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So, northern summer means a break in TV for those of us in the Magic Land of Downloadia, too, even though it's freezing outside and watching television from under a blanket is one of the only sensible activities. (I didn't make the bed today because I had to keep climbing back into it.)

I've already used the time to catch up on Season Three of Orphan Black - say what you will about the plausibility of some of the twists, but I never get to the end of an episode without being desperate to know what happens next. Thirty episodes in, I still regularly forget that Tatiana Maslany is not five people, and I love the characters.

Now, there's plenty of TV for me to watch or rewatch during the break - especially now I have Netflix! - but I was thinking I should use at least some of the time to catch up on all of something relatively short. Hence this highly scientific poll, in case someone has an informed opinion:

Poll #16819 TV Poll
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What should I watch first?

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6 (50.0%)

Penny Dreadful
3 (25.0%)

Black Sails
2 (16.7%)

Something else that I will tell you about in the comments.
1 (8.3%)

I know very little about any of these options. I've just heard the distant buzzing sound creating by happy fans, and avoided spoilers as a result. (My knowledge can be summed up with 'zombies and David Anders, sort of like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen only Billie Piper is involved somehow and, um ... there are presumably pirates in it?')

Help and advice in the form of poll responses appreciated!
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So, in recent months there have been indications that Big Finish have got their hands on at least part of the new series Doctor Who license. (Not that it's all that new after a whole decade back on TV, but you know what I mean.) We're getting UNIT with Kate Stewart, Torchwood with Jack Harkness and now ... RIVER SONG!!! With the Eighth Doctor! Somehow! She's showing up in the second Eighth Doctor Doom Coalition box set next year, and then getting her own box set later in 2016, for which Paul McGann will be making a guest appearance of some kind.

The publicity is making a big deal out of how River and Eight can interact when she can't meet him in his pre-Ten incarnation, but I think we all know the right answer: amnesia-inducing lipstick. I mean, this is Eight we're talking about, so she could just wait for him to hit his head and forget everything, but amnesia lipstick would make sure.

We're also getting a Churchill box set read by Ian McNeice, and an Old Doctors, New Monsters box where Five meets the Weeping Angels, Six meets the Judoon, Seven meets the Sycorax and Eight meets ... um, the Sontarans. But new ones. Apparently. (Well, I guess he's meeting River. But still, it seems a little unfair. They couldn't use the Silents, which can induce convenient amnesia even without lipstick? Evil clockwork robots? Heck, I'd take the Slitheen.)

Now they just need to make my real dream come true: a Paternoster Gang series that crosses over with Jago & Litefoot. Come on, Big Finish, this HAS to happen! Until it does I'll keep worrying that one of the actors will be hit by a bus without you having done the perfect crossover.

Speaking of which, someone on Gallifrey Base pointed out that this leaves the way open for UNIT vs. Torchwood vs. the Forge vs Countermeasures. I think they should go the entire hog and throw in C19 and Wonderland. (Everyone should be tripping over each other investigating the same alien invasion ... which then turns out to be a stray weather balloon.)
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So, it took me six days to go from 'well, this is interesting ...' to 'WHY ISN'T THERE MORE ALREADY???' I could sit here the rest of the night and nitpick plot details and pacing issues, and not all of the eight character storylines were equally strong. However, the show's visual beauty and amazing character interaction firmly outweighed its weaknesses for me. Some dot points about why:

- While the details didn't always work for me, the plot always dragged me along. I never finished watching an episode without desperately wanting to know what happened next. (Including, unfortunately, the last one. I know this went up less than a week ago, Netflix, but please put me out of my misery and renew it.)

- I love the way they explore how the relatively low-level superpower of sharing a psychic connection with seven other people changes the lives of the people involved and makes so many impossible things possible.

- Most of all, though, I just loved watching the characters interact. Some of my favourite moments were the ones where they just talked quietly. (I will admit to crying through all of what I will always think of as Nomi's Big Gay Pep Talk.)

