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So, there was this giant, terrible leak. And as bad as I feel for the BBC about this, well, Peter Capaldi.

I'm not touching the scripts with a fifty foot poll, but I couldn't care less that it's a black-and-white work print covered in watermarks and unfinished CGI as long as I can see the performances.

I am not going to spread plot spoilers. If you want to find this yourself, it's exactly where you would expect it to be. As is my usual procedure, I will make up for stealing now by buying the DVDs when they come out, and the BBC will ultimately be no worse off.

I will not put any reactions at all outside of spoiler cuts, in this post or anywhere else. (I do mention a creature revealed in the latest trailer below the cut.)

1. Hilariously, the unfinished CGI dinosaur STILL looks better than Invasion of the Dinosaurs. Moffat has probably been wanting to do that better since he was a small boy, so good on him.

2. Clara actually has a whole personality here. Who knows if this will continue in Episode Two and beyond, but it's a jolly good start. (As someone who loves Moffat Who and adored Amy and Rory, I had trouble warming to Clara last year. Not because of Jenna-Louise Coleman, who is a delight, but because Eleventy without his Ponds just feels wrong to me, and Clara felt seriously under-written into the bargain. I was hoping she'd work better with Twelve, and so far I'm tentatively hopeful.)

3. People who hate Moffat Who will ... probably still hate this. I don't think Capaldi is going to change the tone that much. From my point of view that is a good thing, but obviously mileage varies.

4. Now the important bit: Capaldi is FANTASTIC. And BRILLIANT. And ... GERONIMO?

It's impossible, just after a regeneration, not to look for bits of previous Doctors in the new one. So far I see a little Nine, a little War Doctor ... and a big, heaping scoop of Seven. (Seven fans squeeing in gleeful anticipation based on the trailers? Oh, you have so much to look forward to.) Mostly, though, he's Twelve, even in the middle of one of the worst bouts of post-regeneration wibbliness we've ever seen.

I think we're definitely seeing him be a grown up again. More grown up than ever, perhaps. There was one moment in particular where I thought 'that's the most mature thing the Doctor has done since ...'

... and then I sat there for several minutes and couldn't think of him ever doing something that mature. So good on that Doctor.

Essentially: onwards and upwards into the land of glorious Scottish accents and cross eyebrows!
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