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Galavant Season Two

Thanks to the wonders of geo-block dodging, I have just finished watching the Galavant finale! It was a unique, funny and surprising show - so of course it rated even more appallingly after its unlikely renewal and is probably never coming back to television. Naturally it ends with characters singing about how they'll probably have to look for work on a crummy cable network.

Fortunately, while the door is left open for a possible Season Three in case ABC take leave of their senses a second year running or they get rescued by Netflix, there's no horrible cliffhanger like the one we got last time. (Well, there are actually plenty, but not at the end of the season.) Season Two wasn't perfect, but it was mostly great and I'll miss it sincerely.

My biggest problem with this series was the lack of character development for Roberta - she really needed some personality traits other than 'is competent' and 'likes Richard.' I was hoping Richard's meeting with his inner child would lead to us finding out how she saw his good points back when they were kids, but no :(.

I also thought Galavant had very little development this season - the show has always been about the ensemble cast and not just the title character, but outside of his attitude towards Richard, he doesn't change much over this year's ten episodes. His goal is 'get to Isabela' and that never wavers - and their comedy misunderstanding caused by poor mobile reception is resolved in thirty seconds. (Not that I didn't want that happily ever after.)

Apart from those flaws, though, everything else was delightful. Timothy Omundson will go down in history as the most adorkable no-longer-evil king ever, and he continues to sing like an angel. I always super believed in Tad Cooper, simply because it was going to be much funnier if he was a real dragon, and I was not disappointed :).

I have no idea how Gareth and Madelena became my favourite pairing on the show, but here we are. Madelena was already a great character in Season One, but in Season Two she has far more depth and the best arc of the season. And Vinnie Jones singing along with the happy Disney bluebird has to be seen to be believed. Gareth's developing relationship with Sid was another of the joys of this season, and the thing I'm looking forward to most if a renewal miracle does happen again is their quest to save Madelena from herself. Also, my heart melted with Gareth and Richard reconciled - "I'm staying with my friend" indeed.

Meanwhile, even the supporting characters like Vincenzo, Gwynne, the Jester and Isabela's parents got happy endings! I was also even more impressed with the string of surprisingly high profile guest stars this year - including Our Kylie in an absolutely perfect appearance as the Queen of All Queens.

All in all, here's hoping the Cancellation Bear somehow overlooks it again, but if it doesn't at least it went on a (literal) high note.
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[personal profile] lilysea 2016-02-02 01:40 am (UTC)(link)
I <3 Galavant. and King Richard singing!
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[personal profile] vilakins 2016-02-02 09:26 am (UTC)(link)
I love Galavant! It's so well done and so funny; in fact I watched one tonight. I think we're fast approaching the final ep. Damn, I'll miss tham all; they've so grown on me.