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I don't usually spend a lot of time in the tags on Tumblr (or on Tumblr at all, really) but the excitement of yesterday had me scrolling through #doctorwho this morning. I am invariably charmed by:

1) The people who are panic-stricken that Capaldi being the thirteenth incarnation means that THE SHOW WILL END OH NOES! Because the BBC always cancels successful shows over things Robert Holmes made up in the seventies.

2) The people apparently crying all over again over David Tennant's last line. (Whereas Matt's "he always says that" cracked me up as much as anything else in the episode.)

2) The people who are excited that Gallifrey exists and assume this means we will soon see the Doctor's child(ren).

Of course, I want Gallifrey back so we can see Romana (ROMANAAAAAAAA!) and the Master again, and it would certainly be a good time for Susan. And I would not say no to the Rani and the Monk and Braxietel and ... uh, yes. But I am not sure why people think that, after twenty-six seasons of the Doctor never directly mentioning his child or children, people think we're suddenly going to meet him/her/them if and when Gallifrey is restored. I mean, we MIGHT, but it's a pretty big leap.
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