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I think even the individually well-written parts of comics Civil War were tainted for me by decades of X-Men comics about why registration was a Bad Idea. It just wasn't a story that made sense for the universe it was set in - thank goodness the movie didn't have that problem!

Which is why I wonder how differently this movie plays outside the US versus inside...

Indeed. I facepalmed at Steve's 'but what if we can't go somewhere that we're needed?!' because I'm pretty sure the people of Nigeria would rather that the Avengers had fought Crossbones somewhere other than downtown Lagos.

(And suddenly I wonder how many comic book writers vote Republican?)

I think there are probably more Libertarians than Republicans - who are just as annoying in a slightly different way.

Before this happens in the MCU, though, I hope Tony gets around to founding the Order, because I need Henry Hellrung to exist in the MCU as well.

Oooo, good point!

Really, what they need is some kind of Board of Directors like the Avengers have in comicsverse, with people from the U.N. and some people who provide a more inside perspective on superheroing. (I wouldn't want Nick Fury in charge of the Avengers on his own, but he'd make a good board member. And maybe they should ask Hank Pym, assuming his dislike of Starks didn't put him off the whole idea.)

I see your Everett Ross/Stephen Strange slash and raise you a Middleearth crossover with Everett Ross/Thorin Oakenshield!

Or Everett Ross/Smaug! (I am vaguely surprised to go to the AO3 and see that none of these have happened already, but then I remembered that the movie doesn't even come out in the US for a few more days.)

As I said in my review, it would have been far, far better if they had trashed the already empty (so no evacuation necessary) eternally unfinished new Berlin airport instead. This immediately would have made the Avengers heroes in Germany again since the whole thing is a national joke. Whereas the Leipzig airport is direly needed.

I feel like Ant-Man is going to be the one to respond to all the complaints with 'we're sorry, next time we'll be sure to wreck your other airport! And Tony Stark will pay for that one, too!'

Same here. I've seen grumblings about Tony should have understood that Bucky was brainwashed and would never have done it in his right mind etc., and while he'll probably get there (we don't see him still in VENGEANCE mode at the end of the movie, after all), it's a bit much to demand that understanding at this specific moment.

Especially after the day he's already had by then. I guess that this will be resolved by the end of Infinity War, either because Tony reconciles with Steve to fight Thanos or because Bucky gets defrosted and also helps fight Thanos.

I fear for the beetle. And the beetle owner. Those things are antiques by now. And it's not like he/they can sue Steve and expect money at this point.

I kept wondering where they even got the Beetle. Or how they all managed to fit inside. Maybe they took it because old cars are easier to hotwire than new ones? That seems like the kind of skill HYDRA would make sure Winter Soldier had. Anyway, I hope it was reported stolen and recovered, possibly with a note saying 'sorry we took your car, it was for saving the world' in Captain America's handwriting inside.

We're getting a Captain Marvel movie in 2018! So maybe she'll at least get a cameo in Infinity War.

Re: Spidey 3, I want more of this relationship with Tony before it inevitably crashes. (Law of youthful superhero and mentor with shadier colors.) With Bruce missing, Peter is the ideal person to be a science nephew.

Agreed! And hey, at least he's a less shady Science Uncle than Norman Osborne ...
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