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Date: 2016-04-30 05:29 pm (UTC)
selenak: (Bruce and Tony by Corelite)
From: [personal profile] selenak
(The only party of comics-verse Civil War I liked was the incredulous reaction of most of the mutants.)

I also liked the parts written by Brian Bendis, Christos Gage and Daniel Knauf. As for the Mark Millar main storyline: not so much. It wasn't JMS' finest hour with Spider-Man, either. (Likeadeuce used to have this hilarious icon of Peter referring to Tony as Bad Daddy and Steve as Good Daddy, which sums up the JMS part of Civil War pretty well.)

I'd say that having a bunch of Americans undertake unsupervised combat missions all over the world whenever they feel like it is a disaster waiting to happen, but it's already happened several times.

Which is why I wonder how differently this movie plays outside the US versus inside...

I see your point re: the superhero narrative and supervising organisations always ending up controlled by Evildoers. (And suddenly I wonder how many comic book writers vote Republican?) Before this happens in the MCU, though, I hope Tony gets around to founding the Order, because I need Henry Hellrung to exist in the MCU as well.

I see your Everett Ross/Stephen Strange slash and raise you a Middleearth crossover with Everett Ross/Thorin Oakenshield!

Such a relief about Rhodey! And Tony and T'Challa better pool their resources for the Leipzig airport. As I said in my review, it would have been far, far better if they had trashed the already empty (so no evacuation necessary) eternally unfinished new Berlin airport instead. This immediately would have made the Avengers heroes in Germany again since the whole thing is a national joke. Whereas the Leipzig airport is direly needed.

Poor Tony. I can see why Steve and Natasha didn't tell him what happened, but finding out that your parents were murdered while standing next to the murderer is awful. I can't blame him for snapping.

Same here. I've seen grumblings about Tony should have understood that Bucky was brainwashed and would never have done it in his right mind etc., and while he'll probably get there (we don't see him still in VENGEANCE mode at the end of the movie, after all), it's a bit much to demand that understanding at this specific moment.

I fear for the beetle. And the beetle owner. Those things are antiques by now. And it's not like he/they can sue Steve and expect money at this point. Otoh, Loki's stint in Stuttgart some years ago might have inspired German insurances to include a "act by superhero or supervillain" clause.

Re: Avengers needing to reunite and possible new female members, isn't a Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers, that is) movie rumored to be in the works? Surely she could join.

Re: Spidey 3, I want more of this relationship with Tony before it inevitably crashes. (Law of youthful superhero and mentor with shadier colors.) With Bruce missing, Peter is the ideal person to be a science nephew.

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