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I've had a domestic kind of day today; jobs really pile up if you spend all your time working at the computer. I've done two loads of washing, the vacuuming, and changed Muphy's water [1]. After this, I'd better go and do something about tea, since I said I'd cook tonight.

I'm still too scared to look at Chapter Two, but intellectually I know that my fear is groundless - things always look better if you leave them for a while and then go back. I've got a couple of days before I said I'd get it in, anyway. No panic yet, since it's mostly written.

[1] Murphy is my betta. He's blue, which will surprise no-one who's visited my web page. He is also named after Morpheus (under his alias from "A Game of You") because when when fish die one mourns appropriately, then acquires another in a different colour that performs the same function, although it is by no means the same fish [2].

[2] Please note that this does not indicate flippancy about the health of my pet, merely an awareness that fish don't care what you call them, so there's no need to worry about recycling the name in the future :). I take care of Murphy to the best of my ability (although I hope to get him a bigger tank come Christmas) and have had him a year and four months now.

Good News

Aug. 31st, 2001 08:51 pm
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I walked into my supervisor's office this morning, asked him how Chapter One was and he told me he hoped my thesis got published at the end of the year because he wanted to assign it to his first year students :-). So now I get to to the I-might-get-published happy dance. Peter really likes my writing style, too - says that I have a strong, distinctive voice that's all too rare in history. Another interesting point about author identity there, in that it's good to have one :).

After that, I decided that I'd earned my afternoon off and meandered my way into the city to meet Yasmin. It turned out that they were only showing the dub of "Perfect Blue", but I'm not otaku enough for that to spoil the experience completely :). The film was wonderful in any version, and the ending caught me completely by surprise. We met vegan art student from Geelong out the front of the cinema who told us he was a geek. I just looked at Yasmin, grinned and said "bet you're not as geeky as us", without going into details ;).

(And Rossi, I think that a road trip to Aussiecon via Aubrey sounds like an ace idea. I'll get back to you on the list some time tomorrow.)

To prove how geeky I am: today, I read the first issue of the latest Rogue LS in the comic shop. I had to, because Charles was on every damn page. Believe it or not, he's been retconned a hobby of nursing wounded animals back to health. Which is cute and all, but both inaccurate and unnecessary 8-\. I always thought that the X-Men had a really good reason not to keep pets - the house keeps getting blown up - and we already *know* that Xavier is a good guy with a soft sport for strays. To quote Paul O'Brien, apparently his "I'm A Nice Man" t-shirt was in the wash. I mean, I appreciate learning that he adopted a kitten when he was nine, but I think that the owl, the possum, the dog, the mice and the bobcat were a touch excessive ...

Anway, yeah. Good day. Mononoke Hime next Saturday, with Rossi along as well :).
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Not much time this afternoon since I have a lecture to go to - I'll comment on Kielle's and Xander's fascinating followups to yesterday's post tomorrow. I finally stopped pretending that I was working on Chapter Two and did five hundred words of Chapter One in the library this afternoon instead, so at least I fell like I've done *something*. It's amazing what a difference getting away from your own desk can make sometimes.

I've got a rough draft of Alara's birthday present done, too. (She wants Joseph stories. There's a message on Asteroid A about it, her new Magneto page which is linked off the old one. Under News. Go read. Then go write her something - she's earned it.) I wanted to give her a birthday present, not a Christmas present and a sheepish grin, so I knew I'd have to start early, but I never thought I'd have the basics done so fast. All I have to do it whip it out on the 16th of October after the thesis goes in and pound it into shape before the 20th. I feel virtuous all round today :). Maybe I'll start my Holiday Fanfiction Project story next - had the idea back in June. It's an Authority story, if anyone out there is taking dibs yet ;).
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I can speak in coherant sentances today, which is nice, and my chest feels looser, which is a good sign. But there's a pain right down in my lungs that I don't like at all. Think I'll have to get to see a doctor, but I don't quite know how I can. This is the downside of not having a car - if I want to go somewhere, I have to walk/take the bus, and I don't think that would be a good idea at the moment.

I still haven't finished that damn thesis chapter, although I'll have to send my supervisor *something* tonight. I think that "I spent the last two days in bed" is a pretty good excuse, but time is running down. Today is one of those days where I have a bad, bad feeling about the whole piece of work. I guess that worrying about it won't help me get better, though.

On the up side (I love fanfic - there's always an up side when you've got fanfic) I did five hundred words of Alara's birthday present today, a Joseph & Xavier story I've had sitting in my head since '97. Nice to finally get it down in words.

I should go work now. Or sleep.


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