Dec. 5th, 2013

andraste: From colour stills of 'The Aztecs'. (Barbara as Yetaxa)
The symbolic space on my toy shelf is no longer symbolic.

While watching the special, I only got as far as the War Doctor unpacking the Moment before I went 'dammit, I want an action figure!' I had no idea they were way ahead of me. Al Dewar posted a close-up of his boots and shin guards on Outpost Gallifrey and he looks gorgeously detailed.

Now I just need them to make a Capaldi and I'll be satisfied with the 5" line.

(Sure, I'd be happy for them to make a bunch more companions - especially Jamie and someone for the First Doctor - and monsters, and eventually the Entirely Hypothetical Post-Capaldi Doctors. Given how much space my collection takes up already, though, I'd be willing to live without them. Especially since there really isn't room for Entirely Hypothetical Future Doctors to stand in a line with the existing Doctor figures plus the War Doctor and Capaldi. By pure coincidence, it's exactly wide enough for all thirteen.)


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