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If you are the kind of person who is sad that The Day of the Doctor didn't involve rounding up all the classic series actors (and I was, a little) then I present to you the magical antidote:

The Five(ish) Doctors

That was perfect. I mean, anyone who's heard one of his episode commentaries knows that Peter Davison is a funny man, but here he puts his talents to glorious use celebrating the Anniversary with humour and verve.

Peter's kids and their reaction to his terrible news! Colin Baker's wife and four daughters attempting to flee from Vengeance on Varos: The Special Edition! Sylvester 'have you heard that I'm in The Hobbit?' McCoy! Paul McGann always filming (but it's only for TV)! Steven Moffat and his action figures! Swirling companion heads! (I cracked up completely over Matthew Waterhouse.) Shockingly heterosexual John Barrowman! David Tennant forgetting to ask his wife about being in labour! The Dalek Operators Gazette! Rusty leaving Peter a twenty-seven minute voice mail! Peter Jackson! IAN BLOODY MCKELLEN!

What really had me on the floor, though, was the whole Tom Baker bit. Best use of the Shada footage EVER.

That really was 'for the fans'. Thank you, gentlemen, we appreciate it - and you.


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