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Oh, man, I should not have watched the end of Mysterious Cities of Gold and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End on the same day. Not because they weren't both MADE OF PURE AWESOME but because ...

Spoilers for new movie and old cartoon series. )
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Thanks to some kind person giving me paid lj time, I can now go back to spamming you all from work when I have nothing to do. And wow, do I ever have nothing to do tonight. I came back from lunch thirty-five minutes ago, and the only call I've had since then was someone wanting to cancel his account. He breifly livened up my evening by abusing me when I pointed out that the relevant department don't work on Sunday nights.

Having nothing of import to say, I'll just note in passing that I'm now most of the way through my first adult viewing of The Mysterious Cities of Gold. In this morning's thrilling installment, Mendoza shot an alligator. Is there any fierce animal that man can't dispose of with nothing but a sharpened stick and maybe a Sixteenth Century sidearm? He is, like, 100% pure cool.
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I still have to answer the Five Things meme prompts you all gave me, but as I've been reliving my childhood this week ...

(These are in alphabetical order, not order of love.)

1. Astro Boy

Flying high in the sky,
He may be small, but only in size ...

My first fannish love, this cartoon shaped my psyche to a scary degree. Astro's younger (yet taller) brother Atlas was my first fictional character crush, and set me up to love Magneto later in life.

2. Dungeons & Dragons

God, I loved this show. Especially the way Eric was always there, with his sense of self-preservation, to react to things like killer dragons as a sane person would. It wasn't very common for heroes of eighties cartoons to get really down or scared or almost give up on their quest, but the characters in D&D had to go through that all the time.

3. The Mysterious Cities of Gold

I think we've covered this rave already :). But it bears repeating that the Golden Condor is the coolest thing in anything, ever.

4. The Real Ghostbusters

It wasn't until after I'd fallen for Babylon 5 that I found out exactly why The Real Ghostbusters was so great - this is the show JMS cut his teeth on, before he had space stations and post-Apocalyptic wastelands to play with. Ghostbusters was scary and funny in the best way, and I wish they would just put it out on DVD already.

5. Transformers

When your cartoon is about giant robots that transform into stuff and fight each other, it's hard to screw it up. It doesn't matter if the dialogue is clunky, the villains' plans are dumb or most of the characters are one-dimensional. It's giant robots fighting! What could be better than that? And I still remember being devastated the first time I saw the movie and Optimus died.

I am so glad to find that Prime will have his original voice for the 2007 movie, although confused that Movieverse!Bumblebee will not be a VW Beetle. Also hoping that Megatron and Starscream will be as delightfully slashy as they've always been.
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All right - after my post the other day, I just couldn't sit here watching The Mysterious Cities of Gold without feeling bad for all the people who couldn't watch it. I'm about to make the first of many locked posts with a link to an episode.

If you want to download it and I don't have access, please just comment and I'll add you. Also feel free to spread the word if you know other people who would be interested.

If the copyright holders have a problem with this, I'll make them a deal: they release the English dub commercially, I'll stop distributing it online. I find it hard to feel guilty about uploading a twenty-five year old cartoon that you can't buy outside Japan and places that speak French.
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The icon over to your left is from the Most Awesomest Show Ever. Well, all right, one of them.

I've been meaning to make a post about my rekindled love for The Mysterious Cities of Gold for a long while now, but I'm in the process of finishing off my viewing of the series so I can finally return the copy I have to its owner. (I won't be done by this Friday, [ profile] lokisrose, but I should be through by the next Friday.) Anyway, for anyone thinking 'hey, I think I remember that show. Wasn't there a big yellow bird?', this is a post to jog your memory.

With pictures and everything! )

This post has certainly not got me thinking that this show would make a great crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean or Doctor Who.


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