- A quarter of the main cast are LGBT (sorry, Nomi, I know you want to get rid of the letters ...) Half are women. Around half regular characters are people of colour. Because they shot in the actual locations, the Kenyans are largely played by Kenyans, the Icelanders by Icelanders, the Koreans by Koreans, the Mexicans by Mexicans, the Indians by Indians and the Germans by Germans! (Seriously, that last one surprised me the most. Hollywood German accents are usually relentlessly awful.)

- The cast is fabulous. I have favourites, but they're all charismatic and likeable.

- In addition to the above, there are a whole lot of completely shallow reasons to like this show. For starters, I don't think I've seen such a collectively attractive cast since Heroes. And the writers and directors are clearly enjoying the freedom from the constraints of network TV to bring us lots of nudity and sex, gratuitous and otherwise. I already mentioned the rainbow dildo, but I'm especially happy to report that they don't follow that enraging trend of showing women naked constantly while all the men mysteriously keep their pants on. Close-up, full-frontal male nudity ftw! (It's totally relevant to the plot. Really.) There is also a bisexual psychic orgy that has to be seen to be believed.

- Speaking of shallow reasons to watch: Naveen Andrews! (Who has remained depressingly clothed so far. Dear show: my crush dates back to The Buddha of Suburbia, and he wasn't shy back then. So please make sure Jonas is in the next bisexual psychic orgy, kthnx.)

- It's given me an excuse to use the phrase 'bisexual psychic orgy' multiple times.

- I am both amused and pleased that when we talk about the time on that JMS show where all the telepaths sang together, we now have an example where this was heart-warming and glorious as well as one where it was terrible. I have to wonder if JMS has been thinking about fandom's reaction to Byron's protest song for all these years, trying to work out where he went wrong and how to fix it ...

- Miguel Silvestre gets my vote for the actor who can deliver any line of JMS dialogue, no matter how potentially stagey or corny, and make it sound completely convincing. (Naturally Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas shared it on B5.) It probably helps that this is an ability his character has in universe, too. I think the part where he talks to the bartender is my favourite example. People who have watched already will know the speech I mean.

- I desperately need to see these characters knock over a casino or perform an improbable bank heist, in fanfic if nowhere else.
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Seams and Scars (1621 words) by Andraste
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Blackwall/Cadash

After, during, before. Blackwall and Cadash try to keep things together.

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So, finally finished Transformers: Prime! It doesn't edge out Animated as my favourite iteration, but it was pretty great.

Unfortunately, I think I would have preferred the ending we got in the last episode of Season Three to the one presented by the movie :(. There are a few reasons for that.

Spoilers. )
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So, JMS and the Wachowskis have teamed up to make a show for Netflix. I approve of this, since it means the Wachowskis teaming up with someone who can actually write and JMS teaming up with people who will hopefully make him finish his superhero story this time. I mean, I have nothing but affection for the first The Matrix film and Supreme Power, but ... well, I am hoping they will cover for each other's weak points.

It's too early to come to any conclusions - the first episode is clunky in places, and might have been less appealing to someone who doesn't regard JMS's dialogue quirks with as much affection as I do. (At one point a character unironically says 'if the streets are a jungle, they can only have one king!') However, the premise is intriguing, the cast are engaging, and I'm interested in all the characters. You can't say fairer than that for a first episode.

Mostly, I am wondering what kind of sex we might have seen on screen if the network hadn't been holding JMS back all those years ago during the production of Babylon 5. Because if you have ever wanted to watch Freema Agyeman fuck another woman with a rainbow dildo, then wow, have I got a show for you.

(That's not sarcasm. Or exaggeration. Or a spoiler, since it's an introductory scene for one of the characters. Which involves Freema Ageyman and a rainbow dildo.)
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I am finally almost finished watching Transformers: Prime, a mere two years after it finished! And I have decided that the only downside of episodes like Patch and Thirst is that they make me wish that they'd do something like Rescue Bots about the Decepticons. Only instead of rescuing people they stab each other in the back and do evil science experiments. Not that I have anything against the Prime Autobots, but a sitcom where Starscream and Knockout are room-mates and Megatron is their angry boss/landlord could only be comedy gold.

