline movies for this, but I actually don't care which versions you use. I love them all. (Well, the Ultimate comics versions not so much, but never mind that ...) If you want to write something across the various movie timelines, knock yourself out.

They are my OTP of OTPs, but again, I don't care if you write slash or not. This is another case where I would read about either character doing ANYTHING AT ALL.

Tricks: The darker side of telepathy is always fun to explore. I'd rather not read anything where Charles is wandering around mindcontrolling everyone for selfish reasons, though. Using his powers in dubious ways for what he considers the greater good, though? Hell, yes. I would also love to see a dark AU where Erik's plans in X1 or X2 succeeded. (Or X3, I guess, but I don't even know what he thought the Phoenix was going to do after she finished eating all their enemies ...)

Treats: Anything where Charles and/or Erik interact with the followers in a positive way is always interesting to me. You could even do a compare and contrast? And I never get tired of AUs where they somehow work things out and SAVE ALL THE MUTANTS TOGETHER.


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