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Back at the start of the year, my website disappeared from the internet - and when it went, it took all my uploaded vids with it.

This was my own silly fault for not realising that I hadn't given the people I rented my domain name from my new e-mail and credit card details since my last renewal. As a result, I had to go get a new domain. The silver lining here is that I now have, which is the domain I wanted back when I first got my own site! It wasn't available then, but I guess I'm not the only one who let her registration lapse.

Anyway, at some point I will probably put most of the contents of my website back up there. However, the only parts anyone noticed were gone were the vids *g*. Those are all back up now, although I haven't fixed links in old posts.

What I have done is made a vid index post which is now available on Dreamwidth and stuck to the top of my journal here. All fourteen of my completed vids are available from there.
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