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Date: 2016-05-09 08:37 am (UTC)
andraste: 'My Fandom' icons are so five years ago, but I'm fond of this. (Ultimate Xavier)
From: [personal profile] andraste
10,000 points for Monica!

She is second only to She-Hulk on my personal list of People Who Need To Be In The MCU Yesterday.

I think Power Pack - even though I don't particularly like them - would make a good movie, and even more so in the Disney age. Animated, maybe, to avoid the inevitable issue with kid stars growing up too quickly, or maybe a TV show.

It seems like such low-hanging fruit that I wonder why Disney/Marvel hasn't done it already. I mean, Big Hero 6 was great fun, why not make more kid-friendly superhero movies? I know the cinemas are full of children being taken to see Avengers anyway, but it's not like films actually aimed at that audience don't make money too. And however you look at it, Power Pack has to be cheaper to make.

AFAIK, Spider-Woman *is* owned by Sony but with the current Spider-Man deal, she might cross back, which would be good.

Well, that explains why AoS haven't used her! I know she was only invented in the first place because Marvel didn't want someone else to get the copyright on a character called Spider-Woman, but she's had so little to do with Peter Parker in the ensuing years that I thought she might not be part of that license.
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