Dec. 1st, 2013

andraste: New New Doctor (Tenth Doctor)
So, last week it became apparent that Our Better Angels was missing a part. But since I'd worked out what the War Doctor's daemon should be before I finished watching The Day of the Doctor the second time, here's the missing segment.

You don't have to read that story first, although if you don't know what a Daemonverse AU is, then it would probably help explain.

Word Count: 500-ish.

Rating: PG

Summary: He's never alone. Even when he wishes that he were.

I'd say 'spoilers', but I don't think this really makes sense without 'The Day of the Doctor' anyway. )

(I really need to finish more stuff in this series, if only to justify the ridiculous lists of Whoverse daemons I've made. For some reason my brain would not let me write more until I'd determined the daemon of EVERY RECURRING CHARACTER in every medium I'm familiar with. I think I can guarantee that I am the only person in all time and space who as ever contemplated what Abslom Daak's daemon would be.)


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