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... and by 'everyone' I mean 'the people who voted for Ophelia in my poll.

It turned out that I could fix the problems with the file without having to start over from scratch, so now it's up on the AO3 as well with a corrected aspect ratio and looking much shinier. (It's an XVid file instead of a DivX file, because for some reason DivX has decided that it hates correct aspect ratio. It did the same thing with Elevation. Weird.)

In addition, I have now put up new download files for all the vids I've posted there. With the single exception of Extraordinary Machine, these are ALL NEW FILES. They have correct aspect ratio and there are now larger versions for anyone who wants to see my vids with maximized shininess. (Completely worth it as long as you're on a reasonably fast connection.) If you have any other versions of any of these hanging around on your hard drive, I suggest replacing them forthwith:

American Tune

Holy Grail



Mackerel Skies

Extraordinary Machine is also available for streaming and download, but I've discovered that the lossless Lagarith file was corrupted when my hard drive died at the start of the year :(. This means that I can't make any new versions of the file and will need to remaster that too ... eventually. Some time after the ten other vids.

People who voted for Ophelia should feel free to change their votes, but barring that it looks like Be My Hero is first up.

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