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... while in his presence at Armageddon today:

1) "So, if the Eighth Doctor was only wearing a shroud before he stole that New Year's masquerade costume and has no shoes until Grace gives him some, does that mean he's also got no underwear? Does he go commando, or what?"

2) "What are you wearing?" (That one wasn't suggested by me, because it is silly. I mean, he was right there, I could see what he was wearing!)

3) "You really are terribly pretty, aren't you?"

4) "Would you sign my copy of The Stranger?" [1]

5) "Will you marry me?"

I am proud of myself! I mean, I didn't say anything particularly interesting while getting his autograph, but I spoke in whole sentences, asked a sensible question and remembered how to spell my own name. I consider this a win. (I do not usually become incapable of any coherent thought in the presence of smoking hot guys or actors I admire. When a smoking hot guy is also an actor I admire, though, I make no promises.)

Of course, Paul McGann was not the only attraction, or even the only Doctor Who related one. Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred were also in attendance, and all three were charming and entertaining. While I'd heard many of the anecdotes before, there's nothing quite like listening to the actors deliver them live, and they did relate a few I'd somehow missed. For example, I did not know that it took Eric Roberts a week to realise that the bloke in the wig and velvet coat on the set was the same as the bloke sans wig and velvet coat he kept seeing at at the hotel. (I lol'ed way to much at that; possibly the TV movie has given me an unfair opinion of Eric Roberts.) Sylvester McCoy claimed to be deeply afraid of Anthony Ainley.

While the content was entertaining, the Sunday morning Doctor Who panel had to be one of the least well organized panels I've ever attended. I don't blame the poor volunteer staff for the limited microphones and ridiculously noisy venue (seriously, they need to start renting an extra panel room again) but they weren't very good at making sure different people got a fair shot at questions. I spotted one guy who had his hand up the whole time without getting any attention, while someone else got to ask three.

Anyway, my friends and I had a good time at the con and purchased shiny things! I was really impressed by the cosplay this year - I've been to all four Armageddon cons in Melbourne and the scene has really come on by leaps and bounds. Every time we walk out saying that we're going to cosplay next time; maybe we should actually get on that.

[1] If you haven't heard about this obscure and thoroughly pornographic bit of Doctor Who apocrypha, perhaps I had best save the explanation for another day.


Sep. 4th, 2010 10:03 am
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These things are always in flux, but apparently Paul McGann is meant to be coming to Armageddon next month along with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred. Paul McGann!!! This is kind of terrible. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to meet Sylvester and Sophie, but I am unlikely to accidentally propose marriage to either of them.

I will have to get my friends to promise they will kick me if I say anything completely stupid. Although that would require bringing friends I can be sure won't also lose the power of coherent thought in Paul McCann's presence, which may be a tall order.

Now I have to figure out what to get them all to sign! I am thinking Ghost Light, plus The Chimes of Midnight for McGann and Punchline for McCoy. I don't own any Ace audios on CD, but maybe I should order one before the con ... after I check the item signing limits, I guess. I don't normally bother with autographs, but the opportunity to wave my arms at TWO DOCTORS and a favourite companion is too awesome to pass up.
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Final verdict: awesome day, even though I managed to leave my ticket at home and had to buy another one. *rolls eyes at self*

We started out by doing our usual lap of the stalls - there were more of them this year and they seemed to have brought just as much stock as before, so there was a lot of stuff jammed into the space. Particularly undignified was the scramble for $5 DVDs and manga at the bargain table in the back - they really needed some kind of orderly queue system there, as the only way to get a look at anything was to shove. We also got to try out the Wii version of the upcoming Marvel Superhero Squad. I'm absolutely terrible with a Wiimote, but the game is adorable and I'll definitely be picking up the DS version at some point.

By the time we'd finished checking everything out, it was time for two of my friends to go see Jason Momoa (Ronon from Stargate: Atlantis for those not in the relevant fandom) so [personal profile] lokisrose and I headed off for an early lunch. We got back in time for me to go to the Q&A with Peter David and Greg Rucka - there were some annoying fanboy questions, but overall it was an interesting panel. Both of them are entertaining speakers with extensive experience and therefore plenty of great stories to tell. (I especially enjoyed their anecdotes about story ideas of theirs that Marvel and DC wouldn't publish, although I'm sorry we'll never get to see those in comic book form.) I caught up with Peter David right after the panel and got him to sign my copy of the Madrox limited series that preceded X-Factor. I didn't get a chance to talk to him for long since there was a line forming behind me, but I did ask him if he had a planned end in mind for X-Factor. According to the man himself, he'll keep going until Marvel fire him or the book gets cancelled *g*.

After that we headed over to the Titan Maximum panel to check out the Robot Chicken team's new claymation series. They screened the 22 minute pilot and it was hilarious. The humour is in the same vein as Robot Chicken, but it parodies a genre rather than a single source. If you like their previous work, you should check it out, although it's obviously not for everyone. Seth Green and the others took questions afterwards, and I wish I'd been brave enough to get up and thank them for their Optimus Prime PSA. (I didn't feel comfortable getting up in front of the whole con and saying 'thank you for raising awareness of prostate cancer with giant robots!' because it's a personal issue for me. But I really would like to thank them one day for making me laugh at a sketch about a disease that killed my grandfather and resulted in major surgery for my dad. Maybe I should write to them instead.)

After that, it was time to go shopping in earnest; luckily my grandmother gave me some spending money a couple of weeks ago. I bought a handful of cheap CCG boosters, one DVD box set, one graphic anthology and four action figures. Even given that the comic was big and heavy, this indicated remarkable restraint on my part.

The final highlight of my day was getting something signed by Greg Rucka - he wasn't there when I went by the comic signing booth earlier, but he wrote a dedication in my copy of Cry For Blood and I got to talk to him for several minutes. Mainly I grinned like an idiot and told him how awesome he was and how much I loved Huntress and Question (both of them) and Batwoman. In return he told me about some upcoming issues of Detective Comics which will involve Helena and Renee teaming up! He said they had a relationship like Legolas and Gimli, which sounds promising to me. (They're also going to have a deep and meaningful conversation about Vic Sage - it hadn't occurred to me before, but Helena doesn't know what happened to him. It's not like there's a superhero newsletter that goes out to explain these things.) Anyway, Greg Rucka is incredibly nice as well as being indecently talented, and I can't wait to read about Huntress and Question teaming up to fight crime.
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Today [ profile] lokisrose and I attended the first Armageddon convention ever held in our fair city, and had an absolute blast. Short version: shiny things, Alan Tudyk, more shiny things, Gail Simone and vid show!

More ramblier version below cut ... )


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