Thirst also made me realise once and for all that my Prime OTP isn't Megatron/Starscream, but Starscream/Knockout. Partly because this is pretty much the only universe where I really ship Optimus/Megatron, but also because I think Starscream actually likes Knockout, insofar as he's capable of liking anyone. I mean, he actually SAID SOMETHING NICE to him and meant it. And Knockout said something nice back. And then they awkwardly didn't look at each other <3.

I am trying to recall if any prior version of Starscream has ever said something nice to someone when he wasn't sucking up or otherwise attempting to put one over on them. Maybe G1 Starscream about Skyfire? Armada Starscream might have paid someone a genuine compliment at some point, I guess, but he's the anti-Starscream in so many respects that I'm not sure that should count.

I am currently trying to brace myself for Starscream to get killed at the end of the series - I'm unspoiled and don't know that he actually does. But if not that would make it the only TF universe with him in it where he lived to the end, so I am not getting my hopes up. I'm normally not bothered because it happens so often and he always comes back, but he's had such an amazing character arc in this show that I feel like it should end with something other than his death. Unless they've come up with a really cool and appropriate way of doing it, I guess.

But I still want to see the show where Starscream and Knockout accidentally unleash vampires on the Decepticon base every week, in between bitching at each other and trying to kill Shockwave.
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So, having stayed up marathoning the rest of Daredevil, I am finally caught up. Instead of actual thoughts, I have dot points.

1. You know, at this point, if everything they make in the future sucks - and I do have serious misgivings about Ant-Man and Civil War - I will not feel like they owe me anything. Eleven films and three TV shows that I have enjoyed is a pretty impressive achievement.

2. It never ceases to amaze me that they consistently pull of making something that appears to a mass audience and draws high-pitched noises from people who know who Melvin Potter is.

3. Nobody should ever let Wanda and Wilson Fisk come within a hundred feet of one another unless Fisk is safely restrained. (And I think we're talking vibranium shackles here.)

4. So Gao is from pure speculation. )

5. In conclusion: Nelson, Murdock and Page, the finest avacados in the land!
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I can't believe that after almost three years, Act One is finally done. I've been playing since the final beta weekend, and it was really something to walk my girl out onto that balcony. All the way to Tokyo and the top of the tower.

I found the gameplay in this issue rather frustrating, as I ran into some problems that forced me to repeat a bunch of difficult content. It was all completely worth it, though, because we finally got our wings! Mine are golden and glorious and I love them <3.

Storyline spoilers. )
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So, as of yesterday, I have posted exactly two hundred fanworks to the AO3! That's not quite every fanwork I've ever produced, since there are a bunch of vids I need to remaster before I'm happy having them on there, but it's damn close. And since it's a nice round number, it's easy to calculate percentages. By the numbers, my works are:

- 93% fanfiction, 4% vids, 3% fanmixes. (Skewed by only having about half my vids up there.)

- 62% gen, 25.5% slash, 16% het, 3.5% multi, 1% femslash and 1% other. (I use multi for 'this has more than one type of sexual/romantic relationship in it' and other for 'hell if I know.')

- 56.5% Teen And Up, 33.5% General Audiences, 7.5% Mature and 2.5% Explicit. (Yeah, not a lot of actual pr0n in my fic writing career.)

- 23% X-Men of various kinds, 15% Farscape, 12% Babylon 5, 4.5% Doctor Who, 2.5% BtVS, 2% due South, 2% Alias. The other 39% are in fandoms where I've produced three or fewer works. Truly, I am a fannish butterfly.

- Charles Xavier appears in 17.5% of my work, and is the clear winner. The other popular fellows are Magneto at 8%, G'Kar at 7%, Londo Mollari at 5.5%, and Bialar Crais at 4%. This surprises exactly nobody.

