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Date: 2016-05-03 06:30 am (UTC)
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In all fairness, I just rewatched Age of Ultron, and the Avengers really go out of their way to evacuate civilians in all the fight sequences (that's one thing I've always liked about the Marvel movies, looking at you, DC)

They do! And while the movie Avengers are willing to kill, they only use lethal force on people who are trying to kill them and/or innocent civilians. I liked Steve worrying about the German police squad for the same reason. (It's not like executing Bucky was their idea.)

But the thing is, there's still a big difference if, say, an elected representative of Nigeria has okayed the Avengers operating in Lagos in an emergency or whether they do it without bothering with input from the people actually living there first.

Indeed - and maybe if the Nigerians had known what was going on, they could have at least started an evacuation when everything went south. I can see why the Avengers didn't want to tip the villains off, but once they were in a populated area with a bio weapon, it would have been good if someone had a plan for that!

Speaking of AoU, the Whedonian audio commentary has reminded me he actually sneakily made the Marvelverse and the Buffyverse one. (By giving the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart a cameo in Thor's vision.) I like your Board of Directors idea and would therefore suggest Rupert Giles as another candidate, for all the obvious reasons.

He would be perfect!

(He may or may not come with Andrew Wells promoting himself to Giles' personal assistant, once he hears about the new gig.)

You know Andrew would. Then he would want to film all the meetings and provide running commentary, especially if there were ACTUAL SUPERHEROES WOW. He would also suggest that Buffy join the Avengers and introduce Wanda and Willow ...

Honestly, I doubt Bucky will get defrosted for Infinity War, because frosting him in the first place looked to me like a move to slim down the cast. Considering Infinity War has a) to establish Thanos as the main antagonist as a character (not one talked about, but one actually on screen), and b) add at least some of the Guardians of the Galaxy crowd, and c) ast least some of the Asgardians from Thor in addition to Thor himself, I'm not sure how many Avengers can even be there.

According to interviews, they have a board somewhere with the SIXTY-SEVEN characters they're including in Infinity Wars on it. Which seems completely ludicrous, but I guess many of those will only be cameos. (If Thanos brings all his friends friends when he comes to get his Mind Gem back, it's easy to imagine a montage of Daredevil, Jessica, Luke Cage and Iron Fist punching aliens that could easily be filmed alongside The Defenders. Same for other active super heroes that aren't necessarily going to be man characters in the film, like War Machine and Falcon.)

I see your point about Bucky; I just hope that Steve doesn't die in Infinity Wars without his BFF getting defrosted. (Not that we know if Steve will die, but with Evans' contract running out, it's possible.)

Carol with her abilities might be better suited? (If they are the same in the MCU.)

My guess about Carol is that we'll see her as an air force pilot in Infinity Wars and she won't become super until her own film - but I could be wrong. The could certainly use her fire power against Thanos. Or maybe one of those sixty-seven characters is the Kree Mar-Vell so they can introduce us to him properly before he dies and powers up Carol ...

Not a high standard, granted (reminds me of Roslin going "at least I'm still better than Gaius Baltar" in her vision talk with Elosha), but there it is. Also, Tony, even currently burdened with angst, is more fun to hang out with than Norman in any incarnation.

I feel like 'Tony Stark: more fun and less evil than Norman Osborne!' could be his new slogan.

And less likely to kill/impregnate Peter's first love.

Absolutely! Not only does Tony seem to draw the line at high school girls, I feel confidant that he is very careful with the contraception. (Nobody wants to see money that they could be spending on M.I.T. graduates or German airports disappearing into child support payments.)
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