Nov. 2nd, 2013

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So, I have a plan for November, and that plan is to stuff myself full of Doctor Who for thirty days. I would like to get through fifty stories, because when is that anniversary going to come again? (While I fully intend to be around for the hundredth, I am not planning to repeat this feat then. I'll be too busy trying to find time to watch holovids of all forty-seven Doctors, probably.)

Not all TV stories, both because that would be insane and because the thing with Doctor Who is that I love ALL of it.

So far, I have started on the newly discovered The Web of Fear, re-read a couple of Fourth Doctor comic strips and the Telos novella Fallen Gods and listened to the Big Finish anniversary special, The Light at the End.

I quite enjoyed The Light at the End, despite not usually being a big fan of Nick Briggs as a writer. It did what it said on the tin, with all eight pre-Time War Doctors, a plethora of companions, and something for everyone to do. Certainly the best multi-Doctor story Big Finish has done, and it was lovely to hear Tom Baker and Paul McGann working together. At the end of the first episode I was worried there wasn't enough Six, but that problem corrected itself in the second half where he got to do what he does best. Minor spoilers. )

It was not as good as The Star Beast, though. Obviously Nick Briggs should have added Beep the Meep to the cast of thousands.


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