- However, Londo/G'Kar is the most prevalent pairing, with 3% of total works. Charles/Erik is on 2.5% and Valjean/Javert 1.5%. Haven't written about any other pairing more than twice in all these years. (This is what comes of being a mostly gen writer and also a fannish butterfly.)

And, my favourite additional tags:

Drabble (33)
Alternate Universe (15)
Pre-Canon (14)
Community: farscapefriday (10)
Missing Scene (8)
Crossover (6)

Thing that surprised me most: I really thought I'd written more crossovers than that!
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So, I finally finished updating those notes.

*falls over and becomes one with inner self*

Confessions & Lamentations: A Babylon 5 Soundtrack (13216 words) by Andraste

Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: The story of thirteen prophecies, eleven tragic romances, eight wars, and one very special space station.

A fandom soundtrack for Babylon 5, originally made for the Fandom Soundtrack Project in 2005. Now 'remastered' and available on 8tracks.

Irony alert: the notes for this FST are almost twice as long as the longest story I have ever posted to the AO3. But hey, you try explaining all of Babylon 5 in less than 13,000 words with musical accompaniment. Especially when you've made a net addition of twenty-three tracks since the first time you did this.

I have no idea if anyone will ever read any of it, but I restrained myself from making notes like UGH, LORIEN and LONDO AND G'KAR HAVE A DRINK AND IT IS THE GREATEST THING EVER and LONDO IS SAD AND IT'S JUST AS WELL BABYLON 5 DOESN'T HAVE KARAOKE NIGHT anyway.
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Dear Self,

Do not read any threads on the Pillars of Eternity forums that mentions BioWare or any BioWare games in the title. Just stop. No good will come of it. In fact, just stop reading a post as soon as the words 'BioWare' 'Dragon Age' or 'EA' appear. You will be happier for it.


Your steadily rising blood pressure.

Today BioWare sent Obsidian a box of cookies to celebrate the release of their new game. So of course the thread instantly degenerated into BIOWARE ARE EVIL AND THEY MAKE TERRIBLE GAMES THE COOKIES ARE PROBABLY POISONED. *sigh*

I am willing to add a 'actually, I love PoE AND Dragon Age!' verse to my 'actually, I've been playing CRPGS since 1994 and I still love Inquisition!' song on the BioWare forums, because I live there and feel that I should be able to express my opinions the same as anyone. But I need to avoid the whole subject of Dragon Age on the Obsdian forums.

If there is one thing that drives me up a wall about the CRPG community, it's the weird conviction so many people have that you can only like one style of game and all the styles you don't like are terrible and shouldn't get made.

I mean, there are styles of CRPGs that I don't like - but that doesn't mean they're bad games. I've given up on Bethesda, for example, because I get bored with their stuff after a few hours and it seems like a waste of time and money to even start. And I played The Witcher and Gothic for a grand total of one hour each before realising I loathed everything about them and uninstalling them forever. I've never even considered buying Dark Souls or any of it's kindred. And yet, all of those games have enough devoted fans to make me think that they're probably pretty good if you like that sort of thing. And I somehow manage to restrain myself from going to video game forums and yelling about how much I dislike them.
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I would just like to take a moment to say how impressed I am that my BFFs managed to translate my garbled, sleep-deprived, pain-killer assisted text message. Reading it back, I'm astonished that anyone got 'I can't go to the movies with you because one of my fillings fell out and I haven't slept and it's Sunday and I need a dentist, OH GOD WHY?' out of that.

Well, I'm pretty sure that the filling has fallen out, because it feels exactly the way it did last time the same friking filling fell out. As a bonus, the dentist said last time that they wouldn't be able to re-fill the tooth normally and it would need a root canal. Which I cannot afford, so I'm going have to ask them to pull it instead :(. At least it's right at the back?

There are only nine more hours until I can go to the dentist's office and explain my problem. Maybe they will at least be able to tell me where there is someone with a pair of pliers and less than a three-week waiting list for an appointment?
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... because my brother just proposed to his girlfriend!!! This is wonderful news - they've been together three years, she's lovely, and gets along with our side of the family very well.

