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I got up this morning and read that Adam West had died - sad news, although at least eighty-eight is a good innings. His Batman was a staple entertainment of my childhood Saturday afternoons, as it was for people decades older (and probably decades younger) than I am.

In memorium, I sat down and watched Beware the Gray Ghost, the episode of BTAS in which West played a washed-up actor who used to play Bruce Wayne's favourite hero and ends up putting on the costume again to help Batman fight crime. One of my favourite episodes of the show, and a fine piece of meta commentary to boot. BTAS always had a great way of getting to the human truths behind the superhero concepts, and it's a great look at the downsides of that very specific type of fame and the benefits. Batman being revealed as a huge fanboy who keeps a cupboard full of Grey Ghost memorabilia in the cave will never fail to be both funny and touching.

And then I watched Kinky Neighbours for the one millionenth time, because we all know the other thing West should be remembered for: playing the kinkiest Batman ever. (And it's not like there isn't any competition ...)
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