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25. Nighthawk

*laughs* Your lack of enthusiasm about the New Warriors is so comprehensive that you've put in the Defenders character instead; Darkhawk is the New Warrior. It's possible they might find a spot for him in the spacewar/Nova side of things, where he has some history, but it doesn't seem very likely. (The MCU is also not likely to use Nighthawk, except as a joke, given his origin as a Batman analogue. Plus they've already got a fucked-up rich boy.)

I don't think any individual New Warriors (except Nova, but I agree with you about Sam Alexander) are likely to make the cut, because they're more interesting as a team of teenage superheroes. Which is a totally valid movie concept, and one that the MCU will probably want to explore sooner or later--the world situation in both RL and the MCU is ripe for "the adults have fucked everything up and we're going to fix it"--but the Young Avengers are also right there waiting for that slot. (They'd need some adjusting, but so would the NW.) The Runaways also have some of that theme going, of course, but the Runaways' high concept precludes the whole "we're here and we're superheroes" thing, at least until several acts in.
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