And apparently he proposed with cake, which is obviously the correct way to go about it :).

Now I just need to try and make sure they don't schedule the wedding for PAX weekend. (I love my baby brother, but I would rather not drag myself off to watch him get married in the middle of a con. I might accidentally forget to change out of my cosplay outfit.)
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Dear Past Self,

In future when you make fannish projects of any kind - be they fiction, vid or fanmix - I would like to request that you keep intact copies and do not lose them while transitioning between computers. It would save so much confusion!

For example: according to the description, you used the third movement of Sibelius's second symphony. So far so good. Except that as you very well know, the second movement runs straight on into the third. Did you mislabel the track in the notes, and actually just use the fourth movement? Did you fade out the third movement at some point? Did you edit the two together and let The Fall of Centauri Prime take up twenty whole minutes of your FST? (I have to admit that this sounds like something I would do.) It is a mystery!


You, ten years older and unsurprisingly still in love with Babylon 5.

If anyone out there *cough*wychwood*cough* knows how long the track between Stars and Berceuse Pour Un Lion is, I would love to know.

In other news, I have moved on from re-watching the condensed version of Season One to the probably rather less condensed version of Season Two. (Season One contains much material that is excellent and also vitally important, and I think everyone should watch all of it once. I feel no particular need to revisit the likes of TKO right now, though.)

I am somehow amazed all over again at Londo Mollari's ability to make me want to hug him and slap him simultaneously. And also to yell 'this is a terrible idea and you know it, why are you doing this to yourself?!' at the screen as if he were a character in a very grim space opera pantomime.
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So obviously more tracks for the great Babylon 5 soundtrack project means even more notes and quotes, which means some selective rewatching. So I saw A Voice in the Wilderness today for the first time in I can't remember how long. I had somehow managed to forget that this was the episode where Londo Mollari spends seven days trying to work out the deeper meaning of the Hokey Pokey. I had also forgotten that it's the episode where he says this:

"As a young and foolish Centauri I swore I would die on my feet doing something noble and brave and futile. Perhaps it was not so wild a dream as I thought. Or as foolish."

Oh, Londo. More proof that you should be careful what you wish for on this show, since he achieves three out of four in the end. (And is probably quite pleased that his death is not futile after all.)

It occurs to me that somewhere in the multiverse, there is a reality where Londo ended up in the machine. Had Draal not been conveniently on the station at the time, it would apparently have come down to him or Sinclair. (We don't know for sure that the dying guardian didn't talk to other people, but if he did then it seems none of them were in a position to go down there and do anything about it.) While I'm sure Delenn is right when she says that Sinclair would have tried to throw himself in, he might not have got the chance in between all the shooting going on. While I doubt Londo would have gone to his destiny as eagerly as Draal does, that would have been a much happier fate him personally that what eventually happens to him, if not necessarily for the universe at large.

How to tell I am back in Babylon 5 space: last night I dreamed that Londo and G'Kar travelled in time from Season Five back to Season One, pre-Signs and Portents. Naturally they set off to stop either of their past selves having anything to do with a certain Mr. Morden. I suspect the major question there would be 'how long will it tale Post-Enlightenment G'Kar to punch Pre-Enlightenment G'Kar in the face?'

(Not that Season One Londo wouldn't also drive both of them up the wall, but I suspect that they'd have a much easier time getting him to listen to their crazy story. Londo has three magic words that would force him to pay attention: 'Adira is dead.')
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So, I was wondering: is there anyone, anywhere on the internet, who happens to have kept a copy of the Babylon 5 soundtrack I made a decade ago? It turns out that between moving computers and getting rid of many of my physical CDs, I have managed to lose a couple of tracks. The things I'm missing are Berceuse Pour Un Lion by Daniel Lavoie and Gracias a la Vida by Mercedes Sosa. (I would cheerfully buy them, but Australian iTunes doesn't have them and I don't speak either French or Spanish well enough to go looking for them somewhere they might actually be.)

