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So, having stayed up marathoning the rest of Daredevil, I am finally caught up. Instead of actual thoughts, I have dot points.

1. You know, at this point, if everything they make in the future sucks - and I do have serious misgivings about Ant-Man and Civil War - I will not feel like they owe me anything. Eleven films and three TV shows that I have enjoyed is a pretty impressive achievement.

2. It never ceases to amaze me that they consistently pull of making something that appears to a mass audience and draws high-pitched noises from people who know who Melvin Potter is.

3. Nobody should ever let Wanda and Wilson Fisk come within a hundred feet of one another unless Fisk is safely restrained. (And I think we're talking vibranium shackles here.)

4. So Gao is from K'un Lun, right? And the organisation Nobu belonged to was presumably the Hand. Everyone who keeps telling Matt that Hell's Kitchen will fill up with bad guys again as soon as he turns around is right. Of course, those bad guys will also have to deal with Matt hitting them with sticks.

5. In conclusion: Nelson, Murdock and Page, the finest avacados in the land!
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