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With a regeneration in the offing (I don't need to spoiler cut for that, do I?) much has been made of the Doctor's 'thirteen lives' limit.

So we now know that, regardless of how we're going to refer to them, the Eleventh Doctor is actually in his twelfth body. No surprises there, since we've been able to assume that since The Name of the Doctor. What's interesting is that Moffat has apparently stated that the creation of Metacrisis!Ten did use up a whole regeneration - which would mean that Eleven is actually on his last body RIGHT NOW.

This isn't a certainty by any means. Moffat, after all, is an inveterate liar. (And with good reason. I'm certainly not complaining that he lied about there being no classic doctors in the 50th.) It seems likely, however, that the Christmas special is actually going to address the regeneration limit.

It's possible that the moment has already been prepared for at we just haven't had it confirmed. The Sisterhood of Karn's regeneration juice is an obvious McGuffin, although since it's only been in an minisode they'd need to explain it again for the part of the audience not obsessed with Paul McGann. More plausibly, River gave up her regenerations in Let's Kill Hitler - if surviving the poison only consumed one, the Doctor could have as many as nine left over from that.

I've always found it curious that the regeneration limit is one of the show's better-known bits of lore, given that it wasn't even invented until The Deadly Assassin and has only been referred to on screen a of times since. There seem to be more people who know the Doctor can only regeneration twelve times than people who know the Daleks have been dealing with stairs perfectly well since the Eighties. It's going to be a bit weird to finally have that out of the way in less than a month, if that is what actually happens! It will be strange not to have someone turning up on Outpost Gallifrey every few weeks wondering if the show will end after the Thirteenth Doctor.

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Date: 2013-11-27 10:13 pm (UTC)
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Obviously the Doctor got seven more regenerations from the energy when Rose shorted out the Blinovitch Limitation Effect when she held her baby self, as that's the Blinovitch Limitation Effect short to Time Lord Regeneration conversion established in Mawdryn Undead. ;)


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