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Date: 2016-05-01 12:33 pm (UTC)
selenak: (Henry Hellrung by Imaginary Alice)
From: [personal profile] selenak
I facepalmed at Steve's 'but what if we can't go somewhere that we're needed?!' because I'm pretty sure the people of Nigeria would rather that the Avengers had fought Crossbones somewhere other than downtown Lagos.

In all fairness, I just rewatched Age of Ultron, and the Avengers really go out of their way to evacuate civilians in all the fight sequences (that's one thing I've always liked about the Marvel movies, looking at you, DC), so Steve probably thought: what could a comittee have told us to do that would have made a difference? And usually the fighting ground is chosen by the villain. But the thing is, there's still a big difference if, say, an elected representative of Nigeria has okayed the Avengers operating in Lagos in an emergency or whether they do it without bothering with input from the people actually living there first.

Speaking of AoU, the Whedonian audio commentary has reminded me he actually sneakily made the Marvelverse and the Buffyverse one. (By giving the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart a cameo in Thor's vision.) I like your Board of Directors idea and would therefore suggest Rupert Giles as another candidate, for all the obvious reasons. (He may or may not come with Andrew Wells promoting himself to Giles' personal assistant, once he hears about the new gig.)

Honestly, I doubt Bucky will get defrosted for Infinity War, because frosting him in the first place looked to me like a move to slim down the cast. Considering Infinity War has a) to establish Thanos as the main antagonist as a character (not one talked about, but one actually on screen), and b) add at least some of the Guardians of the Galaxy crowd, and c) ast least some of the Asgardians from Thor in addition to Thor himself, I'm not sure how many Avengers can even be there. Wanda and Vision, obviously. Steve and Tony because they need to make up on screen. Bruce because he's been sitting out this one, and a Thor cameo isn't going to cut it. But I wouldn't be surprised if Clint, Sam and Rhodey (for obvious reasons) are all not included, and not sure whether Natasha will be. Carol with her abilities might be better suited? (If they are the same in the MCU.)

And hey, at least he's a less shady Science Uncle than Norman Osborne ...

Not a high standard, granted (reminds me of Roslin going "at least I'm still better than Gaius Baltar" in her vision talk with Elosha), but there it is. Also, Tony, even currently burdened with angst, is more fun to hang out with than Norman in any incarnation. And less likely to kill/impregnate Peter's first love.
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