I ask because I am finally getting around to putting it up on 8tracks and the AO3 along with the rest of my fandom soundtracks.

Of course, since it has been almost exactly ten years since I first posted it, I decided that I had to do a Special 10th Anniversary Edition. And since I am no longer trying to jam things onto actual CDs (was that really only a decade ago?) I decided I could make it longer! And now it is sixty-five tracks. (It was going to be sixty, but then I had to sneak an extra song into Season Four, and then it looked unbalanced so I tossed in a few more to even it out.) Naturally I'm going to be dividing it up into five when I post it to 8tracks, or nobody will ever get past the John Cage track in Season One.

I quail at the idea of expanding the notes - they're already so long that they broke livejournal when I first posted them. It's nice to finally have songs for all the people and things I left out the first time, though, like Na'Toth and the Mars Resistance.

It also gave me an excuse to watch Parliament of Dreams again and relive the moment when I fell in love with G'Kar. (He was singing to his dinner. I couldn't help it.) Also Londo becoming one with his inner self, and Na'Toth's introduction, and the parade of faiths, and all the other things I love about that episode. ('You will know pain.' 'You will know fear.' 'And then you will die. Enjoy your flight!')

I am not rewatching any of the Season Five telepath arc just to make notes on Byron, though. Finding him a song was bad enough. (I already had one for Lorien, whom I hate far more, but it got cut for space on the original version.)
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... fifty hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition later, I think I'm about half way through this marathon.

(Yes, I have been playing ten hours a day. No, I am not sorry.)

My anticipation for the game was ludicrously high, and I kept telling myself not to expect too much ... and yet, in many ways I'm enjoying it more that I hoped. It has its imperfections, sure, but I just love being in Thedas so much, and this time around you can see so much MORE of it. And I have never fallen in love with the ENTIRE cast of a BioWare RPG quite so badly. Even Cullen has won me over, after years of Cullen-neutrality.

I made the cutest dwarf in Thedas (seriously, I should post a picture) and in between stabbing people in the kidneys and collecting elfroot, the story is exactly what I was hoping for. Today alone, I experienced one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series and two of my happiest.

Spoilers big and small for the first half of the game. )
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I have:

- filled the freezer and the fridge with food.

- made a giant jug of iced tea (and a tray of ice cubes.)

- done a pile of laundry.

- told my family and friends not to worry if they don't see or hear from me for days.

... and most importantly ...

- paid off my Inquisitor's Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

- set up all eight of my world states in the Keep. Not that I'm going to need seven of those right away, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Now all I have to do is wait nine more hours and get the game home.

If it sounds like I'm over-reacting, I am merely basing my preparations on my two previous experiences of Dragon Age game releases. During my first run of DAO, I pretty much lived on takeaway food. I was better organised for DA2, but I still ended up eating lunch at four pm more than once because I had nothing in the house and the supermarket is FIVE WHOLE MINUTES away. I think lots of bagels and things for putting on bagels should solve that one. I have a deal with myself that if I want chocolate/icrecream/cake then I do have to go outside.

(Leaving Thedas for long enough to eat is one thing. Leaving Thedas for long enough to shower and put on pants and go shopping AND eat all at the same time is just too much some days. Those dragons aren't going to slay themselves.)

Anyway, I will be back when I've killed ... um, something. I assume. I've been on spoiler blackout for almost three months and have no idea who or what the Big Bad is! Which is pretty cool.
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Just got home from the supermarket with:

- eight tiny boxes of cereal. (I don't expect that we'll eat all of them - does anybody ever eat the Nutrigrain in the variety pack? - but for some reason tiny boxes of cereal are one of my favourite parts of staying in a motel.)

- a giant Toblerone.

- a box of Barbecue Shapes.

- a jar of apricots. Just in case anyone wants to put them on the cereal and pretend to be healthy.

I also have tea, so I think the five major food groups are covered.


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